September 2017

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Woodturning Tip of the Day

Applying AnchorSeal

Apply your Anchorseal only to the end grain of your logs. You want the Anchorseal to slow down the rate of evaporation of the open straws in the end grain, thereby matching the side grain evaporation rate making for an equalized drying scenario. Using Anchorseal on the side grain is just a waste of money.

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Featured Turning Video

Wood Turn a Wheelie Bug Pull Toy
by Mike Peace Woodturning

Mike Peace demonstrates how to wood turn this really cute toddler pull toy. It is a fun, simple project for beginning turners that can be easily turned on a mini lathe without a chuck with only modest woodturning skills.

Click here to watch the video

Featured Turning Project

Making a Board Game on the lathe - Quarto
by Keith Larrett

In this photo tutorial, Keith Larrett shows us how to make the Quarto board game. In this project, Keith does more than just create the game board; he also creates the game pieces and the box to hold it all. The top of the box is the game board. This is extremely clever and Keith's design could be applied to many other games! 

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Featured Turning Article

Planning and Presenting a Successful Demonstration
by Frank B. Penta

In this article, Frank shares many valuable tips on how to prepare for and present a successful demonstration. He provides a check sheet which will help you stay organized and some valuable "do's and don'ts". This should be mandatory reading for both new and seasoned demonstrators.

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