August 2018

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Woodturning Tip of the Day


Woodturners and chemical companies are the only people who believe that, "All finishes are food-safe after the solvents have evaporated." Try explaining this logic to a generation of folks who believe that their health has suffered from "Better living through chemistry."

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Featured Turning Video

Transferring Inkjet Image to Wood
by woodturningwithtim1

Using an inkjet printer and discarded shipping label paper, Tim Yoder shows you how to apply images to your turned items.

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Featured Turning Project

Turning a Double Layered Ring
by Antonio Barajas

In this photo tutorial, Antonio shows us how he makes a wood turned ring with two layers, one inside of the other. He makes his wood rings this way to increase their strength. Wood rings are very thin, otherwise they feel too big on your fingers, so the double layer helps them be significantly stronger. There is more involved in turning your rings this way but the confidence that you can have with them is worth the extra work.

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Featured Turning Article

Getting a Grip on Four Jaw Chucks
by Wood Magazine

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