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Steady Rests

A Steady Rests is wood turning jig which is used to hold the wood from vibrating or moving while you\'re turning it. When used with spindles, they help to stop vibration while making long and/or thin spindles. When used with bowls, they help to turn the inside of very thin bowls. When used with hollow forms, they help hold the vessel while hollowing the interior.

Make your own Steady Rest by Phil BristowNew Woodturning Articles by Phil Bristow
In this photo tutorial, Phil shows all the dimensions and explains all the steps necessary to make your own steady rest. The results are quite nice and a steady rest is very valuable when turning a hollow vessels or any long spindle!

MagSteady - A Two Wheeled Steady by David Reed Smith

Making a Steady Rest by Herman de Vries

Making a Steady Rest by Jean Michel

Make a String Steady Rest by Northeast Oklahoma Woodturners

Lathe Steady Rest by Ray Lanham

Plans for building a Steady Rest for a 10 Mini Lathe by Tom Crosby

Shop built Steady Rests for Thin Turning by Tom Enloe

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