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Segmented turning allows woodturnng artists to use texture and color as design elements
in making lathe turned wood bowls, vessels and other beautiful turnings!
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Segmented Woodturning


Beginner's project plans

Advanced project plans

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Segmented Woodturning Artist Websites



We have put together this special section in Woodturning Online to focus upon the unique aspects of the fascinating art of Segmented Woodturning.

Segmented Woodturning has been around for a long time. But only select individuals made these types of pieces. Today, Segmented Woodturning has become very popular. There are much better resources available to the average turner to enable to learn and build segmented turnings. This includes many websites containing "how to" instructions, newly published books, software for calculating angles and segments and many helpful wood turners who are willing to help others.

This section is dedicated to those woodturners who would like to learn how to make segmented wood turnings on their lathe. We have tried to create appropriate projects for beginners as well as trying to help the more experienced turners.

If you have any suggestions on how we might improve this section, please let us know!! We would appreciate the input!

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Beginner's segmented wood turning project plans

Oval Lamp by Dennis Burgess New Project

Laminated Candlesticks by Dennis Burgess New Project

Inserted Segments by Dennis Burgess New Project

Diagonal Segments by Dennis Burgess New Project

Spider Platter Project by Dennis Burgess New Project

Segmented Lamp Project by Dennis Burgess New Project

Involuted Segmented Lamp Project by Dennis Burgess New Project

The Basics of Stave Segmented Turning by Jim Rodgers

Step by Step Guide to Making Segmented Turnings by Dennis Burgess


6-sided beginner's segmented bowl plans by Dennis Daudelin (in pdf format)

Dennis Daudelin - Polka Dot Bowl

Making a Polka Dot Bowl by Dennis Daudelin (in pdf format)




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Advanced segmented wood turning project plans

Managing the Segmented Vessel Base by Jim Rodgers New Project

Constructing a Floating Base by Malcolm Tibbetts New Project

Making Diamonds by Jim Rodgers New Project

Make Square Waves by Jim Rodgers New Project

Building Thunderbirds by Jim Rodgers New Project

Segmented Lamp by Dennis Burgess

Spider Platter by Dennis Burgess

End Grain Segmented Turnings by A.J. Golichowski

Segmented Turning - A Learning Experience by Bill Kandler turning video Rent this video

Introduction to Segmented Turning and Patterns by Curt Theobald turning video Purchase the Plans to the Project

Segmented Vessel by Ray Allen Rent this video

Making Segmented Bowls with Ornamental Inlays by John McAtee

Make a Segmented Clock by Bob Hamilton

Making a Segmented Pen by Kenn Osbourne

Laminated bottle stoppers by Ed Davidson

Making a frame-mitered segmented bowl by Kevin Neeley

Making an open segmented bowl by Kevin Neeley

Inlay Turning - Bowls & Vases from Built-up Blocks by John Sankey

Making a Segmented bowl by Ken Salisbury

Tommie's Segmented Bowls by Tommie

Building and Turning a Segmented Bowl: The "Brick Bowl" by Russell Brown (pdf format)

Open Segmented Woodturnings by Colin Delory (pdf format)

Basic frame-miter segmented bowl construction by Kevin Neeley

Designing a basic segmented bowl using a no math method by Kevin Neeley

Building a pair of lamps with the Kattawar Open Segment Jig by Johnny W. Tolly

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Design Software

The software below comes highly recommended by many segmented turners.

WoodturnerPro by Lloyd Johnson.

WoodturnerPro offers software for segmented turnings, laminations and 3D visualization. Lloyd was a Founding Sponsor of Woodturning Online, and we have been using his software ever since.

Segmented Project Planner by Bill Kandler

Bill has embedded much of his skill as a segmented turner into this fine software tool. His site also contains lots of useful information for segmented turners.

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Tools and jigs for segmented turning

Veneer Press by Jim Rodgers New Woodturning Article

Building a Table Saw 15 Degree Segment Cutting Sled by Jim Rodgers New Woodturning Article

Segmented Ring Press by Bob Tugwell

Lathe mounted thickness sander by Awilda (Tita) Wilson

Home made thickness sander by Kawika, Inc

Make your own custom band clamp by Bob Hamilton

Donut chuck by Art Liestman

Frame Miter Sled by Kevin Neeley

Compound Miter Sled by Kevin Neeley

Mitre Sled Plans by William D. Kandler


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Articles and Tips

Recycling lumber for segmented woodturnings by Dennis Burgess segmented ring press

Centering Segmented Bowl Rings by Tom Bisbee

Segmented Bowls Made Simple - Part 1 by Adam Howard

Segmented Bowls Made Simple - Part 2 by Adam Howard

Performax Sander Tips by Joe Woodworker.com

Ebonizing Rust Stain by Joe Woodworker.com

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Books - use this link to see a complete listing of books on segmented turning.


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