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Books in Print Available New Click book image to buy at Amazon

Segmented Turning : A Complete Guide
by Ron Hampton

You won’t find a more complete and beautifully illustrated introduction to this spectacular woodworking technique. Every instruction and image thoroughly demystifies the art of segmented turning and enables ordinary turners to master advanced skills and produce works with stunning geometrical and pictorial effects. From the initial planning to the final product, and from cutting accurate angles to setting up the tablesaw, every stage receives detailed attention. Wood-workers will soon appreciate how this method can overcome problems of wood movement and splitting, and enable them to use scraps and offcuts that would otherwise go to waste. The projects include mountain bowls and an ornamental birdhouse that’s fun to make.

Buy at Amazon - Segmented Turning: A Complete Guide by Ron Hampton

Segmented Turning ...A good start ...Techniques and Projects for Beginner to Pro
by Bill Kandler

What do I do first? These are usually the first words spoken by a segmented turner when he starts his first project. This book was created to answer that question and whole series of questions that normally follow. The book starts with the basics of good design and then adds to that, discussions of design elements and the steps needed to make a segmented object. The steps include, design, choosing and preparing materials, cutting segments, gluing and flattening rings, mounting and turning on the lathe, sanding, and finishing the piece. Also covered are photographing and documenting projects, a sample project, several sample project plans, and plans for building an accurate miter sled.

Buy at Amazon - Segmented Turning ...A good start

Woodturning with Ray Allen : A Master's Designs & Techniques for Segmented Bowls & Vessels
by Dale L. Nish

Covering a technique popularized by master woodturner Ray Allen, this manual moves beyond basic woodturning with the segmented woodturning technique. This creative approach is demonstrated in one complete step-by-step project that effectively guides woodturners through the complicated process of creating geometric, repeating patterns with a Southwestern feel. Detailed, illustrated instructions make this seemingly elaborate technique approachable. Additional information on common problems helps avoid mistakes along the way. A full-color photograph gallery provides inspiration for future projects.

Buy at Amazon - Woodturning with Ray Allen by Dale Nish

The Art of Segmented Wood Turning : A Step-by-Step Guide
by Malcolm Tibbetts

Woodturners learn how to cut and combine pieces of wood to produce multicolored geometric designs in turned bowls and vases in this highly illustrated book. Techniques are provided to achieve the accuracy required in segmented work, and professional tips reveal how to create preliminary blueprints. Step-by-step instructions and hundreds of color photographs explain how to accomplish the often-complicated tasks involved with sphere turning, building a porthole-style ring, and inserting diamonds and round designs.

Buy at Amazon - The Art of Segmented Wood Turning by Malcolm Tibbetts

Beyond Basic Turning: Off-Centre, Coopered & Laminated Work
by Jack Cox

This book was published in 1993 and is still available from the major distrubutors. It's a very detailed book and Jack Cox is quite the math wizard. He shows all the different ways to make and assemble segmented work from flat, non-flat, offset straight, staved, curved and more. Better for experienced segmented turners than beginners.

Buy at Amazon - Beyond Basic Turning: Off-Centre, Coopered & Laminated Work by Jack Cox

Books - Out of Print
Available used or special order

Click book image or button to buy at Amazon

Woodturning: Projects and Techniques
by Bruce Boulter

Published in 1987, this book is now out of print. It covers many of the basic turning techniques that you can find in the currently available books. Most of the learning comes from the different projects that are shown in the book. May have been a worthly book when first published.

Buy at Amazon - Woodturning: Projects and Techniques by Bruce Boulter

Creative Woodturning
by Dale L. Nish

This book was released in 1975 by the founder of Craft Supplies, Utah. It is a general woodturning book showing many different turning projects. It does contain a couple of segmented turning projects. Many of the tools and techniques are now outdated but the book is worth having in your collection if not just for the incredible pictures and an understanding of where the woodturning field was in 1975.

Buy at Amazon - Creative Woodturning

Laminated Designs in Wood: Techniques, Patterns, Projects
by Clarence Rannefeld

I consider this book to be the "bible" of lamination in wood. It provides the concepts of lamination in wood and discusses the subsequent processing of the laminate from first generation into second and third generations. It also contains a large section dedicated to showing pictures of all the three generations of mitered laminate designs using the most commonly used angles. There is also a small discussion on how to convert this mostly flat work into round pieces. At the very end of the book, several projects are built using the lamination technique.

If the the lamination process interests you, then this book will tell you how to do it. If you're interested in making your own laminates, you should check out Lamination Pro from WoodturnerPro. This software package allows you to accomplish the same laminations and to control the angles and the final results. Visit the Vendor Directory for information on Woodturner Pro.

Buy at Amazon - Laminated Designs in Wood: Techniques, Patterns, Projects by Clarence Rannefeld

Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning
by Emmett E. Brown, Cyril Brown

This book was orginally published in 1973 and as far as I can tell, it was the first book dedicated to segmented turning. Many of the cutting and assembly techniques may now be out of date but the book does get across the key points of segmented turning and shows many techniques to make segmented turning. Many that are not being done today but still have the potential to interest today's segmented turners. The book is very stimulating and merits purchase if you can find a copy!!

Buy at Amazon - Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning by Emmett E. Brown, Cyril Brown
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