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New and Hot

The "New and Hot" section was created to enable Turning Vendors to notify turners of new products that they have recently released. This allows turners to stay in touch with all the newest products.

This list is updated frequently, whenever a vendor releases a new product. If you see something new, please let us know!

NOVA Galaxi DVR 1624-44 Lathe

Teknatool, the manufacturers of the NOVA brand of products has announced a new lathe to add to their growing product line. The Galaxi lathe is a 16" lathe with a 44" length. It has a 1.75 HP 220V DVR motor with a new set of controls. The controls allow you to preset 5 different favorite speeds and the ability to dial in your desired speed for faster, more precise speed setting.

The lathe features a 1 1/4" x 8 TPI spindle with MT 2 support on both headstock and tailstock. The new speed controls allow you a low end speed of 100 RPM and a new higher top end speed of 5000 RPM. And the lathe comes with a strong, CAD designed cast iron stand.

The lathe is for sale at this time in the United States in limited pre-launch availability. So, order yours today to take advantage of the pre-launch discount.

For more information or to order, please click here.


Black Hole Dust Collection System

This is a brand new dust collection system was designed by Wood Turners for Wood Turners. Finally, effective dust collection at the wood lathe. Now you can capture dust as close to the source as possible when sanding.  It is designed for a 4" dust collection hose and a 4" port. The port shown is a "mini gulp" style port which can be found at many woodworking sources.

In order to get maximum benefit from this product a very flexible 4" hose is required so that you do not have to fight the stiffness of the hose and you can easily position the port where desired.
It will fit practically any lathe and comes with adapters to avoid drilling into the body of your lathe if you prefer to avoid that. It was originally designed for the Powermatic 3520B and various sliding headstock Jet lathes, but has been installed on Stubby lathes, Robust lathes, Woodfast's, Delta and others.

You can purchase this system from Craft Supplies and Packard. It is also available sometimes on ebay for a lower prices since it does not include the port or the hose.

The price is normally $199.95 (or ~$150 on ebay)

Click here to see it at Craft Supplies

Click here to see it at Packard


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