February 2017

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Woodturning Tip of the Day

Round wooden templates

It's difficult to mark irregular shapes in round circles, especially if they are burls or crotches. Take a round piece of masonite or plywood, place it on top of the irregular surface, then sprinkle line string chalk (flour will do) marking the round blank where it falls vertically. If there's any danger of the chalk getting blown off during the ensuing bandsaw cutting, spray it with whatever finish is handy (or hairspray) to lock it in place.

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Featured Turning Video

Inside Out Woodturning | Turning a Heart Pendant
by Alex Harris

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Alex Harris demonstrates the process of inside-out woodturning to make a heart-shaped pendant.

Inside-out woodturning is a process of first turning an inside shape on a turning blank, then flipping that initial turning inside out, and then turning an outside profile. This results in some very interesting effects. This technique is usually done with four pieces of wood to make a square turning blank, but Alex is only using two pieces of wood and turning a bit of air.

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Featured Turning Project

by John Calver

In this project, John laminates a turning blank from three pieces of wood and then turns a nice vase from it. After the turning is done, John separates the three pieces and reassembles them without the middle piece.

The resulting vase is more oval (somewhat eccentric) in shape and that makes for a very unique turned vessel. This project is worth a try if you're looking for something a bit unusual. It will surely have most people wondering how you did that!

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Featured Turning Article

Signing your Woodturnings
by Mike Vickery

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