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Videos by Tommy Akridge Designs

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Wood turning a larger oak bowl
3,767 views · October 08, 2018


Woodturning a Pet Urn wood inlay paw prints
1,788 views · July 14, 2018


Wood turning Box Elder Urn
3,677 views · December 03, 2017


Wood Turning Cherry Urn
14,767 views · July 14, 2017


Hydro Dip painting
8,990 views · April 27, 2017


woodturning pen blank from Shogun Jimi
6,487 views · April 21, 2017


Hydro Dip Painting wood turned Platter
11,915 views · April 14, 2017


Rough turning a hollow form
2,167 views · March 23, 2017


Woodturning a apple urn
39,412 views · February 06, 2017


Wood Turning a Sweetgum bowl with anchor inlay
9,246 views · December 14, 2016


Wood turning a snowman ornament
5,688 views · November 24, 2016


Wood Turning a ornament
8,673 views · November 17, 2016


Wood turning a Halloween Pumkin
9,988 views · October 13, 2016


Drying wet bowls with a wood sealer
15,750 views · September 16, 2016


Wood Turned Pecan Bowl
3,700 views · September 07, 2016


Wood turning sweet gum into a bowl
3,757 views · July 15, 2016


Wood Turning a Fish Vase
89,703 views · July 07, 2016


Rough turning and drying a wood bowl.
4,967 views · June 26, 2016


A watch and ring box
3,985 views · June 19, 2016


Rough Turning Water Oak Bowl
6,695 views · June 03, 2016


Wood Turning a Tiger Bowl
123,908 views · May 30, 2016


Wood Turning a cedar bowl.
15,916 views · April 14, 2016


3 Nail Cross
4,342 views · March 26, 2016


Wood turning a hollow wood form vessel
4,847 views · February 29, 2016


Lacquer finish a wood vessel
23,492 views · February 19, 2016


Hollowing out a wooden vessel.
1,822 views · February 11, 2016


Wood turning hollow form vessel
18,012 views · February 05, 2016


Turning a green wood bowl for drying.
7,040 views · January 26, 2016


Wood turning a wood vessel/bowl
17,449 views · January 18, 2016


Making a branding iron logo
31,948 views · January 13, 2016


How to fix a crack in a wood bowl
30,647 views · December 28, 2015


Finding wood to turn
1,969 views · December 20, 2015


Making Christmas Ornament
2,533 views · December 12, 2015


Wood Turning A Cypress Natural edge Bowl #21
2,485 views · November 25, 2015


Wood turning a Christmas Tree
26,462 views · November 18, 2015


Wood Turned Christmas Tree Ornament #21
11,775 views · November 09, 2015


#20 Wood Turning a Bowl
5,015 views · November 01, 2015


#19 Wood Turning a Christmas nutcracker ornament
28,231 views · October 22, 2015


Wood Turning a segmented urn #18
11,429 views · October 12, 2015


wood turning a pecan platter with gold leaf
4,477 views · September 28, 2015


wood turning a Cypress Bowl
6,292 views · September 06, 2015


Full video of french rolling pin
30,782 views · August 29, 2015


wood turning a bowl from a Mimosa tree
15,427 views · August 24, 2015


How to make a Feature Ring
50,643 views · August 02, 2015


Turning a Natural Edge Bowl
3,675 views · August 01, 2015


Wood turning a Pie Mandrel
21,252 views · July 21, 2015


Making a segmented bowl part 6
446 views · July 04, 2015


Making a segmented bowl part 5
704 views · June 27, 2015


Making a segmented bowl part 4
377 views · June 02, 2015


Making a segmented bowl part 3
415 views · May 29, 2015


making a segmented Bowl Part 2
682 views · May 27, 2015


Making a segmented bowl part 1
556 views · May 22, 2015


Tommy Akridge segmented Wood Turning
97,395 views · May 14, 2015


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