We selected a set of articles that we thought would be helpful to beginning woodturners. We hope they inspire you to work your way through the early learning period.


Spindle Turning Basics
By: George Vondriska
In this article, George shows us how one way to mount a spindle onto the lathe. Then he talked about making the spindle round and performing the basic spindle turning functions. Then he explains how to make beads and coves. This is a good primer for new turners or those who mostly turn bowls and need a refresher on spindle turning.


ABC's - XYZ's of Bowl Turning
By: Rudolph Lopez
In this article which is a handout that Rudy provides during some of his classes, he explains all the basics of bowl turning. This is an incredibly thorough document and the reason that we are including it here.

If you're a new turner or one that can use a refresher, Rudy covers everything from safety, lathe speed, tool shapes (with angles), grain direction, using a chuck correctly, the ABC of turning, and how to turn a bowl.

This is one article not to miss!


The Elements of the Lathe
By: Jesper Bay
In this article, Jesper introduces us to the different parts of the lathe. This is helpful to new turners who have not yet learned the "lingo" which enables them to talk with other turners and for everyone to know what each other is talking about.


How to use the different woodturning tools
By: Jesper Bay
In this article, Jesper discusses how woodturning tools work, what is a catch, what are the tools that are used for woodturning and how to adjust the toolrest. This is a great article to get an overview of woodturning.


Turning with or against the wood
By: Jesper Bay
In this article, Jesper covers the topic of turning with the grain of the wood. This is an important basic concept and he makes it easy to understand.


What speed to use on the lathe?
By: Jesper Bay
In this short article, Jesper explains which speeds are good on the lathe.


Woodturner’s Economy Startup Shopping List
By: Jerry Hall
In this article, Jerry helps people learn what they need to become a wood turner. Jerry figures out that it takes about $1000 to get started and identifies each item and it's cost. This is a real good primer for new wood turners.


Getting Started in Woodturning
By: Neal Addy
This multi page article provides a comprehensive overview to help the new turner to ask the right questions to get going.


Introduction to Woodturning
By: Brian Clifford
This is a extensive 15 chapter eBook, presented at no charge provided that you read the copyright notice. You can even download a PDF for printing.


Turning Basics: History, Tools and Safety
By: Woodcraft
A brief history of woodturning, followed by advice on tool selection and safety.


Newcomers Introduction to Woodturning
By: Peter Hemsley
A host of introductory material for beginners.


Wood Lathe Specifications
By: Neal Addy
A listing of most of the lathes on the market and their specifications. Neal keeps this up to date and the rest of us are very grateful.


Notes from Beginning Woodturning Class
By: Russell Bateman
Notes on an introductory class taught by Clead Christiansen.


Wood finishing techniques for beginners
By: Phil Bumbalough
A guide to the different types of finishes and how to apply them. Also available as a PDF download.


Woodturning Safety Rules
By: Jim Rodger
A checklist of key safety tips.


Index Drilling on the Lathe
By: Mike Brazeau
Mike designed this jig to embed crystal Rhinestones in the finial of an ornament, although it is useful for many forms of indexed drilling.


Beginners Info to the Wood Lathe
By: Sam Choan
Sam is a gardener but he's also a beginner turner. He recently put together what he's learned about woodturning and came out with a very nice guide. The guide contains: type of woodturning, woodturning tools, woodturning safety and a short woodturning FAQ.


Learning Woodturning for Pens
By: Kurt Hertzog
In this new article, Kurt covers all the ways that you can learn to become a woodturner making pens.

However, the articles covers lots of ways that would be applicable for any type of wood turner. So, if you're new to workturning, we highly recommend that you read this article.


Turning Tools for Beginners
By: Allan Cusworth
Turning requires a completely different set of tools and can be confusing to the beginner. Cut through all the confusion to learn what’s really needed.

Allan's article has been published in the Canadian Woodworking magazine.


Air Drying Wood at Home
By: Eric Meirer
Air Drying wood at home may be the simplest and least expensive way to season wood but it is also the slowest. Learn all the best practices in drying wood at home by reading this article.


Techniques to mount the wood in the lathe
By: Jesper Bay
In this article, Jesper explains some of the ways that you can safely mount wood on the lathe for turning.


Building a pair of lamps with the Kattawar Open Segment Jig
By: Johnny Tolly


Woodturner's Fear Factor - How to Avoid a Catch
By: Lyle Jamieson
Lyle Jamieson shows how to turn without catches. To see these techniques in action, check out his bowl turning and hollow form DVDs click here.


Nine things I wish someone had told me
By: Jon Siegel
Nine tips from years of experience.


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