Vacuum Chucking

Vacuum chucking uses the suction power of a vacuum to hold wood on the lathe. It is mostly used for funishing the bottom of bowls and platters, but here are other uses.


Lathe Vacuum Adapter and Chuck
By: Bob Salvetti
In this article, Bob shows us how me made a low-tech, light duty, inexpensive vacuum adapter and chuck for his mini-lathe. You can use his ideas to make your own.


A Woodturners Guide To Designing, Building & Using Vacuum Chuck Systems
By: Joe Johnson
In this article, Joe Johnson covers the topic of vacuum chucking in its entirity. This is a wonderful article and is very thorough. Consider it the "everything you every wanted to know about vacuum chucking" article.


Making Your Own Vacuum Chuck
By: Kurt Hertzog
In this short article, Kurt shows us how he uses a homemade faceplate to create a vacuum chuck to use on his vacuum system. Since this is all DIY, you will be able to use Kurt's ideas to make your own.


Making Your Own Vacuum System
By: Kurt Hertzog
Kurt Hertzog, one of the past AAW presidents shows us his vacuum system. Seeing another turners setup can help us better make our own decisions when we build out our system.


Vacuum Chuck Basics
By: Larry Marley
Larry provides a detailed overview of vacuum chucking including drawings of how all the components go together. He also provides photos of his own setup.


Making a Vacuum Chucking System on a Shoestring Budget
By: Sy Plonsky
In this tutorial, Sy explains how he was able to meet his two goals of building a well functioning system and having the minimum expenditure. You can learn from his decisions in how to keep your DIY costs low.


Vacuum Chucking - How to use a veneer press for wood turning
By: Joe Woodworker
In this detailed DIY article, Joe provides all the information that you would need to make your own vacuum system including building the manifold, bearing system and outboard spinner.


Setting Up the Vacuum Chucking Hardware
By: Jim Rodgers
In this article, Jim starts by explaining all the components of a vacuum system. Then he shares a hardware materials list and explains how to build your own system.


Vacuum Chucking
By: Rick Hutcheson
In this article, Rick shows us the vacuum system that he's made for his lathe including the different chucking systems. This will give you a great idea on what you might need for your own vacuum system.


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