Metal Spinning

If you have never heard about metal spinning, this collection of articles will enlighten and provide guidance on how to do it.


Metal Spinning
By: Wikipedia
This is the official wiki page for metal spinning. It has a great description of the process of metal spinning including talking about the tools necessary to do it.


My Metal Spinning Lathe
By: Bruce Simpson
In this article, Bruce explains how he built his own metal spinning lathe. Now you can use a wood lathe to spin metal but if you want a dedicated metal spinning lathe, this article will give you some great insight on how to do it.


Metal Spinning Workshop
By: Terry Tynan
Terry is the premier metal spinning teacher and also provides some DVD's for purchase.


Metal Spinning Tutorial
By: Peter Rubin Fletter
In this article, Peter takes us through all the steps of how to spin metal. He starts with tools and moves to process. This will give you an excellent overview on how to spin metal on a lathe.


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