Pen Making

Pen Making is very popular among woodturners, with a wide range created from the functional to the very artistic.


Sharpening The Pen Mill
By: Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
This article tells us the proper way to sharpen our pen mills. It's very useful since they dull quickly cutting end grain and then small amounts of our brass tubes.


Make your own Pen Bushings
By: Tennessee Valley Woodworkers
This document contains the drawings and precise measurements for many of the popular pen kits. You can use these measurements to make your own pen bushings.


Taking the Puzzle out of Pen Decals Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Raymond Sprouse
By: Raymond Sprouse
Personalizing a pen dramatically changes the appearance and value of the pen. Simply adding that little extra something changes that pen from a writing instrument, to a treasured personal item. In this article, I will demonstrate my method of adding decals to a pen. These decals can have names, logos, and pictures. With a little imagination, the sky’s the limit. This process is simple and requires little more than an inkjet or laser printer and some water decal paper. In this article, I will create a decal and add it to a buckeye burl pen blank on a Magnetic Graduate pen kit. Also in this article, I will show some other decal pens to give you a better idea of what can be done with this technique.


The Penturner's Corner: Buffing your Pens for a Better Finish Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Don Ward
By: Don Ward
I really like the high gloss, shiny wet looking finish on the pens I make. No, not everyone likes that look. Some like a more satin natural look and even like pens with no finish at all. Others want the pen to darken and develop a patina as the pen is used and handled. For those pen makers, friction polish is the finish to use. I’ve been told, “I have a pen finished with friction polish and it looks as nice today as it did when I made it 4 yrs ago.” That has not been my experience with friction polish. Friction polish, in my opinion, is a good finish for items that are not handled and used daily. I used friction polish on my first pens and quickly decided the finish was not what I wanted for my pens.


The Penturner's Corner: Adding Images to your Pens Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Don Ward
By: Don Ward
In this article, I show you how to add images to your pen turning blanks. This is a very creative process which allows you to make unique pen blanks.


Pen-Blank Drilling Jig Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Raymond Sprouse
By: Raymond Sprouse
Use this jig to securely hold your pen blank while drilling a perfect center hole all the way through your blank. This jig ensures that your drill bit will not exit the side of your pen blank and removes your fingers from the danger zone of your drill press.


Spindle Turning Pen
By: Bonnie Klein
In this article, Bonnie explains how she turns a pen with a Gentleman’s Platinum Rollerball kit. She uses gold-dyed stabilized box elder burl for a wonderful pen. Her step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to make one yourself.


The Slimline Pen
By: Barry Gross
The slimline pen is one of the most basic pens that you can turn. It makes for a lovely gift or present, or just keep it for yourself. In this article, Barry gives us a step-by-step description in how to make the slimline pen.


Pen Turning 101
By: Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk
In this article, Joe helps you get started in turning pens. He starts by explaining the anatomy of a turned pen. Then he switches over to the tooling needed and only then does he go through a step-by-step explanation of the pen turning process.


Applying a BLO - CA finish to a pen
By: John Taylor
In this article, John Taylor shows us how he applies a CA finish to a pen using BLO as his lubricant. This is a good article for those who have heard about a CA finish but have never attempted it. And if you've done it before you might pick up a few tips!


Pen Drilling Jig
By: Dave Hylands
In this article, Dave makes a jig for drilling the center holes in the pen blanks.


Pen Blank Squaring Jig
By: Ray Sprouse
This jig will help you square the ends after drilling for all types of stock.


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