Segmented Turning

Segmented turnings add an entire new dimension to the world of turning.


Oneway's Precision Balancing System
By: Scotty Lewis
In this article, Scotty shares how to cut the segments to build up segmented rings. He uses a special miter sled to make the task simple.


Designing a Segmented Turning
By: Scotty Lewis
In this article, Scotty shows us how to use graph paper to layout the shape of a segmented bowl. Then he shows us how to figure out the sizes needed for each ring. This is a good primer for segmented turner beginners.


7 Tips for Better Segmented Turnings Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Al Miotke
By: Al Miotke
Are you interested in segmenting but are not sure where to start?  Maybe you have tried segmenting but found that you had too many unanswered questions?  If either of these describes you, hopefully the following seven tips will help. The goal of this article is to address seven of the most common challenges that people have when getting started in segmenting.  If you can get comfortable with these points, you should be on your way to making high quality segmented designs.


Helping your make a segmented bowl press
By: Frank Byers
In this article, Frank describes how to make the segmented bowl press designed by Bill Sands. He provides a list of materials which make it easy to make your own.


Performax Sander Tips
By: Joe


Making Segmented Bowls Simple... Part II
By: Adam Howard


Making Segmented Bowls Simple...
By: Adam Howard


Centering Segmented Bowl Rings
By: Tom Bisbee


7 Detailed Steps to Build Your Own Miter Sled
By: Bill Kandler


Plans for a Compound Miter Sled
By: Kevin Neeley


Plans for a Frame (flat) Miter Sled
By: Kevin Neeley


Make your own custom band clamp
By: Bob Hamilton


Home-made Thickness Sander
By: Kawika, Inc


Lathe Operated Drum Sander
By: Awilda Wilson


Segmented Ring Press
By: Bob Tugwell


Veneer/Ring Glue Press
By: Jim Rodgers


Designing a basic segmented bowl using a no math method
By: Kevin Neeley


Open Segmented Woodturnings
By: Colin Delory


Open Segment Bowl Construction
By: Kevin Neeley


Basic Frame-Miter Segmented Bowl Construction
By: Kevin Neeley


Making Segmented Bowls With Ornamental Inlays
By: John McAtee


Making a segmented bowl
By: Ken Salisbury


Turned Floral Flask Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Ray Allen
By: Ray Allen


End Grain in Segmented Bowls
By: A.J. Golichowski


Building Thunderbirds
By: Jim Rodgers


Making Square Waves
By: Jim Rodgers


Making Diamonds
By: Jim Rodgers


Constructing a Floating Base
By: Malcolm Tibbetts


Managing the Segmented Vessel Base
By: Jim Rodgers


The Basics of Stave Segmented Turning
By: Jim Rodgers


Segmented Turning Table
By: Space Coast Woodturners
In this article, you will be able to use these look-up tables to determine the correct sizes of segmented need to create closed segment rings, stave construction vessels and open segment rings. You can do this by hand or with a piece of software but these look-up tables are fast and easy.


Preventing Color Changes in Exotic Woods
By: Eric Meier
Do you want that Bloodwood to stay red?
Padauk to stay orange?
Osage Orange to stay yellow?
Purpleheart to stay purple?
Cocobolo or Tulipwood to stay rainbow colored?

Read this article to understand color changes in wood!


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