Knowing how to properly sharpen your tools is the first step to improved quality of work.


Negative Rake Scraper New Woodturning Articles by Rudolph Lopez
By: Rudolph Lopez
This one page article gives you a few notes on Negative Rake Scrapers and then has a template that you can use to set up your grinder for sharpening them.


Why I Like Cupped Carbide Cutters New Woodturning Articles by John Lucas Fee-based Woodturning Articles by John Lucas
By: John Lucas
Coming from a flat woodworking background, I was familiar with carbide cutters and how they improved on edge holding for volume work. Naturally I tried things like metal cutting carbide cutters and router bits in my woodturning to see if they were any good. They did work at holding an edge and actually cut wood but it wasn’t as clean as I could get with a freshly sharpened HSS turning tool. Even out of the box they didn’t cut very cleanly. If you tried to sharpen them, the carbide particles were simply too large and fragile to take a really keen edge.


Cheap Sharpening System - DIY New Woodturning Articles by Josh Bowman
By: Josh Bowman
In this article, Josh shows us how to build his DIY sharpening system. It is meant to be a low-cost starting place and will get a new turner up and turning with properly sharpened tools in a short time. This system is based on many woodturner’s opinions and the King Heiple design.

It includes an angled platform for scrapers and bits. It also has a double pocket arm for skews and a single pocket arm for gouges of all kinds. This system shouldn't cost more than $10 to $15 to construct. It can be even less if the scrap bin is used. This article has wonderful drawings and a materials list. This is one of the best DIY sharpening articles that we've seen!


Everything that you ever wanted to know about CBN Wheels New Woodturning Articles by Reed Gray Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Reed Gray
By: Reed Gray
Well, by now, most turners have heard about them, and they are taking the sharpening part of our world by storm. The reasons are many, and after a few years of answering questions on the turning forums, I haven't heard any new ones pop up. Well, at least not lately, so it is time for me to finish this article.


Upwards Turning Grinding for Sharpening New Woodturning Articles by Paul Rohrbacher Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Paul Rohrbacher
By: Paul Rohrbacher
The question to be answered is “what is the best way to sharpen your woodturning tools“? The criteria of this article is safely sharpening by removing the least amount of material on your tool. In this article, I show how and then discuss why you might want to consider changing the direction of your grinder.


Bowl Gouge Grinder Setup New Woodturning Articles by Rudolph Lopez
By: Rudolph Lopez
This one-page article provides a template for setting the proper angles on the Vari-Grind leg position for sharpening your bowl gouges. This is a very handy template for 40 and 60 degree gouges.


Sharpening the tools
By: Jesper Bay
In this article, Jesper explains how to sharpen your lathe tools. He talked about freehand grinding and using mechanical aids. He also talks about how to achieve the correct grind.


Sharpening Demystified
By: Kirk DeHeer
Excellent article to help you understand sharpening of your woodturning tools. The article provides techniques that will help you to sharpen your tools reliably.


Grinding Wheel and Abrasives Basics
By: Georgia Grinding Wheel
This is a great article on grinding wheels including the new CBN wheels. It talks about specs, types, colors, sizes, hardness, structure, bonds and more. It has everything that you need to know about grinding wheels.


Sharpening Jigs and Safety
By: Jim Rodgers


Sharpening Lathe Tools
By: Jim Rodgers


Poor Woodturner's Sharpening Jig (Build your own)
By: Jerry Hall


Make your own Fingernail Sharpening Jig
By: Chas Jones


Making the Gouge Sharpening Jig
By: Stan Harder


Shop-Built Jig
By: King Heiple


Making your own homemade Shapening System
By: David Reed Smith


Making a Honing Disk
By: David Reed Smith


Learn to Sharpen Progressively, Part 1
By: Alan Lacer


Learn to Sharpen Progressively, Part 2
By: Alan Lacer


Sharpening Turning Tools
By: Peter Wright
Peter shares some tips on sharpening using the Wolverine system from Oneway.


The Art of Sharpening
By: Eric Lofstrom
In this article, Eric shares his knowledge on how to sharpen your turning tools. He talks about setting up your grinder first and then goes into sharpening methods. Lastly, he goes through each of the turning tools and explains how to sharpen that tool.


Make your Grinding Jig
By: Jean Michel
In this article, Jean Michel shows us a collection of photos of the grinding jig that he has made to sharpen his turning tools. And then he provides us with a pdf document containing a set of drawing for all the components of his system.


Sharpening Woodturning Chisels - Part 1
By: Jon Siegel


Sharpening Woodturning Chisels - Part 2
By: Jon Siegel


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