Turning Jigs

Turning Jigs can be crucial to obtain the result you would like.


Making a bottlestopper jig
By: Frank Penta
In this article, Frank explains how to make your own bottlestopper jig on the lathe from wood and a 3/8" bolt.


Working with a Lathe Duplicator
By: Gordon Langer
In this article, Gordon shares how he uses his lathe duplicator. He recently made 60 French Pastry Rolling Pins and even with sanding was able to do it in ~5 minutes each. If you're considering or already doing production turning, this article would be a lifesaver!


Faceplate Ring Locator
By: Teknatool
This is a handy gadget to quickly and accurately center your faceplate ring on a bowl blank. The handle and the boss can be all turned in one piece out of wood.


Make a Center Finder Square
By: Teknatool
This is a very easy project to make. Once complete you will have a really useful tool that is particularly helpful as a quick guide for finding the center of your work.


Pen-Blank Drilling Jig Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Raymond Sprouse
By: Raymond Sprouse
Use this jig to securely hold your pen blank while drilling a perfect center hole all the way through your blank. This jig ensures that your drill bit will not exit the side of your pen blank and removes your fingers from the danger zone of your drill press.


Bowl Gouge Grinder Setup
By: Rudolph Lopez
This one-page article provides a template for setting the proper angles on the Vari-Grind leg position for sharpening your bowl gouges. This is a very handy template for 40 and 60 degree gouges.


Negative Rake Scraper
By: Rudolph Lopez
This one page article gives you a few notes on Negative Rake Scrapers and then has a template that you can use to set up your grinder for sharpening them.


Golden Section Gauge
By: Woodsmith
Using the golden rule is a great way to ensure that the proportions of your turnings are pleasing and properly shaped. Using a gauge (or calipers) is an easy way to know where to turn.

You can easily make your own gauge with these directions. This gauge is in imperial measurements. If you would like to make your own gauge using metric measurements, click here.


Jeff Nicol Style Wood Turning Steady Rest
By: JD Combs
This is an excellent article with detailed drawings to make your own heavy duty, metal steady rest.


A Circle Cutting Jig that You Can Build
By: Fred Holder
In this article, Fred explains how to make a circle cutting jig for your band saw. This jig is useful for cutting lumber into circles for a bowl from a board design or for cutting logs into bowl blanks. It's easy to make once you read Fred's article.


Drilling Jig for Lathe
By: Alan Carter
Alan shows his lathe mounted drilling jig in this article. You can get enough of an idea to recreate it on your own. You can use it with drills, dremel tools or shaft mounted tools. You can drill or even route with this jig so you can make holes or you can cut flutes. This is a great jig for your lathe.


Making a Double-end Shear Scraper
By: James D. Thompson


Making a thin wall vessel by hollowing using a LED light source
By: Ian Salisbury
In this article, Ian explains the forces on turning wood as we hollow vessels. He goes on to describe an effective way to hollow using light. Then he explains how he mounted a LED light to his preferred hollowing tool and provides a detailed drawing of a custom fixture that he made to hold his LED light.

Ian's detail, in both the explanation and in his drawing make it easy to you to either duplicate the fixture or to modify it to fit your tool of choice.


Make your own Laser Guide for Hollow Turning
By: Ian Salisbury
In this wonderful photo tutorial, Ian shows us how to make a laser guide to attach to your hollow turning tools. It's a very inexpensive project to make and will significantly increase your ability to hollow out your turnings while knowing the exact thickness of them.

We encourage you to check out the article and consider building at least one of these laser guides for your hollow turning tools.


Making your own Jumbo Jaws
By: Bill Nosie
We've all seen how you can re-turn the bottom of the bowls using a set of plates with rubber bumpers on your scroll chuck. Now you can make your own jumbo jaws using this wonderful photo tutorial from Bill Nosie.

This photo tutorial is very detailed and shows each step of the process to making your own jumbo jaws!!


Bandsaw sled for cutting logs
By: George Vondriska
In this article George shows us how to resew logs on the bandsaw to make lumber which can be used for turning blanks, flat working lumber or even veneer.


Making an Indexing Jig
By: Tommie
In this article Tommie explains how to make an MDF index jig for our lathe. The indexing jig can be used for routing or drill your turning blanks.


Making your own Pen Sled
By: David Reed Smith
Making your own pen center bands, or making segmented pens, can open up a lot of creative territory to explore. However cutting small parts on the table saw can put your fingers in harm?s way. A band saw is safer, but doesn?t cut as precisely or leave anywhere near a glue ready surface. This article describes a dedicated Pen Sled with a hold down that holds the stock securely, even for small segments, and keeps your fingers well away from the blade.


Bottlestopper Jig
By: Kevin Miller
In this article, Kevin explains how to make a small screw chuck which can be used to hold turning blanks for bottle stoppers. This makes it very easy to turn bottle stoppers on the lathe.


Pen Drilling Jig
By: Dave Hylands
In this article, Dave makes a jig for drilling the center holes in the pen blanks.


Shop Built Texturing/Sprialing Tool
By: Dominic Greco
In this article, Dominic explains how to make a tool which will hold a texturing cutter. This tool will be similar to the Sorby Texturing tool but since it's DIY, it will be less expensive.


Making a Chatter Tool
By: John Lucas and John Trant
In this short article, John shows a diagram on how to make a simple Chatter Tool. It's very easy to make in your own shop.


Segmented Ring Press
By: Bob Tugwell
In this short article, Bob shows us how to make a very effective and easy to make press for building segmented vessels.


Safety Log Sawing Horse
By: John Lannom
In this short article, John shows us how to make a sawing horse that can safely hold logs while we cut them into turning blanks.


Laser-based Turned Bowl / Vessel Depth Finder
By: Sy Plonsky
In this article, Sy shows us a clever way to use copper pipes, easily found at your big box store, to create a laser depth finder for turning bowls or hollow forms.


Make your own chuck marking gauge
By: Chas Jones
In wood turning most things vary every time you pick up a piece of wood, one thing that stays consistent and does not vary over time are the jaw dimensions of your chosen chuck system. This fact means that if you make some simple marking gauges you only ever need to research and measure the distances once, leaving the use of callipers, rules etc. to the more creative tasks.


Detailed Pen Assembly Press Drawing
By: Sid Matheny
This is a dimensional drawing for Al Faul's Pen Assembly Press above


Building a Pen Assembly Press
By: Al Faul
In this article, Al show all the steps to make a pen assembly press out of wood. It works extremely well and is easy to make.


Methods and Jigs for Reverse Turning Bowls
By: John Lucas
In this article, John shares seven different ways to hold a bowl on your lathe so that you can finish turn the bottom. If you don't know seven different ways, then reading the article is a great way to learn.


Taps for Turning
By: Jim Duxbury
In this article, Jim shares how to make a tap that can be used in tool since they are so different than taps for metal. This is valuable information for making wood chucks that can be threaded onto your lathe or live center.


Color Code Chuck Templates
By: Jim Duxbury
In this article, Jim shows us how to create templates for our chucks so that we know the minimum and maximum ID and OD for each of our jaw sets. This way we can always turn a tenon which fits our chucks. Then he shows us how he color coded them to eliminate any confusion which selecting a jaw and template set.


Pen Blank Squaring Jig
By: Ray Sprouse
This jig will help you square the ends after drilling for all types of stock.


Making your own Wooden Faceplates
By: David Reed Smith
In this article, David explains how to thread a piece of wood to the size of your lathe spindle. This piece can be built out to a wide range of faceplates for your lathe. It's amazing how many ways David can this faceplate.


A Different Way of Jam Chucking
By: Jim Meier
In this article, Jim shows us to to make a jam chuck that uses compression to hold small turnings on the lathe. Jim says that he uses it for oil candle holders and I can see it also being used for tea light holder or things of that sort. This is a very easy jam chuck to build and the design is very clever, now it's time to make one!


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