Wood Drying

Drying wood is an integral part of the turner's art.


Convert an Old Fridge into a Wood Kiln
By: Mike Poorman
In this article, Mike explains how he used an old refrigerator and modified it to be an excellent wood kiln. Mike also explains his process (schedule) for drying his wood.


Seasoning Your Own Wood Turning Blanks From Fallen Tree Limbs
By: Dr Qui
In this article, we learn one way to process tree branches so that we can dry them for use as wood turning blanks.


Build your own Solar Kiln
By: American Woodworker
This is a wonderful step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own solar kiln. It includes a cutting list, plywood cutting diagram, and exploded views. They also talk about how the kiln works and provide a safe drying rate chart. If you're interested in solar kilns this is a must-read article.


Processing Trees to Lumber for the Hobbyist and Small Business
By: Eugene Wengert and Dan Meyer
This document summarizes how to build a solar kiln, preparing your lumber for drying, obtaining logs and sawing lumber, and provides details on drying lumber. This is a good primer to drying wood with solar technology.


Solar Wood Drying
By: Built it Solar
This web page shows links to a collection of solar kiln designs. There are quite a few and that gives you a lot of options to choose from.


Build your own Solar Kiln
By: Wood Magazine
Wood Magazine built a 8 foot by 8 foot by 12 foot passive-solar kiln and provide the plans to allow you to make your own.


Debark SAFELY with a Hand Adze
By: Bob Heltman
Bob Heltman explains how and why he uses a hand adze to remove the bark from his wood turning blanks. This is an easy way to remove bark and can improve the safety of your turning.


Storing and Turning Unseasoned Wood
By: Joe Johnson
In this article, Joe covers the topic of what does a turner do with unseasoned/wet wood. He goes through all the different ways that you can store, and process this wood including rough turning and drying bowls. He ends the article with a way to finish the dried roughed out bowls for a second turning. If you're new to dealing with wet wood, this article will be a huge help!


Drying Wood at Home
By: Eric Meier
Air Drying wood at home may be the simplest and least expensive way to season wood but it is also the slowest. Learn all the best practices in drying wood at home by reading this article.


Wood Drying Kiln
By: Ian Salisbury
In this photo tutorial, Ian Salisbury shows us how to make a sophisticated low cost wood drying kiln for only £100. He shows us how he converts an old chest freezer into a kiln that he uses to dry roughed out bowl blanks.

This is a very detailed summary of the work needed and includes part lists and wiring diagrams. It even includes a drying schedule which is a critical component of properly drying wood. This kiln is a winner!


Microwave Drying
By: Marshall Garrow
In this article, Marshall explains how he uses the microwave oven to dry his wood bowls. This method has shown great results but does require close monitoring of the wood and a slow, deliberate drying time. It also works well for large and small pieces.


How to Build a Low Cost Kiln
By: Irish Woodturners Guild Journal Publication
This article was published in the Irish Woodturners Guild publication and gives us a great account of one turners experience building and using a homemade kiln.


Home built solar kiln
By: Jamie Duckworth
In this article, Jamie shows us the solar kiln that he built using plans from Woodweb. He tells us some good and bad aspects of this design.


Methods of Wood Drying
By: Daniel Yourdon
In this article, Daniel gives us a great summary of all the different ways that you can use to dry your woodturning blanks.


Drying Wood to Get Round Bowls: Round is Good
By: Marty Kaminsky
In this article, Marty shows us how he created a drying box to dry his rough turned bowls. One clever aspect is how he gets it out of the way in his shop. If you're considering making your own drying kiln, then this is a must read article.

Marty also provides building and assembly instructions and you can find them by clicking here.

Click here for the dimensional drawing.


Building a Wood Kiln, a Photo Journal
By: Dennis Daudelin
In this article, I construct a large bowl kiln out of plywood. I use lights and temperature controls to dry rough turned bowls. The article is detailed enough to enable you to build you own.


Alcohol soaking method for drying bowls
By: Dave Smith
In this article, Dave explains the way to use alcohol to dry rough turned bowls while minimizing warping, splitting and cracking. He has done extensive experiments to determine the best way to dry your bowls using alcohol.


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