There are as many approaches to setting up the woodturning shop.


Workshop Heating
By: Robert J. Settich
In this article, Robert describes the different types of heat that you can use in your shop and covers all the details on how to make a good decision. He also covers the regional costs by fuel type to allow you to make a good decision.


Mobile Lathe Cabinet
By: Jay Bates
In this article, Jay works with his new friend, Matt, to build a bench to hold his new Jet mini-lathe. This bench works well for the lathe and also the extension.

In a follow-up article, Jay installs some drawers and removes the extension so that he can mount his sharpening grinder. This is a good follow-up article:

This article is sure to give you lots of great ideas if you're needing a new lathe stand or just a new workshop cabinet.


Add a Lathe Extension Bed
By: Dick Webber
Sometimes you just need a bit more room around your lathe. Dick Webber decided to add a fold down table to his lathe to solve this problem. Read the article to see how easy it would be to add to your lathe.


Planning your first Workshop
By: Stephen S. Johnson
In this article, Stephen explains some things to think about as you start to plan your first workshop. These items may stimulate your thoughts and may help you avoid a few mistakes. Really a great article for that new crafts person!


Safety Sawing Horse
By: John Lannom
When your sawing logs and turning blanks out of trees, you need to focus on safety and find a way to make the work easier. A saw horse is always a great way to hold the wood while you chain saw it. This is an easy to build saw horse make with easily available dimensional lumber that can be found at any big box store. If you're cutting logs without a saw horse, you need to check this out!


LED Gooseneck Lamp Adaptation
By: Ralph Rumery
Warning: IKEA Hack!!

In this photo article, Ralph tells us how he wanted to overcome problems with his existing lighting for his lathe. He describes how he uses a $9.99 Ikea lamp, removes the weighted base and turns a new magnetic base for it.

This is a project that most all turners can make without difficulty. If you're needing more directly focused light at your lathe, this is the solution for you!


Adding more light to your shop (inexpensively)
By: Alan Zenreich
In this article, Alan tells us how he uses some of those new LED task lights to provide some additional light to his work shop. This article may give you some ideas on how to do this in your own shop making it easier and safer to work in your shop!


Using Magnets in the Shop
By: Jim Pugh
In this article, Jim shows us all the different places that he uses magnets to hold things in his shop.


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