Turning Equipment

The vsariety of equipment used is turning is extensive.


Making Removable Tool Handles
By: Joe Johnson
In this article, Joe Johnson shows us how to use an off-the-shelf handle insert and attach it to some aluminum tubing to create a really nice tool handle. He also suggests that it can be done for about $25 which is a huge cost saving.


Fingernail Grinds with the Tormek
By: Steve Worcester
This article is a follow-up on Steve's article: Grinding the fingernail Grind on the Oneway Wolverine System. In this article, Steve explains the best way to get a fingernail grind on a Tormek sharpener.


Grinding the fingernail Grind on the Oneway Wolverine System
By: Steve Worcester
Steve explains how to grind the fingernail gouge and how to do it consistently.


How to test a lathe
By: Ed Davidson
Here are three simple tests that Ed uses to run on candidate lathes before choosing which one to buy.


Keeping tools handy at the lathe
By: Bruce Hoover
In this article, Bruce shows us how to make a quick and easy tool holder for the lathe so that tools don't roll off the bed.


Build your own Laptop Lathe
By: Brian Nowell
Brian shows us how he made a light-duty lathe out of a variable speed drill. This lathe will not be for every one but is a fully functioning lathe.


Lathe mounted thickness sander
By: Awilda (Tita) Wilson
Want a drum sander but don't have the budget to support it at this time? Awilda built this lathe-mounted drum sander for about $44 and she shows you how you can make your own.


Making a Longworth Chuck
By: Garrett Lambert
Garrett shows us how to layout and then make a longworth chuck to hold our turnings on the lathe. This is a good device for turning the bottoms of bowls.


Shop-Built Compression Chuck
By: Bill Grumbine
In this article Bill shows us how he made a compression chuck (think donut chuck).


Reversing Switch for Variable Speed Jet Mini Lathe
By: Mack Debose
The new Variable Speed Jet Mini Lathe is a welcomed upgrade from the standard Mini Lathe that has been so widely accepted among woodturning enthusiasts. It offers a wide band of speeds wi thin three pulley ranges from 500 RPM to 3000 RPM. This is accomplished by a ? HP DC motor and a SCR controller. Unfortunately, it does not have a spindle reverse function. It would also be nice if the low speed could be reduced to near zero RPM.


Make your own wobble chuck
By: Bill Berry
Bill shows us how he makes a DIY eccentric turning chuck for his lathe. He provides detailed dimensional drawings so you can make your own.


Additional plans for lathe mounted drum sander
By: Greg Darling
Greg provides some additional details and drawing for making a lathe mounted drum sander.


Making Cole Plates for your Chuck
By: Darrell Feltmate
In this article, Darrell shows us how to make cole jaws to fit our lathes. This will allow you to finish the bottoms of your bowls.


Economical Ways to Expand your Chisel Collection
By: Jon Siegel
With so many tools on the market, how do you know what you need? Jon helps us to understand which are the best tools for us to get the job done.


Today's Lathes - What's right and What's wrong?
By: Jon Siegel
In this article, Jon explains the good and bad parts of the lathes on the market today.


Lathe Tune-up
By: Jim Rodgers
In this article, Jim explains how to correct fix 5 common lathe alignment problems.


Traveling Tool Tote
By: Jim Duxbury
In this article, Jim builds a case which will hold his turning tools when traveling. This is a clever idea and may help you if you do demonstrations and need to carry your tools with you.


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