Dust Collection

Dust collection is a critical component of woodturning safety. The fine particles in wood dust are know to create serious health problems and many people are allergic to certain woods. These articles are a good jumping off point for your research. You will also find some excellent books on Dust Collection in the Workshop category of our book section."


Rising: An Exhibit
By: Gallery of Wood Art
This exhibit ran from September 2 - December 28, 2014.


Choosing the Best Dust Mask
By: Stephen S. Johnson
In this short article, Stephen discusses three dust mask options that he's found on the market. Hopefully his research will help you choose the best dust mask for your shop.


10 Top Tips for Dust Collection
By: Wood Magazine
This short article gives us 10 excellent tips on how to improve the dust collection systems in our wood shops. It's worth a glance to get some great ideas.


Build your own cyclone dust collector
By: Dror
Here's an interesting idea on how to build your own small cyclone dust collector. I would suggest that it might be a good starting point. I would add at least a grounding wire!


Dust Collector Pipe Joint Template and Free Online Software
By: Stan Harder
Stan built his own dust collection system. He had to figure out how to insert multiple PVC pipes into the main PVC pipe. That's a complicated geometry problem. Stan decided to write a software program to print out templates of cutting profiles given pipe diameters and an angle of intersection. He makes this interactive software available for free online (for non-commericail uses).


Cyclone Dust Collector Research
By: Bill Pentz
Bill has collected a wealth of information about dust collection in general and the merits of a cyclone based system. When it comes to purchasing a system, Bill recommends a company that has licensed his design, so it makes sense to also search the web to compare options.


Articulated Dust Collector Arm
By: Jim Silva
In this article, Jim builds a solution to a problem that most of us experience... how to get our dust collection nozzle right where we need it. Jim shows us how to assemble an articulated, height adjustable dust collecton mounting gizmo-thingy?.


Building a dust collection blast gate
By: Phil Bumbalough
In this article, Phil shows you how to make your own blast gates. This can save you money and also create a better blast gate.


Breathe Easy - A Review of the Resp-O-Rator
By: Gary Lansinger
The Resp-O-Rator is an invention of Jim Duxbury, is part snorkel and part high-tech air cleaner, and if you have facial hair, then read this review.


Add a chip seperator to your dust collection system
By: Alan Zenreich
In this photo tutorial, Alan shows us how to adds a chip separator to his dust collection system. He uses a HF dust collector as they base unit and then starts his customization. We all need good dust collection in our shops so this is a valuable lesson in seeing how Alsn has created his solution!


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