Sanding Turnings

Sanding is a key component of finishing your turning. There are lots of tips and tricks to making sanding easier and less time consuming. Improving your skills here will pay dividends in the quality of your turnings and the speed in which you can make them.


Repairing a Sanding Pad
By: Curtis Turner
In this article Curtis explains how to fix the hook and loop sanders that annoyingly separate and become unusable. With Curtis' instructions, you'll be using those old sanding pads again.


The Art of Sanding Fee-based Woodturning Articles by Jack Morse
By: Jack Morse
Quite often I observe beautifully turned pieces on display, with a poor sanding job that stands out like a big red nose. In conversations, I find that many consider sanding to be a necessary drudgery that has to be done against their will. They haven't taken the time to learn how fast it can be done with the right approach. Most people start with too fine a grit of paper, and then sand and sand until they are tired and discouraged. One of the problems is that on most woods the scratches are white and blend in until the finish is applied and then they turn almost black.


Choosing the Best Dust Mask
By: Stephen S. Johnson
In this short article, Stephen discusses three dust mask options that he's found on the market. Hopefully his research will help you choose the best dust mask for your shop.


Shop Built Sanding Pads
By: Joe Johnson
In this short article, Joe explains how he makes his own sanding pads. His process is simple and fast and you can do it too!


Sanding is a Piece Maker
By: Mark Salusbury
In this article, Mark explains how to properly sand a turning. He shows us all the tools that we can use and explains how to use them.


Building a Table Saw 15 Degree Segment Cutting Sled
By: Jim Rodgers


Making your own Foam Ball Sander
By: David Reed Smith
In this article, David shows us how to make a spherical foam ball sander for use in bowls and hollow forms.


Sanding the Inside of a Turned Vessel
By: Ellis Hein
In this article, Ellis shows us how to make a small shop-built sander that chucks into your 1/2" variable speed drill and is used for sanding the interiors of hollow vessels.


Bowl Sanding Tool
By: Mack DeBose
In this article, Mack shows us his process for building a rotating bowl sanding tool that is used for sanding the interior and exterior curved surfaces of turned bowls and similar projects


Making your own Power Sanders
By: Herman de Vries
In this short article, Herman shows us how to make two handy sanding tools. The first is a tool to hold hook and loop or PSA sandpaper on a handle. The second is an easy way to make a powered sanding tool which uses the power of the spinning lathe to power the sander.


Sandpaper Info and Grits
By: Wikipedia
This is the official wiki page for Sandpaper. This page gives a short history of sandpaper and then goes into all the different types of sandpaper that exist. It also gives a very good grit size table which I've found helpful when trying to figure out the different sizes of grit with P rated sandpaper.


Make Your Own Foam Cone Sander
By: David Reed Smith
Way back in 2008, David showed us how to make ball sanders out of foam for use on our woodturnings. I've used the ball sander on and off for years now and it works great. It is a bit hard to cut the sand paper for it but it's worth the extra effort.

But now David's back with a new shape for his homemade sanding pad where cutting the sandpaper is very easy and you still get the nice consistent sanding pattern.

Most of us power sand using 2" and 3" sanding pads. This cone-shaped sanding pad will be a great addition and is so simple to make using David's great photo tutorial.


Lathe Operated Drum Sander
By: Awilda Wilson


Home-made Thickness Sander
By: Kawika, Inc


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