Threading Wood


Hand Chasing Threads in Corian
By: Thomas Irven
In this article, Thomas shows us how to create a corian blank to cut threads into. This would be a good technique for not only corian vessels (and boxes) but to also insert into your wood projects.


Three Ways of Threading Wood
By: Duane Hill
In this article, Duane give us an overview of three ways to make threads in wood. They are:
1) Threading for Woodturning Jigs
2) Hand Chased Threads
3) Using a Threading Jig (like Baxter or Bonnie Klein)


My twist on Hand Chasing Threads in Wood
By: Sam Angelo
Sam states that his primary objective for this article is to bring-to-light various resources available on the topic of chasing threads in wood. He hopes that this article and his youtube video will increase the likelihood that readers will take the first step and try their hand at a skill they thought beyond their abilities.


Cutting Threads on a Lathe using Hand Held Chasers
By: Fred Holder
In this article, Fred Holder shares the knowledge he gained from chasing threads in wood in prepartion for writing his book titled, Making Screw Threads in Wood which was first published in 2001. Click here to see Fred's book

Click here to see Fred's book


Chasing Threads in Wood
By: Fred Holder
In this article, Fred Holder shares his knowledge on chasing threads using a set of Ray Iles thread chasers.


Turning a Threaded Lid for a Box
By: Ernie Conover
In this article, Ernie explains about hand chasing threads and then shows how to do this for a box lid. It's a good article because you get to see all the steps to make a box with a threaded lid.


Learning to Chase Threads by Hand - A Sequential Approach
By: Michael Mocho
Michael shares all that he has learned and discovered about chasing threads by hand.


What you need to know about threading in wood
By: Kurt Hertzog
In this article, Kurt explores all the areas where threads can be used in turning including pre-made threads.


Creating Threads in your Turnings
By: Kurt Hertzog
In this article, Kurt explores the subject of creating threads in your turnings and looks at a variety of ways in which these can be created.


Turning Threads In Wood -- It's Easier Than You Think
By: David Gould
In this article, David shows us the basics on how to chase threads on the lathe. His detailed explanation of the process helps to make it easy.


Making your own thread chasers for woodturning
By: James P. Riser
In this article, James explains how you can make your own thread chasers using inexpensive steel wood chisels.


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