After all the work to create a piece, putting on the finish is the most exciting part, when it comes to life. These articles provide some tips and suggestions from other woodturners. Also, be sure to look at the excellent selection of books in our Wood Finishing category of our book section.


Sign your Work in Brass
By: WOOD Magazine Staff
It's important to sign your work so that people know that you were the maker. There are many ways to do this and each person needs to find a good way for themselves. This article explains how to make brass pendants that can be inserted into a small recess in your work. It's a nice professional solution and one for you to consider.


Super Glue As A Finish For Wood Turning Projects
By: Chris M. Simonsen
In this article, Chris provides a detailed explanations of CA glue, the types and how and when to use them. Then he shows how to finish a hollow form vessel. He explains about saftey too. This is a full class in how to use CA as a finish for your wood turning projects.


Dying Wood Versus Staining Wood
By: woodworkweb
This short article explains the characteristics of both stains and dyes. It helps woodworkers to know when to use one or the other. If you don't know they difference, this guide will help you.


Building a Low Cost Finishing Room
By: Stephen Hatcher
In this article, Stephen explains how to build a room that we can use safely for finishing. He shows us a sample room layout and then shows the items that we need to vent it properly. This is a really good article if you don't have experience with finishing rooms. And with Stephen's knowledge helping us, being able to build it for a low cost is really welcome!


Finishing Your Turnings
By: Fred Holder
In this article, Fred Holder reviews his process for finishing his turnings. He also explains how some other turners approach their finishing which provides a nicely balanced view on the task of finishing your turnings.


Food Safe Finishes
By: West Bay Woodturners
In this article, food safe finishes are discussed. The article gives a good high level review of the different types of finishes and addresses their safety. This article will help you to make choices in the type of finish you use on your turnings which may come into contact with food.


Finishes for Items Used for Food
By: Lee Valley
This article is an excerpt from the book titled, Wood Handbook – Wood as an Engineering Material (Algrove Publishing). It does a wonderful job of describing the different types of finishes and discusses their safety. It also has a separate section for cutting boards which could also apply to wood turnings in general. If you want to learn about food safe finishes, this is a good article for you.


Finishing Pens
By: Don Ward
In this article, Don Ward, a writer for the More Woodturning Magazine and owner of Red River Pens discusses the different options to finishing a pen. He also gives a step-by-step explanation on how to do a C.A. finish on a pen. This technique seems to becoming the standard in finishing pens.


Finishing with CA Glue
By: Chris Wong
In this article, Chris shows us how to use CA as a finish to our turning instead of just using it as a glue. It shows how to apply it and how to finish it. If you're new to CA finishes, this article will explain it all.


Finishing Exotic and Tropical Hardwoods
By: Eric Meier
Have you ever had a project that was coming along nicely up until the finishing step? You apply the polyurethane to the wood, and wait for it to dry. And wait. And wait. And finally, days, weeks, (or even months!) later, the finish has still not dried. What went wrong, and how do you solve this problem?


Wood Finishes: What Works When
By: Eric Meier
Although there is no wrong finish for a given wood species, there are definitely some finishes that seem to work better in certain situations than others. As you might expect, it all depends on context and how you're using the wood. With this in mind, this article provides an overview of a number of consumer-level wood finishes, as well as Eric's honest assessment as to which ones work best, and when.


Preventing Color Changes in Exotic Woods
By: Eric Meier
Do you want that Bloodwood to stay red?
Padauk to stay orange?
Osage Orange to stay yellow?
Purpleheart to stay purple?
Cocobolo or Tulipwood to stay rainbow colored?

Read this article to understand color changes in wood!


Using Wood Bleach
By: Jeff Jewitt


A lesson with Chris Stott: Finishing for Wood Turners
By: Chris Stott


Finishing with Waterlox
By: Andy Chen


A guide to finishing with Minwax 209
By: Luna Ford


Beall Buffing Shaft Project
By: Raymond Lanham


Finishing Pens
By: Bill Grumbine


Some Notes on Finishes
By: Bob Flexner


Making your own Ebonizing Rust Stain


Finishing Secrets
By: Russ Fairfield


Finishing for Woodturners
By: Don Comer


Oil Finishes: Their History and Use
By: Bob Flexner


Applying a BLO - CA finish to a pen
By: John Taylor
In this article, John Taylor shows us how he applies a CA finish to a pen using BLO as his lubricant. This is a good article for those who have heard about a CA finish but have never attempted it. And if you've done it before you might pick up a few tips!


Wax and the Woodturner
By: Alan Lacer
In this article Alan Lacer talks about the values of using wax on our wood turnings. He covers the plus and minus sides of the argument, gives recipes on how to make our own wax mixtures and really explains when it's good to use wax and when it is not.

This is a must-read article for every wood turner!


Bleaching Wood
By: American Woodworker Editors
This short article explains the different chemicals used to bleach wood.


Wood finishing techniques for beginners
By: Phil Bumbalough
A guide to the different types of finishes and how to apply them. Also available as a PDF download.


Six Finishes for Woodturners
By: Nick Cook
In this Woodcraft article, Nick Cook shares some of his finihes with us. Although I didn't find six finishes, the ones shown are helpful.


Ebonizing Wood
By: James Thompson


Achieving a Gallery Quality Finish
By: Don Comer
Don defines a "Gallery Quality" finish as a finish that protects the wood, enhances the color and figure and also does not display any tool marks or sanding scratches. In this article, he shows us the general process he uses to achieve this finish.


CA Finishing on Marbled Pieces
By: Gordon Langer
In this article, Gordon Langer shows us how he adds a CA finish to his smaller marbled pieces.

He chooses this process because gives a superior finish that provides the completed piece with depth and luster that will stand up to punishing treatment for a long time.

Gordon shows us all the steps to add a CA finish to our own pieces and the photos really make the process easy to follow. We hope that you'll give it a try!


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