August 2019

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Woodturning Tip of the Day

Sanding woods

Here is my technique for using wipe-on polyurethane. Use the poly as the can tells you and you can't go wrong.

I like putting 3 coats then sanding with 320 grit sandpaper but be careful that you don't sand all the finish off or you will open the grain you're trying to close. Then add 2 more coats and let dry.

Next use 1000 grit sandpaper keeping it flat and even. Then put your next-to-last coat on thick and make sure it still lays flat.

Let the poly dry and then use steel wool to make it as even as possible. Now put on your final coat, nice and even.

Your wood will have a higher, more 3D look when looking at the grain lines. It has never yellowed, left water rings, spots or cracking. I give poly a 10 out of 10 for best over all finishes. It is easy to apply -- no mess or clean up. Just throw away your paper towel.

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Woodturning - An End-Grain Sycamore Bowl
by Andy Phillip

In this video, Andy Phillip turns an end-grain bowl from a piece of sycamore with a “cow hide” grain coloring.

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Featured Turning Project

How I Make My Pen Stands
by JD Combs

It’s back to school time! Turn a pen for your favorite student, and then make this handy pen stand to go with it.

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How to Test a Lathe
by Ed Davidson

Thinking of buying a new lathe? Here are three simple tests that Ed Davison uses to run on candidate lathes before choosing which one to buy.

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