December 2018

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Woodturning Tip of the Day

Clamping rings for a segmented bowl

Use industrial sized zip ties to clamp your rings when gluing, the glue doesn't stick to them and with a small pick you can release the tang locking it to open it up for reuse. You can also daisy chain them together for large rings.

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Featured Turning Video

How to Sell Metal Core Wood Bangles
by WildWood Design

If you are looking for a new item to include in your art/craft sale inventory, you may want to consider metal core wood bangles. These popular gift items only take about 45 minutes to turn and are quite stunning. In this video, Robert Lindsey, aka "the bangle guy" tells viewers how to price them, where to sell them, and which woods sell best. For more information, visit the WildWood Design website at

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Featured Turning Project

Turn a Snowman Box
by Des Moines Woodturners

This is an interesting project because it's a box and a snowman at the same time.

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Featured Turning Article

Spindle Turning Pen
by Bonnie Klein

There is still time for you to make some quick holiday gifts. In this article, Bonnie explains how she turns a pen with a Gentleman’s Platinum Rollerball kit. She uses gold-dyed stabilized box elder burl for a wonderful pen. Her step-by-step instructions will make it easy for you to make.

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Trend Diamond Abrasive Lapping Fluid

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Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and Anti-Fog/Hard Coat

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NOVA G3 Reversible Wood Turning Chuck

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Easy Wood Tools COMBO: Easy Start Rougher, Finisher, Detailer

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