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The "New and Hot" section was created to enable Turning Vendors to notify turners of new products that they have recently released. This allows turners to stay in touch with all the newest products.

This list is updated frequently, whenever a vendor releases a new product. If you see something new, please let us know!

New from Don Geiger

Vertical Solution Sharpening System

Want to get that perfect Ellsworth grind on your bowl gouge each and every time that you sharpenen it? Check out Don's sharpening system. It gives you a perfect 4" and 7" measurement from the front of your grinding wheel. It only takes minutes to set-up and then can be used over and over even taking in account the wear of your gouge and your grinding wheel.

Fits directly into your Wolverine® base receiver.

Total system price: $109.95 (plus 6% sales tax, for FL residents, and shipping)


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New from Beall Tool

Chuck Puck

This handy little item - we couldn't resist the rhyme - will save you the trouble of turning your square stock down to fit your chuck. Made of sturdy, non-marking black Delrin™, the Chuck Puck is machined in two steps so that it can receive ¾" or 1" square material.

Only $12.00

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New from Robert Sorby

New Stebcentre options

The Stebcentre is a lathe drive which has the benefit of a spring loaded point and a ring of sharp teeth. The features make it extremely safe, and quick to change work. At the same time wood is not damaged as may be the case with a conventional drive.

The Stebcentre has been around for a few years but now it has been extended to include three new verisons:

  •  A Steb Drive 3 MTversion,
  •  A Steb Drive to fit the Supernova chuck and,
  •  A Revolving Stebcentre which works like a live centre in 1 and 2 MT.

These are available from Robert Sorby dealers worldwide.

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New from The Spin Doctor

"The Clark Steady Rest" for Woodturning Lathes

LARGE Rugged 30 inch diameter ring - 3/8 inch thick steel construction - powder coated for a durable and beautiful finish! 1.25 inch diameter radial arms are chrome-moly hardened. 4 inch diameter wheels use ABEC 5 bearings. Weight is over 70 pounds! Turn near the maximum diameter allowed by your lathe!!

Radial arms move to adjust from 1/2 inch to 23 inch diameter spindles or bowls for final shaping, sanding or hollowing!
1/2 inch mounting plate with recessed attachment bolt.

Single Lathe Steady $375.00 (plus shipping)
See our website for other configurations and options

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New from Woodturner Pro

Laminate Laser

Woodturner Pro's new Lamination Pro software makes it easy to design wood laminations with multi-generations. However, there is precision needed to cut them properly. Woodturner Pro has now released the tool to make this precision easy, the Laminate Laser.

Laminate Laser has a very powerful magnetic base. The gooseneck is flexible, but requires effort to bend it. This means that it will stay in position once set and will not move if bumped.

The Laminate Laser is delivered to you fully assembled and ready to use. The price of the unit as shown is $50 US dollars plus shipping.

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New from Robert Sorby

Hardwood Scrapers

This new scraper was originally designed to tackle those tougher woods used by musical instrument makers. However, it has been adapted as a very effective bowl scraper giving a highly polished finish to bowls. Used in the same manner as a gouge, it utilises a bevel behind the scraping face to produce an extremely fine finish.

Available in ¾" width and as a micro tool.

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New from Alan Lacer

Top shelf heavy weights for greater stability and ease of use. Made from high wear A-11 tool steel for exceptional edge holding qualities. If bought in the handled form, they come sharpened and hand-honed-ready to work. Comes in two sizes: 1-3/8" wide, 3/8" thick , 8" blade with a 3" tang, approximately 24" overall length with handle; 5/8" wide and 3/8" thick , 7" blade with a 3" tang, approximately 18" overall length with handle. Handles are in exotic woods such as bubinga, cocobolo, blood wood, goncalo alves. Prices are:

  • 1-3/8" is $175 handled or $145 unhandled and unsharpened
  • 5/8" is $125 handled or $100 unhandled and unsharpened.

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New from Unique Tool

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Carbide Tipped Lathe Chisels

These fine lathe chisels come with changable carbide tips which can be rotated as they dull to expose new cutting surfaces. Tips are 86 Rockwell hardness and finely ground and lapped for a smooth, long lasting and fine cutting edge. They can be resharpened with diamond files or ecomonicaly replaced when (and if) they ever become dull. Rubber grips insulate the user from shock and discomfort and allow a non-slip grip on the chisel.

There are 6 different tools, each with a different tip; round, square or triangular. The price is only $34.00 plus shipping.

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New from Woodturner PRO

3D Design PRO

(click image for larger size)

We officially released our new design software entitled 3D Design PRO. 3DP allows you to simply create a wall profile by drawing curve points which then shows you the vessel rendered in 3D. A recent addition to the software allows you to import a photograph or scanned image of a vessel. You can then create your wall profile by tracing the profile of the imported object. Once complete, you can hide the photo and modify your drawing as you wish.

Download the free trial version here.

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New from Best Wood Tools

Tool Post Chuck Adapters

Mount your lathe chuck or face plate on your lathes banjo to securly hold your workpiece for sanding, finishing, or carving.

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New from Teknatool International

Dovetail Chisel

The Nova Dovetail Chisel easily and accurately makes the dovetail recess for the chucking of a bowl. it ensures the maximum holding power for your chuck.


  • Made from H2 High Speed Steel
  • Markings on the blade make it quick and easy to find the best dovetail for the most popular Nova and SuperNova accessory jaws .
  • Comfortable and sturdy beech handle
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • New Superior Sandpaper

    The new superior sandpaper is called No-Fil Magnum A275™ and is made by Norton, one of the last two sandpaper makers in North America. Its heat-treated aluminum oxide grains are bonded to a strong, but flexible paper backing, then coated to prevent loading. The paper is un-dyed which allows the abrasive grains to better adhere to it and also eliminates the possibility that any color will be transferred to the work. In addition to cutting up to three times faster and lasting nearly three times longer than garden variety paper, it is also waterproof. Even though you may not do much wet sanding with 80 grit, you can be assured that your paper will not curl up in the humid days of summer.

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    New from Berea Hardwoods

  • The Big Pen - El Grande

    This is a very large rollerball and fountain pen kit. We designed this to have a simple bold look. The size and styling of the pen show off fancy woods and other materials much better than smaller pens. The rollerball nib and fountain pen nib is much larger than any we currently make. Closed the pen is 5.5" long with a cap diameter of 0.60". Perhaps the best news is that this is the easiest to make large pen kit we have ever designed

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    New from Oneway Manufacturing

The Oneway Wolverine Precision Balancing System


Drastically reduce grinder vibration with our Precision Balancing System.
Your grinding wheels can now be accurately balanced by you in your own workshop!
Easy to setup and use, our new balancing system will quickly and easily allow you to balance your grinding wheels for life.


Nova Cole Jaw Sets for Nova Mercury Lathe

The Cole Jaws are a versatile set designed primarily for the re-chucking of bowls to remove the chuck marks or to re-shape the bottoms of bowls that have already been turned. The 'mini' version, suitable for use on lathes with a swing up to 10" (Nova Mercury).


3-on Lathe Mandrel

Finally - a device that allows you to run three buffs simultaneously. On one end of this 18" mandrel is a machined #2 Morse taper to fit in the head stock of your lathe; on the other a center to accept the tail stock. The shaft is 3/4" in diameter with buff spacing 4" apart. The 3-On Mandrel lets you quickly and efficiently run small items through the complete wood buffing process without the distraction of changing wheels between steps. It may be purchased separately or in a kit form with buffs, compounds and wax included.



Nova Faceplate Rings

The Nova faceplate rings are designed for use with the Nova and SuperNova accessories, for when you want to ensure an extra solid work holding method. The Faceplate Rings come in three sizes for use on the following popular accessory jaws:
50mm (std jaws with chuck)
100mm and 130mm.


New from Vicmarc Machinery


VL100 Mini Lathe

The all new VL100 lathe has been designed specifically to suit woodturners' requirements with features such as higher centre height, extra length between centres and bolt on extension facility (extensions available in 500mmlengths).
The Vicmarc mini lathe is made of cast iron for added strength and durability.

Features include . . . Improved Design; Bolt on Extension Facility; handy draw for storage; Electronic Variable Speed optional Extra; Taper Roller Bearings available on request



The new Kel McNaugton Hollowing Rig

Designed in response to the need for a superior torque arrester for hollow form turning, the Kel McNaugton Hollowing Rig offers real benefits to woodturners.

1.) Allows rake angle of cutting tip to be varied.
2.) Length of exposed cutting bar can be varied to suit specific requirements.
3.) Accepts all sizes of Kelton Hollowers.
4.) Can be used with Laser wall thickness guide (see below).
5.) Can be used with Kel McNaughton Shear Scrapers to give fine finishing in deep vessels.
6.) Suitable for large and small lathes.
7.) Available in 2 sizes. Standard for 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" hollowers - suitable for small to large vessels - and Large for 3/4" and 1+1/4" diameter straight hollowers.
8.) Rig is fitted with the large straight hollower.
9.) Extension boring bar is available.


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Great Bargains
(ends April 25, 2019)

Square Mini Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tool

On Sale for only $49.99

Save $30.00

List price: $79.99

This Square Carbide Mini Turning Tool from Rockler features a replaceable and rotatable cutter that eliminates the hassle and downtime of sharpening. Simply rotate the carbide cutter for a fresh, sharp edge, and replace it once all available edges have grown dull. The solid carbide cutter also stays sharp for longer when compared with steel, giving you a much longer useful life. Shaft features a flattened back for stability when using the tool rest. The handles are made of solid ash encased with a thick, molded rubber end for an enhanced grip and reduced fatigue.

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Starter Pen Turning Kit

On Sale for only $59.99

Save $10.00

List Price: $69.99

This kit contains all the essential tooling you need to start turning custom pens. It includes three pen blank species (bloodwood, bubinga and olivewood), three gold-plated Slimline Twist Pen Hardware Kits, a 7mm mandrel with knurled nut and #2 Morse Taper, 7mm bushings, a 7mm Brad Point Drill Bit, a 1 oz. bottle of CA Glue, a Pen Mill Kit for truing up all mating surfaces and a storage case with 28 adjustable compartments. The Pen Mill includes four pilot shaft sizes for a wide range of pen types.

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Rockler Four-Piece Cheese Knife Turning Kit

7/8" On Sale for only $29.99

1 1/4" On Sale for only $39.99

Save $10.00

List Price: $39.99

The cheese cutters are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel and attached to the handles which you turn. The kit includes 1/4-20 threaded inserts. The cheese cutters themselves are dishwasher safe; the handles are easily removed for this purpose.

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GVS Elipse P100 Half Mask Respirator with 2 Bonus Filters, Small/Medium

For only $25.99

Save $11.99

List Price: $37.98

These Elipse P100 Half-Mask Respirators from GVS are designed to protect against dust particles, metal fumes, mists, oil and water vapors, and even some micro-organisms. Each mask includes two low-profile filters, which permit a wide field of view, and won't interfere with safety glasses and sanding shields. The filters are easily interchangeable, and replacement filters are readily available.

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Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and Anti-Fog/Hard Coat

For only $32.74

Save $13.70

List Price: $46.44

Shell offers built-in chin protection and extended top-of-head coverage. Highly adjustable headgear tilts visor nearer or farther from face depending on preference and application. Comfortable cell foam on back of headgear. Breathable, removable, washable headband. Comfortably worn with most goggles and respirators.

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4-Piece Safety Kit

For only $19.99

Save $15.00

List Price: $34.99

Push stick with ergonomic handle has embedded magnet for easy storage on your saw. Ideal for table saw and router table use. Angled push blocks feature ultra-grippy Bench Cookie pad material. They are great for jointer and router table applications. Table featherboard assists in holding stock against the fence while sawing or routing and helps to reduce kickback. It fits standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter slots found on table saws and router tables, and features expandable miter track bars for maximum holding power.

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