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The "New and Hot" section was created to enable Turning Vendors to notify turners of new products that they have recently released. This allows turners to stay in touch with all the newest products.

This list is updated frequently, whenever a vendor releases a new product. If you see something new, please let us know!

New from Teknatool International

Nova 10 in 1 Chuck Gauge

This newly released gauge combines a wide range of different and useful gauges into one effective woodturning tool. It gives beginning woodturners the confidence to create and check a wide range of turning measurements including; dovetail recesses in a workpiece, bead diameters, bowl chisel angles, and faceplate mark-outs.

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New From Iron Fire

Indexing Wheel


Lathe Indexing wheel

The Indexing Wheel by Iron Fire Innovations is an outstanding wood working design and pattern-making tool that offers accurately engineered hole placements. This allows you to make consistent, evenly spaced construction lines, patterns and design layouts on two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) wood turning surfaces.

Calculated and engineered 14, 36, 48 and 60-hole patterns allow for 20 obvious symmetrical, evenly spaced layout combinations, as well as hundreds of asymmetrical layout combinations (use your imagination!). 

Available for 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" spindles.

The list price is US $19.95 .

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Iron Fire's indexing wheel

Robust Lathes

Robust Lathe

Just when I think that all the lathes in the world exist, a new one comes out! This one has really been thought about a lot and has some really nice features! Bet you'll wish that you had a Robust lathe...

Check out the design considerations that went into making this lathe, including the stainless steel ways!

And check out the different models...

Oh, and don't forget the tilt-away tailstock!

Robust Lathe Home Page



New from 3M

3M Bristle Discs

Super tough plastic bristle brush, embedded with abrasive, wear as they clean continually exposing fresh abrasive. The ideal tool to replace scrapers, wire wheels and chemical gasket strippers. stops the danger of loose wires flying back at the operator.

Learn more about these interesting abrasive discs

New from Oneway

Thread Master cuts threads on the lathe

Need an extra hand?

No longer do you have to try and muscle the heavy tailstock on and off your lathe. Simply slide the tailstock onto the Swinger™ and lock it out of the way. It couldn't be any easier.

Fits the larger Oneway lathes.

Simple. Quick. Easy.

The P/N is 3598 and the list price is US $199.99 .

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Oneway's Tailstock Swinger



New from Beth Ireland

Beth Ireland - Turning Outside the Box DVD

Join nationally acclaimed woodturner, artist, and teacher, Beth Ireland as she demystifies creative woodworking techniques, through an easy-to-follow hands-on demonstration.

This video introduces the bandsaw as a complimentary tool to the lathe.

Learn the steps necessary to make a bandsaw box, and various ways of mounting on to the lathe to create dramatic, original pieces.

DVD is 1:28 minutes long. The price is $29.99 and includes shipping in the continental U.S.

Get more details and watch a online video demonstration piece at this link.
Beth Ireland DVD



Pen Chisels

These little darlin's are pen turners chisels or micro chisels. Made, by popular demand, for those folks who like turning small projects on small or medium sized lathes, they are only 10" long and have 1/2" shanks. The carbide inserts are the same grade as the larger chisels and are 1/2" round or 1/2" square. The bottoms of the shanks are flattened for the 2 inches directly under the insert. Very nice, smooth cutting and long lasting tools for doing precise turning on small projects.

For more information, visit the Unique Tool website:

Carbide Lathe Chisels



Bowl Reversing Pad

The Bowl Chucker Pad makes reverse chucking natural edge and free-form bowls quick and easy. Re-chucking a bowl allows you to turn away chuck marks, screw holes or reshape the bottom any way you want. It also makes sanding and finishing the bottom of the piece easy too. Vinyl facing on the pad protects the finished surface inside the bowl while you turn and finish the base. To use, mount the pad in a key chuck secured in the headstock of the lathe, position the bowl over the pad so that it rests on the bottom of the bowl then secure the tailstock center against the base of the bowl. You're now ready to turn and finish the base of the bowl. Pad diameter is 6".

To get more details, visit the Craft Supplies website at:

Bowl Chucker Pad


Tru-Grind Sharpening System

The Tru-Grind Sharpening System is the best sharpening system available today. It can sharpen a huge range of tools. Such as turning, carving, carpenters, lathe bits, drills and many other items. Fits most bench grinders. Comes with instructional video. It is the ideal sharpening system.

Get more details and see all the configurations of this innovative sharpening system. You can also watch a video on this site of how to sharpen your turning tools with this system.

Visit the WoodCut Tools website at this link:

Tru-Grind Sharpening System


Deluxe Escoulen chuck

New for 2005, the Deluxe Escoulen chuck measures 4.25" in diameter and features robust construction throughout to allow you to safely turn larger eccentric turnings. Operation is similar to the original Escoulen Chuck as it utilizes the ball and socket design that allows you to vary the axis of the chuck body. An indexing plate mounted in the face of the chuck allows you to fasten the work using either the screw center or the faceplate. Reference marks located on the ball, chuck body and indexing plate provide repeatability when creating eccentric turnings. Instructions included.

Includes: Chuck body with ball, indexing plate, screw center, faceplate and allen keys.

For more details, visit Craft Supplies at this page:

Deluxe Escoulen Chuck


2" Treen Mandrel Expander

We now offer an expansion kit for our popular 1-1/4 inch Treen Mandrel which allows you to turn 2 inch ID boxes. Included are two 2 inch diameter steel rings which fit over the original mandrel where they are fastened with set screws. With the rings secured in place, you can use the enhanced version just like the basic Treen Mandrel. Also in the kit is a 2 inch aluminum gauge ring to permit easy matching of box and lid diameters. Made in the U.S.A.

For more information, visit Beall Tool at:

Treen Expander


Woodturning Tips and Techniques - An e-Book


“Woodturning Tips and Techniques: What Woodturners Want to Know ” has 155 pages, 18 chapters and over 320 photos, many of them of work from top turners around the world. The earliest chapters in the book are written for those people who are getting started and need to know about the machinery, the tools to buy, and how to set up a workshop. Chapters five to ten cover techniques for sharpening and using the tools, collecting, seasoning and storing the wood and using the finishes. The later chapters are written for those people who have been turning for a while and wish to be taken a bit further.

For more information about this e-Book, go to:

Woodturning Tips and Techniques

Irish Bog Oak Pen Blanks

Although most of us have seen pen blanks, this one is quite unusual so I've included it in our new and hot!!

Radiocarbon dated Irish Bog Oak pack of 10 pen blanks for woodturning.

Dated at Queens University Belfast,Northern Ireland.  Dating shows that this Oak tree was growing in Ireland between the years 449 A.D and 563 A.D.  This was during the time Saint Patrick was in Ireland.

I have sawn and kiln dried these blanks which measure 135mm long and are a minimum 15mm x 15mm (see picture of end grain) This picture is of a typical pack.Each pack contains a combination of those pictured

 When the Bog Oak was unearthed it was well preserved and saturated with water. So saturated that a marble sized piece would sink. During the drying process so much water was removed that some blanks are off square.(see picture of endgrain)   This is a hardwood somewhat similar in density to Iroko.

I have turned hundreds of pens from this wood which finishes to a smooth black colour. The oak turns black from a chemical reaction between the iron compounds in the bog and the tannin in the wood.

With each order you will receive a copy of The Radiocarbon dating report and 6 high quality leaflets which I included with my pens telling the history of Bog Oak, where this log was harvested and some history of Saint Patrick.

A well known British botanist purchased some of these pens and stated that I now hold in my hand a writing instrument  which  could contain molecules of Saint Patricks breath.

These pen blanks are only available on eBay. Go to eBay and search on "bog oak pen blanks" and they come right up!!

There is limited availability so don't hesitate to get your set of ancient wood pen blanks!!

New from Malcolm Tibbetts

The Art of Segmented Wood Turning

This book by well-known turning Malcolm Tibbetts is the definitive text on segmented turning. Tibbetts discusses various types of construction, staved and ring design, as well as the difference between inlaid and segmented lamination. Step-by-step instructions give detailed explanations on how to proceed with this highly visual form of turning. Includes what woods to use, glue types, creating a blueprint for your work, building a vessel, shortcuts, building a stave constructed vessel, and building an Indian blanket design ring.

For more info and to purchase, use this link:

The Art of Segmented Wood Turning




New from Tropical Turnings/Woods of Florida

Woodturning Tunic

Designed for a Woodturner by a Woodturner's Wife
The Turning Tunic is the answer to your problem of wood-stained shop clothing.   

Cool & comfortable-open sides, cotton blend liner. Versatile-adjustable waist strap, soft cotton collar. Movability-100% arm & body unhindered movement. Colors and fabric may vary. Machine wash - Line dry.

$54.95 plus shipping & handling US $6.95   outside US - email us for shipping cost
FL customers add 6% sales tax

Contact them at their web site

New from BestWoodTools

Clean Turn dustless woodturning gouge
(click for a larger picture)

Baxter's Thread Master

Presenting, Willard Baxter's Thread Master. The most versatile Thread Milling Attachment available for wood lathes. Available for more than 50 different model wood lathes with swings from 9" to 24". Manufactured by, and sold exclusively in the United States by Best Wood Tools.

Each Baxter's Thread Master comes complete with everything required to mill threads on your projects, including:

1....Basic Thread Master
1....Auxilary Slide (Models BTM-17 and BTM-24 ONLY)
1....Spindle Head (Your Choice of 1" x 8TPI, 1-1/4" x 8TPI, M30x3.5, or M33x3.5)
1....Threading Head (Your Choice of 24, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 or 8 Pitch)
1....3/4" Thread Mill with 3/8" Shank
1....3/8" #2 Morse Taper Collet
1....3/8-16 Draw Bar for the collet
2....Mini Face Plates to match your Spindle Head Selection
1....Set of instructions

Prices start at only at $399.


New from Verified Software

Segmented Turning ...A good start
Techniques and projects for beginner to pro

We'd like to share with you a book dedicated to segmented turning that was recently published by Bill Kandler.

It's the most comphrensive book that we've seen on the topic! It covers all the basics of making segmented turning from design, tools, materials and their selection, and goes through making up the rings to building them out and turning them. To further the topic, the book discusses finishing your project, documenting it and even provides a photo essay on the entire process on one of the segmented projects.

Not to leave you wanting, Bill also provides you with project plans for 8 segmented turnings and instructions on how to make his version of a reliable mitre sled.

The book is only $30.95 (plus shipping).

You can get more details and order it here!


New from Best Wood Tools


Now you can use your Vacuum Chuck on your tool post for carving and finishing your work. This new post comes with two 1/4" pipe ports. One on the side and one on the bottom of the post. You choose which is best for your application. Bottom port requires your banjo to have a through hole. Also supplied is one 1/4" pipe plug for you to use to block the unused port. This post can also be used on your bench with the optional bench mount.

On sale now for $89.95, regular price is $99.95. Available in your choice of spindle threads.

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New from Woodchuckers

Mini Cam

Looking for a small video camera to use at your club demo's, Woodchuckers' has just the item. They also provide microphones, stands and switchers giving you all the items you need to pull into either a video or TV display. The also sell them as complete packages.

After Canadian conversion, the price is approximatly $85.  (U.S.)

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New from Clean Turn

Dustless Woodturning Gouge

Use just like a regular gouge, but without the mess. Attach it to your vac hose and a shop vacuum or dust collector. The chips go naturally into the tube, and so does the dust.

Just $78.95 (US) includes shipping and handling  

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Previous "New and Hot" items:

Great Bargains
(ends December 24, 2019)

Denim Woodturner's Apron

On Sale for only $17.99

Save $12.00

List price: $29.99

This is a one-size fits all, heavy duty denim apron with a soft-cloth collar and criss-cross shoulder straps. It even includes a pencil pocket.

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Starter Pen Turning Kit

On Sale for only $59.99

Save $10.00

List Price: $69.99

This kit contains all the essential tooling you need to start turning custom pens. It includes three pen blank species (bloodwood, bubinga and olivewood), three gold-plated Slimline Twist Pen Hardware Kits, a 7mm mandrel with knurled nut and #2 Morse Taper, 7mm bushings, a 7mm Brad Point Drill Bit, a 1 oz. bottle of CA Glue, a Pen Mill Kit for truing up all mating surfaces and a storage case with 28 adjustable compartments. The Pen Mill includes four pilot shaft sizes for a wide range of pen types.

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Sorby 6-Piece Woodturning Set with Book and DVD (Woodturning: A Foundation Course)

For only $229.99

Save $100.00

List Price: $329.99

Robert Sorby's flagship set of turning tools is designed to fill the needs of woodturners from beginner to professional. These high-quality tools will shorten the learning curve for those just starting out, and are sure to impress the seasoned woodturner. The set comprises six of Robert Sorby's core range of tools: a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, bowl gouge, skew, parting tool and scraper. Each tool is crafted from the highest quality high speed steel, and married to a comfortable handle turned from solid ash. The set arrives in a high quality box that provides an attractive presentation as a gift, and practical storage thereafter.

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Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System

For only $39.99

Save $20.00

List Price: $59.99

This highly adjustable steel boom arm holds a semi-cylindrical dust scoop that closely cups your small turning projects, capturing nearly all dust!

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Excelsior Mini Lathe

For only $229.99

Save $70.00

List Price: $299.99

The Excelsior 5-Speed Mini Lathe can turn bowls of almost 10" in diameter and spindles up to 17-3/4" in length, making it perfect for chair legs, small table legs and an endless array of decorative turnings. A convenient door provides easy access to the belt, along with 5 different speeds: 760, 1100, 1600, 2200 and 3200 RPM. Cast-iron body provides mass for minimal vibration, stable turning and maximum durability.

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