New and Hot

The "New and Hot" section was created to enable Turning Vendors to notify turners of new products that they have recently released. This allows turners to stay in touch with all the newest products.

This list is updated frequently, whenever a vendor releases a new product. If you see something new, please let us know!

New from Mandrel LLC

The Better Pen Mandrel

The Better Mandrel Saver

What makes this mandrel saver better? Precision, durability, and versatility. 

The mandrel shaft slides smoothly into the tailstock live center, with no free play. The headstock fitting threads securely onto the spindle. There is no measurable runout with The Better Mandrel Saver, so you get accurate turnings every time. 

The rugged bearing in the live center promises to hold up through many turnings. The 7mm mandrel shaft is 7 in. long, making it suitable for use with many pen kits.

The Better Mandrel Saver works with any lathe that has a 1" x 8 tpi headstock and a No. 2 Morse taper in the tailstock. Precision-machined, made in the U.S.A.

UPDATE: Now available in 1 1/4" x 8 tpi at the same low price!

Price: $40.00 plus $5 for shipping

For more info or to order, visit: The Better Pen Mandrel


New from Teknatool

Teknatool Wireless Watch

DVR Wireless Control

Imagine that it's sometime in the future and you could control your lathe while standing 30 feet away. You could turn the lathe on and off or even control it's speed. Now that's a futuristic lathe!

But wait a second you can do that today! Yes, Teknatool, the manufacturers of the Nova line of lathes have released this functionality today!

This exiting functionality uses a wireless RF control device that you can wear like a watch or magnetically attach to your lathe!

Teknatool Wireless Remote

This new remote control system is now standard on every NOVA DVR 2024 lathe and retrofit kits are available for older NOVA DVR lathes.

Price: $99.99

For more info or to order, visit: the DVR Remote Control


If you own an older DVR, you'll also need to order a Retrofit Kit.

Price: $79.99

For more info or to order, visit: the DVR Retrofit Kit



New from Mandrel LLC

The Better Pen Mandrel

The Better Pen Mandrel

The Better Pen Mandrel solves the biggest problem with conventional mandrels: flexing and bending. Conventional mandrels are held in compression, squeezed between centers. Squeeze too much and you can ruin the mandrel.

The Better Pen Mandrel is held in tension. This helps keep the mandrel shaft tight and straight, even when you apply pressure with turning tools or sandpaper. The Better Pen Mandrel has a threaded headstock fitting and a live center at the tailstock to hold the mandrel shaft. That means your work is always perfectly centered. You get accurate turnings, with no worry that you may damage a mandrel.

The Better Pen Mandrel works with any lathe that has a 1x8 tpi headstock spindle and a No. 2 Morse taper in the tailstock. This makes it more versatile than some other mandrels, which require a hollow tailstock to accept a drawbar. The 1/4-inch diameter shaft of the Better Pen Mandrel makes it compatible with many bushings.

UPDATE: Now available in 1 1/4" x 8 tpi at the same low price!

Price: $40.00 plus $5 for shipping

For more info or to order, visit: The Better Pen Mandrel




New From Rubber Chucky Products

Expansion Chucky

Expansion Chucky

The Expansion Chucky is available in three different sizes to accommodate many different woodturning projects.

Each Expansion Chucky Hub is able to increase 3/4" total in size (in 1/4" increments) by adding the appropriate sized Expansion Ring.

Expansion Chucky's can be expanded from both the front and rear of the Chucky enabling you to hold such items as Napkin Rings or Bracelets, as well as Hollow Forms, Ornaments, Goblets and many more items.

Great for holding your workpiece and not marring the finish.

Expansion Chucky with expansion rings

Each Expansion Chucky includes the Base Unit (1", 2" or 3" diameter hub) plus one each of the three 1/4" increment Expansion Rings.

For more information visit




New from Tim Yoder

Tim Yoder

Christmas Tree Topper DVD
A 3 in 1 Project

It's a Christmas Tree Topper, it's an ornament, it's a lidded gift box…its 3 projects in 1!

Tim turns an heirloom quality Christmas Tree Topper and teaches you how to modify the look of the topper with gold leaf and subtle design modifications.

Along the way he shows you how to adapt the topper into a hanging Christmas tree ornament or a lidded gift box. Throughout the entire process, Tim shares his tips and techniques along with his quirky sense of humor.

DVD runs 1 hour

List Price: $19.99

Click here for more info or to purchase


New From Mike Hunter

Hunter Tools - #3 Hercules Tool

Close up of Hunter Tools - Hercules #3 Tool

Hunter #3 Hercules Turning Tool

Check out the latest and largest turning tool from Mike Hunter. This tool has several interesting features. One is that the cutter is angled towards the work at the perfect bevel alignment. And another is that the shaft has two flat sides which line up perfectly with the bevel alignment. This tool should result in fewer catches!

Check out this video to see the tool in action:
Hercules in Action

List price: $110.00

You can get more info or purchase this product directly from Mike Hunter at:

Hunter Tools

Or you can pick one up at Woodcraft.


New From Kilian Tools

Kilian Tools

Introducing Kilian Tools

Canadian woodturners Don Thur and Russ Lacombe have recently started a new wood turning tool company called, Kilian Tools.

Their goal was to bring the highest quality carbide cutter tools to the woodturning market at the most reasonable prices.

Their initial tools are 3/8" and 1/2" #304 stainless steel tool shanks with a variety of cutting tips made from K30-grade tungsten, nanograin carbide. These cutters were designed and are made specifically to the specs created by Don and Russ.

The tools come unhandled and are only available online or by direct contact to help reduce your cost.

Prices start around $45.

Click here for more information or to purchase


New From Rubber Chucky

Cut circles on your band saw

Rubber Chucky PVC Vacuum Kit

This innovative kit includes a threaded insert, PVC Coupling, Seal and a Spacer (spacer not necessary for the 1"8 spindle)

3" and 4" Coupling sizes available
Designed to fit 1"- 8, 1 1/4" - 8 and M33 - 3.5 Spindle sizes

Optional 3" to 2" Reducer available

Can you make your own PVC Vacuum Kit? Sure you can! But you can purchase the Rubber Chucky PVC Vacuum Kit and eliminate the need for the following:

  • Finding the correct hardwood that will work for the insert
  • Turning it so that it fits the PVC - how many tries will it take you?
  • Buying a drill bit and a tap to fit your lathe spindle - more than the cost of this kit
  • Buying a PVC Coupling
  • Trying to tap the insert - you only get one chance!
  • Buying the material and cutting and gluing a seal
  • Hoping it won't leak

For those that have already made their own version of a PVC vacuum system we are also offering individual seals for the 2", 3" and 4" couplings.

(Vacuum Pump and Spindle Vacuum Adaptor not included)

The 3" Chucky PVC Vacuum Kit is only $44.95

Click here for more info or to purchase




New from Stock Room Supply

Woodturning with Tim Yoder

The ROUND Ripper Circle Cutter & Sliding Table

We saw this tool at the recent AAW symposium and found it pretty interesting. Many people are bandsaw challenged or really want to get a perfect circle before mounting their turning blank on their lathe.

This new tool from Stock Room Supply is designed to increase the safety and accuracy of cutting circles from large blanks on your band saw.

Here is their short list of features:

  • Keeps hands clear of the blade
  • Supports wood from top & bottom
  • Wood doesn't need to be flat on one side, fully supported off the table
  • Cuts a perfect circle every time
  • Easy to use
  • Will handle wood up to 16-1/2" dia. & 6" thick
  • Heavy Duty steel & aluminum construction
  • Made in North America

This tool is not inexpensive at a regular price of $499. but you can get it right now on special for only $339.

To learn more about this product, click the link below:

The ROUND Ripper Circle Cutter & Sliding Table


New from Teknatool

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

Teknatool makes lots of great lathes. They are now introducing an new model of the Comet Lathe.

It has a 12" swing and 16.5" between centers which can be expanded to 42" with extension beds. The 3/4 HP motor is variable speed with a range from 250 to 4000 RPM. These low end speeds are great for people that use out-of-balance wood for starting things like bowls.

It also uses standard things like a 1" x 8 TPI threads on the spindle and a MT2 in both the spindle and the tailstock quill.

But one of the most interesting new things is that they have added a new outboard coupler technology they call, Verstaturn™. This new technology allows you to attach accessories to your lathe. Here is a short list:

  • 8" Whetstone grinder
  • 6" Belt Sander
  • Flexible Shaft Carving Tool
  • Grinding Wheel
  • 6" Sanding Disk
  • 6" Wire Brush

These accessories must purchased separately but could really help you save money and space by not needing a separate tool for each function. We're pretty excited about this!

To learn more about this lathe, click the link below:

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe



New from Tim Yoder

Woodturning with Tim Yoder

Woodturning with Tim Yoder

Over the last several years, most of us have seen Tim Yoder's PBS-based wood turning shows. We've loved his easy going approach to wood turning and found that it was easy to learn all about wood turning.

Now Tim has produced his first instructional DVD that you can buy directly from him.

If you're looking to get your Tim Yoder wood turning fix, just click the link to visit Tim on the web and pick up one of his new DVD's.

Woodturning with Tim Yoder


New from Rubber Chucky Products

Chucky Vacuum Seals

Chucky Vacuum Seals

As an owner of Oneway vacuum chucks, I occasionally need to change the foam seal on the chuck rim in order to maintain a good vacuum.

A new product to make this so much easier has been released by Rubber Chucky Products, LLC.

Now, there is no more need to make a seal by cutting and gluing – simply slip this reusable seal onto the drum chuck and you are ready to use your vacuum system.

The Chucky Vacuum Seals are available in 3 1/2", 5 1/2" and 8" diameters that fit the OneWay™ Vacuum Drum Chuck.

Prices start at only $13.95 and there are discounts when buying bundles of multiple seals.

For more information or to purchase:

Rubber Chucky Vacuum Seals



New from Don Geiger

Gieger Tru-N-Dress

Geiger's Tru-N-Dress

Having problems with dressing your grinding wheels with your current system?

Don Geiger has developed a diamond dressing system that is sure to please. I've personally been using one of Don's dressing systems since 2004 and just love it.

This diamond dressing system features a 1/3 ct. industrial diamond that is mounted to a 1/2" diameter threaded shaft. The shaft is mounted into a metal block which you slide across your grinders tool rest, taking small cuts across the face of your grinding wheel until it is level and smooth.

Don sells 2 versions of this dressing tool; one to work the Wolverine System platform tool rest and one for narrower systems like you will often find when purchasing a grinder or on the Veritas platform rest or with many Baldor grinders.

Don tells me the secret to this system is that it levels the aggregate of the wheel. By eliminating furrows in the aggregate, it makes for greatly improved bevels and cutting edges on tools. Many turners state that there is a noticeable improvement in how sharp their tools are.

The benefits to this system are:

  • It is simple to use.
  • Enables the user to "hand machine" the surfaces of grinding wheels.
  • Makes the wheels flat across and parallel to the edge of the tool rest.
  • Makes the wheels concentric to the axle thus:
    --- Minimizing vibration in the grinder
    --- Eliminating vibration of tools when applied to the wheel
    --- Eliminating the need to balance wheels using counter weights

Note: 1/3 ct. industrial diamonds are rated for use on wheels up to 8" diameter.

For more information or to purchase:


or Don can be contacted at: 352-472-5035.



New from Briwax

Spray Briwax

New Spray Briwax

Briwax in an aerosol spray. How cool is that?

Briwax is a silicone free, beeswax based product with an incredibly pleasant aroma.

  • Beeswax Based – Silicone Free (doesn't collect dust)
  • Easy To Apply and Buff
  • Displaces Moisture - Protects As Well As Beautifies
  • Great For Wood And Tools

We were thrilled to see this new product. We've used the Briwax silicone-free beeswax and carnauba product before with good results.

With the new spray container, we think that it will be easier to apply not only to our wood turnings but also to our workworking tool beds (nothing like a smooth operating machine).

For more information or to puchase:

Briwax Spray Wax



From Mike Hunter

Stainless Steel Utensils from Mike Hunter

Stainless Kitchen Utensils

Mike Hunter has recently released a new series of turning projects for your household.

These stainless steel utensils are high quality kitchenware that you'll be proud to have in your home. They all come without handles which is perfect for wood turners, like us. Now we can turn our own handles. We can use a single wood or go fancy with exotic woods, laminated woods or any other ideas...

You can check them out by clicking on the following links.

Carving Knife Set
3 Piece Flatware Set
Steak Knife Set




From Woodturning Tool Store

Elio Drive Center

The Elio Drive Center


From Thompson Lathe Tools

Aluminum Turning Handles

  • Johannes Michelsen
  • John Jordan
  • Jimmy Clewes
  • Bill Grumbine
  • Ernie Conover
  • Mark St. Ledger
  • Michael Hosaluk
  • Made from a custom 6061 aluminum extrusion.
  • The 4 flats fit your hand and won't roll off the lathe.
  • Hollow tube allows tool length to be adjusted or reversed for travel.
  • Steel shot to absorb vibration and reduce fatigue.
  • Removable threaded end cap to adjust the amount of steel shot.
  • Nylon plug that can be positioned any where along the tube.
  • High tolerance set screws won't strip out so tools can be removed to sharpen.


From Easy Wood Tools

Ci3 Easy Hollower




From JT Turning Tools

Down n' Out  tailstock manager

Down N' Out Tailstock Manager


New from Brian McEvoy and Gordon Langer

Hollow Form Turning by Brian McEvoy

Creating Two Piece Hollow Forms DVD

Brian McEvoy with the help of his co-host, Gordon Langer have created this DVD to demonstrate an interesting technique of creating a hollow form using a two pieces of wood. The goal of this video was to show how to turn a hollow vessel without the need for a large captive boring bar.

You won't need a boring bar because you cut your blank in half, hollow out each side and then put them back together for the final turning and finishing. This may sound hard but Brian shows you how to accomplish this project and all the little tips and techniques that will make it a doable project for you!

The DVD runs over 70 minutes.

The DVD price is: $29.99.

For more information, visit Brian's site at: One Good Turn


From Rockler

Tool Holder

Lathe Tool Holder

I'm always amazed to see new ways to solve problems on the lathe. I'm always dropping tools off the bed of my lathe or not able to find my favorite gouge.

Now Rockler has released a new Lathe Tool Holder that should help me become better organized.

This 12 inch plastic tool holder mounts to your lathe and has 12 tool slots for both your large and small tools. It also has a platform for holding small items like sandpaper, glue or anything else you don't want to lose.

I'm looking forward to easier times on the lathe. We recommend that you check it out!

Only $29.99

Get more info on this Lathe Tool Holder


From Malcom Tibbetts

Malcolm Tibbetts DVD #4    Malcolm Tibbetts DVD #5

DVD Volume 4: Functional Projects
DVD Volume 5: More Functional Projects

I have really enjoyed the first three DVDs from Malcolm Tibbetts. They have taught me a lot about segmented turning and making different designs.

But I really love these two new DVDs. They are both focused on presenting a series of Functional Projects, meaning those types of things that you might actually use. And they are perfect items for gifts and craft fairs.

Each DVD has eight projects on it. They are:

DVD #4: an outdoor birdhouse, picture frames, an oil lamp, paperweights, salt and pepper shakers, a wine cooler, ice cream scoops, and a unique type of baby rattle.

DVD #5: a child’s stacking toy, mass-produced desk clocks, a very unique set of candle holders, kaleidoscopes, a salad bowl set, serving bowls using leftovers, a banksia pod bracelet, and belt buckle with inter-changeable components.

Each DVD is $35.95 when sold individually but Malcolm has a great quantity discount program.

Visit his site to see the best deal for you!


From The Berea Hardwoods

Woodturning New and Hot

Shotgun Shell Key Chain

We normally like to show new tools or other items that will help woodturners in their pursuit of function and art.

But this month, we saw this Shotgun shell shaped key ring with a secret comparent and thought, "Wow, with the popularity of the new cartridge bullet pens, this would be a perfect accompaniment ".

Here is the Berea description: This new kit represents a 12 gauge shotgun shell,and can be used as a mini survival kit or a secret compartment key chain. This item is a great addition to any outdoors or hunting enthusiast and a perfect compliment to the Cartridge Bullet Pen. This kit requires bushing set #27A and 18mm forstner bit.

And the kit is only $12.00.

See it at Berea


From The Don Geiger

Woodturning New and Hot


This new item is a rather small thing but it's really going to make my life of sharpening tools much easier.

The THINGINMYJIG is a small piece of metal with a v-shape notch in it. It slides into the standard Ellsworth gouge jig and enables you to sharpen gouges that are smaller in diameter than your normal Ellsworth gouge.

I like using a side-grind on my smaller bowl gouges and lately have even put it on all of my spindle gouges. This tool will make sharpening them fast and easy.

And the THINGINMYJIG is only $14.95.




From The Monster Lathe Company

Woodturning New and Hot

Monster Mini T-Nuts

A common complaint from mini lathe users is the fact that no matter how hard they try, it sometimes seems impossible to keep the tool rest banjo and tailstock from slipping. Of course, it usually happens at the worst possible moment!

The Monster Mini T-Nuts replace the round banjo and tailstock clamping nuts on your Jet, Delta, Rikon, or other similar mini lathe with high-quality machined square nuts. The square shape provides considerably more gripping surface compared to the round nuts they replace. These square nuts help ensure your banjo and tailstock will stay where you put them.

The Monster Mini T-Nuts are sold in packages of two – one for the tool rest banjo and the other for the tailstock.

Click here to get more info


From The Beall Tool Company

Tool post from Beall Tool Company

Tool Post Gauge

After reading the great article in the Spring 2010 edition of Woodturning Design magaine by Kurt Hertzog tilted, "Penmaking, Common Mistakes and Potential Fixes", I realized that my most common problem was "eccentricity" (see Figure 7 on page 38 of the article).

Kurt indicates that the most common reason for eccentricity is a bent mandrel. Hmm, now how do I know if I have a bent mandrel?

It then dawned on me that The Beall Tool Company had a measuring tool which would tell me. So, I looked it up and here it is...

Now you too can find out if you have a bent mandrel, I can't wait to see for myself!

Price: $29.00 (5/8" tool post)

($10.00 for 1" tool post adapter)

Click here to get more info


From Oneway Manufacturing

Vari-Grind clamp

Vari-Grind Upgrade Clamp Kit

Many of us own Vari-Grind sharpening systems. The first Vari-Grind came with a leaf spring mechanism for holding the tool in place while you tightened the knob. This spring also had to be held back when removing your recently sharpened tool otherwise it rode right along the top of your shapened edge. This new clamp kit will remove that problem and makes your Vari-Grind a better tool.

The kit will replace the spring system and increase the tool diameter to ¾”.

Price: $14.95

Click here to get more info


From Bill Kandler at

Frustum from

Introducing the Frustum,
a Segmented Woodturner's best friend

Don't you just love when you see a new word? That's what I thought when I saw this new steel woodturning tool. I know the tool, I just didn't know the name!

To me, it's always been a centering cone. But that's not really a good name since this tool can do so much more! I also like using this as my tailstock support when initial roughing of the outside of my segmented turnings.

I started thinking about this tool again after several people asked me about centering the feature ring on my polka dot bowl (last month's featured project). My answer was to use a centering cone and performing the centering work on our best tool, our lathe.

Luckily for us, we can buy one of these off-the-shelf and in multiple sizes. Our friend over at, Bill Kandler, has recently started manufacturing this frustum in 3 different sizes: 6", 8" and 10".

To learn more and to see additional pictures of its usage, click on the following link.

Get more info on the Frustum



New AAW Chapter
Segmented Woodturners Club

Segmented Woodturners Club

The Segmented Woodturners Club,
a new AAW Chapter

Last year, Malcolm Tibbetts, Curt Theobald, and Bill Smith, all renowned segmented woodturning artists, coordinated with Marc Adams of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking to hold the First Ever Segmented Woodturning Symposium.

At that meeting, the assembled segmented woodturners discussed the idea of creating a new AAW chapter. Several members agreed to pursue it further and to report at a "Special Interest Night" meeting at the AAW Symposium in Albuquerque this June.

During the June meeting, a report was made and a vote taken to form an official chapter of the AAW. A board of officers was then voted upon, a newsletter editor volunteered and yours truly, Dennis, volunteered as the Webmaster.

This month, the club's new website was released and the club is now accepting members.

Malcolm Tibbetts, the president reports, "You are invited to view most of the web site, including a gallery of work by our members; entry into a few areas of the site, along with posting privileges is reserved “for members only."  If you desire to improve your own segmenting, if you would like to network with other segmenters, if you would like to receive our newsletter, or if you would like to share photos of your work, then I encourage you join your fellow woodturners as a member of Segmented Woodturners.".

Visit the Segmented Woodturner Club Website


New From Oneway

Chrome Ice Cream Scoop

Wolverine Vari-grind 2

Most of us sharpen our turning tools with some kind of jig. It's just a fact! Our jigs allow us to stay focused on turning, not on sharpening. And that's a good thing!

However, jigs are not fool-proof and you really need to know how to use them. Well, now Oneway has introduced a new tool which makes it even easier to get good grinds on your tools!

Welcome to the Vari-grind 2.

The Vari-grind 2 has two claims to fame. The one that is most visible is the pivot point restraint. The limited pivoting keeps to keep your tool on the face of the grinding stone and reduces the chances of slipping off and since the tool moves in a true cylindrical motion about the adjusting rod, your tool can be ground with the jig at any bevel angle.

The second feature is the ball bearing clamp. This new clamp secures the tool in the jig without giving it the normal sidways torque inherent in steel screw clamps.

The new Vari-grind 2 looks like it's going to make our tool sharpening every easier than we already experience.

For more info and to purchase, Click here!



New from Alan Lacer and Rockler

Malcolm Tibbetts Segmented Woodturning DVD #3

Chrome Ice Cream Scoop Hardware Kit

Just in time for summer, Rockler has announced a new woodturning project that's sure to make you feel cool.

This ice cream scoop kit includes a nice chrome scoop and ferrule. All you need is a piece of wood 1 1/2" inches square and 6 inches long. A quick 3/8" hole accomodates the stem and the turning fits the ferrule and your handle design. it's a quick and easy project and will become your family's next heirloom!

This new ice cream scoop kit compliments one announced by Rockler last year which was brass. This new chrome version might be better suited to match your kitchen utensils.

Last year, I made one of the brass ones for my mother. She was thrilled and expressed that it was one of the nicest turnings that I've given her. Her house is full of turnings so I'm not sure how to take her response but she was happy which of course, made me happy too!

But this year, I'm keeping the chrome one for me! I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth chrome, the heft and the high quality of the scoop!

For more info and to purchase, Click here!


New from Malcolm Tibbetts

Malcolm Tibbetts Segmented Woodturning DVD #3

Volume 3: Exploring Possibilities

This is the third in Malcolm's DVDs and is for the experienced segmenter and woodworker. In this DVD, he offers a variety of techniques such as Compound-Mitered Staves, Ribbons, Icosahedrons, Tubular Construction, and what he calls a Ribbon Bowl. This DVD should help you with the basics of these forms and should be an inspiration for you to take your work in new directions.

I've now watched all 3 of Malcolm's DVDs and highly recommend them to anyone interested in segmented turning. Not only have I learned better ways to making and assemblying segmented projects, I've learned about new shapes and concepts which keep me dying to get into the wood shop!

For more info and to purchase, Click here!


Available from Craft Supplies USA

Project Library

Raptor Set Up Tool

The Woodturning pros at Craft Supply have developed a set up tool for sharpening systems that looks very useful.  Here is how they describe it:

Frustrated and confused by the instructions supplied with your sharpening system? You’re not alone, many woodturners are.

We think using your sharpening system should be simple. In fact, we believe that setting up to sharpen should be a “no-brainer” that takes only seconds while resulting in consistent, repeatable grinds every time. With Raptor Set Up Tools…

  • No more tool holder leg adjustments.   
  • No more “eye-balling” during set up.   
  • Get repeatable grinds in only seconds. 
  • Laser cut from steel to last a lifetime.  
  • Available in 40°, 45°, and 50° models.
  • Made in USA                                           
Raptor set up tools work with the Oneway Wolverine Vari-Grind Jig, Kelton Sharpening Jig, Woodcut Tru-Grind, and most other systems that utilize an adjustable tool support slide and tool holder.

Click here for more info


New from Bill Kandler

Project Library

Segmened Project Planner - Project Library

If you're a segmented turner, you're going to love this!

Bill Kandler has put together a collection of 30 of his best segmented designs along with project documents,and supporting files such as segment images, mosaics, zigzags, and diamonds. The CD Also includes a viewer to make it easy to view project documents or open project files.

So, now you have a "shapes library" for new segmented project ideas. In addition you will have a collection of components for making those new segmented turnings!

You can buy this CD from Bill at his website for $24.95.

Click here for more info


New from Teknatool

Teknatool Wood Turning Sharpening System

Nova Sharpening Centre

The Nova Sharpening Centre attachment will transform your standard bench grinder into a precision grinding machine, but without the cost.

The NOVA Sharpening Centre combines the slideway grinding jig and the powerful finger grind jig into one versatile sharpening tool.

It utilizes a sturdy platform and a unique sliding base to achieve the ultimate in sharpening. This system turns your standard bench grinder into a precision sharpening machine. The slideway is also used to precision dress the grinding wheel essential for perfect grinding results.

Normal price: $99.00

Online Only Sale - Now $89.00
(good until end of March 2009 or while stock lasts)

Click here for more info including a video on how to use it

Click here to purchase


New from Rockler

Rockler Pen Drilling / Press Jig

Pen Press/Drilling Jig

Drill and assemble your pens perfectly with flush fittings and a smoothly-operating mechanism! This dual-purpose jig takes care of both prep work and assembly. It holds your blank firmly in position for drilling, creating a precise, perfectly centered hole the entire length of the pen. Later, it smoothly presses your parts together without any bowing or misalignment. Notched jaws automatically center the blank for drilling, while two countersunk holes center the parts during assembly. Large clamping wheel provides slow, controlled pressure so you’ll never crack a casing again.

Click here for more info and to purchase


New from Malcolm Tibbetts

Malcolm Tibbetts DVD 1      Malcolm Tibbetts - DVD 2

Segmented Turning DVD's

DVD Volume 1: Getting Started

This 2-hour DVD has been created for woodturners who want to take their woodturning to the next level. Anyone with minimal woodturning and woodworking skills will be able to produce stunning turnings with these techniques. For the more experienced segmenter, there are numerous “methods of work” to help improve and speed the assembly of segmented constructions.

DVD Volume 2: Tips, Tricks, and Feature Rings

This 2-hour DVD is mostly about “feature rings” - various ways to enhance segmented vessels. Detailed instruction is offered on all the styles of work that are shown on the front cover. The techniques shown should provide the tools to take your segmented turning to the next level.

My DVD price per volume is $34.95 (US dollars)

Click here to Learn more or to Purchase



New From David Ellsworth

Ellsworth on Woodturning: How a Master Creates Bowls, Pots, and Vessels

Most wood turners know about David Ellsworth,  the "Grandfather" of Woodturning.

They know of his contributions to the world of wood turning including his being a founder member of the AAW and then serving as the AAW President for 6 years, the creator of the modern bowl gouge and an early innovator of eggshell thin hollow vessels.

Many of us have been lucky enough to take David's wood turning classes taught in his home shop in Quarkerstown, PA. For me, personally, David's course helped me master some major concepts of woodturning; tool control, shear cutting and impact of posture to your turning! David's classes expanded my knowledge in and my enjoyment of wood turning!

David has now released a book condensing much of his knowledge into a single volume. The book covers three projects—a hollow bowl, a natural-edge vessel, and a pot. The book provides tips for mounting objects and making different cuts, including techniques for the "Ellsworth Gouge" tool he created. Intermediate and advanced turners will appreciate the chapter on designing and sharpening their own tools. A gallery of David 's turnings and those in his personal collection will really stimulate your turning design juices!

We highly recommend this book to all people interested in wood turning!!

This book normally sells for $29.96 but by using the following  link
you can get the book for only $19.77
which is a $10.18 savings!!

Learn more and purchase David Ellsworth's book



New From Steve "Spike" Finch

Steve "Spike"  Finch - stone turning DVD

Stone Turning - A Complete "How To" DVD

Most woodturners enjoy the experience of turning wood. And over time, many of us also look at alternative materials. Things like corian, plastics, nuts of all kinds have been turned on my lathe.

Several years ago, I bumped into people turning stone. My first thought was "Wow, the turned stone looks beautiful but the last thing that I need is another machine and more tools!" But as I explored the art, the stone that gets turned (mostly alabaster and soapstone) is very soft and can be turned on a normal wood lathe using our standard scrapers. And if you're willing to invest in carbide, it turns well without dulling the tool, what could be better?

So, I went out and purchased some soapstone blocks. As I turned it, I absolutely loved the material and the finished results. But like all new adventures, I had to go through some startup learning to work with this new material.

Now Steve "Spike" Finch of Exotic Vessels is willing to help you get over those startup blues but releasing this new DVD dedicated to turning stone!

I've watched this new video and my comment is that it's one of the best video's that I've seen for any type of turning!! And after all these years of turning, that says a lot for recommending this video!!

So, if you've got any interest at all in taking a turn at stone, this should be the first step in that process!

Spike is currently selling the DVD's at a special introductory price of
$45 plus tax, S&H.

Click here for more details!




New from Rockler

Lyle Jamieson Bowl DVD

Classic Ice Cream Scoop Kit

This might be the most timely New and Hot that we've had in quite a while!! I'm been starting to think about gifts for the family this year and was struggling between deciding on a new ornament style or trying something new!

And this new product from Rockler was just released and is now available in its stores and online. So, my gift question has been answered!!

This Classic Ice Cream Scoop kit includes a solid brass scoop and ferrule which means that you have everything other than the wood to finish this extremely attractive and functional scoop.

The kit also comes with professional instructions created by Alan Lacer, a former AAW president and famous for his video lessons on mastering the skew!

At $10.99 for a kit that's bound to become an heirloom, you can't go wrong!

The Classic Ice Cream Scoop Kit



New from Lyle Jamieson

Lyle Jamieson Bowl DVD

Bowl Basics - The Easy Way

This new 2 disc DVD set contains 4 hours and 20 minutes of comprehensive instruction on the technology of bowl turning.

This DVD is the definitive study of the mechanics of bowl turning. It gives a clear definition to all of the phases of the turning effort including tool handling and the naming of your tool cuts so that you can understand what's happening in your turning!

I like to remember Lyle's statement about "catches":
If you don't know what caused your catch, you're bound to duplicate it"

Learn Lyle's technques to bowl turning and reduce your "catches"!

You can learn more about this new DVD and purchase it at:


New from Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools

Introducing the Ci1 Easy Rougher

It's not often when we see entirely new tool categories in today's market. But creating a dedicated roughing tool category might be in order after seeing this tool in action. But if you believe the video on this new tool, this tool also does finishing work. So, it might just be a replacement for many of your existing tools. Personally, this might be ones of those tools that you just need to run out and buy!

This tool uses a carbide-tipped cutter to hog off wood. The web site also says that it will work equally well on wet or dry woods, alabaster, soapstone and any other commonly turned materials.

This is one that I want to see myself in person! So, I'm going to take advantage of their demo at the AAW Symposium in Richmond, VA later this month. They are going to be in the Craft Supplies USA booth.

You can learn more about this tool and see the 3 video's on it's use at:



New from Thompson Lathe Tools

Thompson Lathe Tools

Handcrafted U.S Made Turning Tools

We've been hearing a lot about the new Thompson Lathe tools lately. Not only that you can buy these superior U.S. made tools direct but that other tool makers are using Thomspon steel as the basis for their tools! That sure got us to pay attention!

Thompson tools are made by Doug Thompson himself which means that a turner is making turning tools. We like knowing that they are being designed and made by someone that walks in our shoes (chips and all)!!

The Thompson line includes; both U- and V-shaped bowl gouges, spindle gouges, detail gouges, skews and scrapers! What more could you ask for?

And the steel, did we talk about the steel? It's some of the most modern steel available. It's the longest edge holding A-11, hardened to 60-62 Rockwell and then triple tempered with a cryogenic treatment. The Thompson statement is "Nothing else can be done to this steel".

Now, the secret is that you can buy these tools for basically the same price as tools without all this special attention! The only difference is that you need to buy or make your own handle! I think for experienced turners, this small inconvenience is well worth the abilty to use one of the best tools on the market!

If you want to find out more, you can visit:

Thompson Lathe Tools website


You can visit the Thompson Lathe Tools booth at the 2008 AAW Symposium in Richmond, VA.



New from Steve "Spike" Finch

Steve Finch Stone Tools

Carbide Stone Turning Tools

Now here's something a bit different, if you're comfortable with turning wood, you may want to give stone a try! Yes, Stone!!

Alabaster Turned Vessel by Steve Finch

Both Soapstone and Alabaster are soft stone and can easily be turned on your lathe with hand tools. To make the job easier, Spike has recently released a new Carbide Stone Turning Tool. The tool comes with 2 carbide tips; round and square and a wonderful cushion-grip handle.

This Carbide Stone Turning Tool is available now at $89.95 plus S&H.

You can learn more about stone turning by watching the 3 YouTube videos on the turning stone by Spike at his website:

And you can learn more about this new tool HERE.

(Editor note: I've just received one of these tools and can't wait to apply it to some stone. The tool is well built, nicely shaped and feels good in the hands!)


New from Johannes Michelsen, the Hat Man

Johannes Michelsen - Wood Hat DVD

Now Showing On DVD,
Johannes Michelsen Creates the Original Wood Hat

If you've always admired the look of a wood turned hat, here's your chance to learn how to make one yourself. Now you can always go to Vermont and take a class with Johannes, the creator of the modern wood hat or you can now buy the DVD to see how they are made and follow along!

The cost of the DVD is $29.95 plus $5.00 for U.S. shipping.

For more info or to order, either email:
or visit:


New from Alisam Engineering

Alisam Index Plate

Universal Indexing Plate

This new accessory from Alisam is a complete "universal" system for indexing on most 7 to 12 inch wood lathes!

The system consists of a 7 inch, laser engraved, anodized aluminum plate with a 1 inch center ID spindle hole, (OR 3/4 inch / 1 1/4 inch depending on the model), and  two concentric rows of indexing holes. The outer row of 72 holes are spaced 5 degrees apart and the inner row of 20 holes are 18 degrees apart. This combination allows the user to adjust for virtually any position around the circumference of your turning! 

Included is a custom, heavy aluminum angle bracket with 2 very strong, "rare-earth" magnets to secure the bracket to your cast iron/steel bed ways, (or use a clamp to position bracket where needed to fit your lathe),  a "dog point" indexing screw and a 1 inch X 8 tpi threaded jam nut, (OR 3/4 inch X 16 or 1 1/4 X 8 tpi jam nut depending on the model), to secure the indexing plate on your spindle. You may also secure the plate to the spindle with your lathe's chuck or faceplate. The bracket  is easily removed when not using the index plate.

Priced at $45.99 each or $26.99 for the index plate only.

For more info, click here!

New from A-R Liberty

A-R Liberty Threading Jig

Modular Threading Jig

Our modular threading jig is designed to be powered by your lathe. Each unit comes with: 1 - 60 degree double angle cutter, a set of threading heads (10 tpi & 16 tpi) to fit your lathe (swings from 10" to 16"); 2 - threading shaft adapters to 1 x 8 tip; 1 - cross slide base unit for fine tuning side travel; 1 - t-slot table to allow great flexibility in side travel.

Priced at $350 each.

For more info, click here!


New from Woodturner Pro

Woodturner Pro

Woodturner Pro Version 2 Now Available

Here are some of the new features of Woodturner PRO.

  • There is a new default view in Woodturner PRO that simulates 3D.  From that display, you can now see all the individual segments and shift-click to select as many as you like from different rows.  You can then right-click to select a species to apply to all those segments.  You can rotate the vessel by 45 degrees or click a button to start a slow continuous rotation.  If you paint segments (as shown in the attached file), the Ring View will show all that ring’s segments in the designated specie. 
  • Individual segments can now be selected from the Ring View and can be painted with a species at that time.
  • Species are now images of wood instead of a color representation.
  • You can now choose to have open segments be calculated as a percentage of the segment edge length instead of having to manually adjust them for each ring.
  • Required board length is now displayed as both Economy and Grain Match.
  • New rows are now placed intelligently based on lower rows.
  • Switching between Row Types happens intelligently based on lower rows.
  • Individual segments can now be painted with images as well as species and now integrates with Lamination PRO.
  • A new PHI button toggles the Golden Ratio overlay to fit the current extents of the vessel.  This overlay is resizeable by dragging the overlay borders.
  • A button on the overlay switches between multiple ratio displays.

To learn more or to purchase Woodturner Pro V2.0
Click here


New from Johannes Michelsen and Hannes Tool

HannesTool - new woodturning tools from Johannes Michelsen

Your Ultimate Ergonomic Gouge

We saw these newly designed tools at a recent woodturning show and were quite interested in finding out why someone would be introducing new tools in this day and age. Well, we found out that these are not your father's tools.

First off, they have a new patent pending ergonmic handle. It's a rounded triangular shape which we found to be quite interesting. It's made from a plastic like rubber compound which felt good in our hands and seemed to give us more grip. Also the design allows us to rotate the cutting edge more easily because of the support from the ribs!

Secondly, we found that they have some heft. I don't mean that they are too heavy, what I mean is that the shafts are filled with lead shot which reduces the vibration (which we like) and we find that the shot helps steady our cuts. That's all good in our book!

Lastly (phew), they use a new steel. We're no metal experts but they claim that the new vanadium content, the 60-62 Rockwell hardness and the cryogenic treatment make this the best steel on the market. We'll be looking forward to seeing how long we can keep an edge to get clean cuts and to reduce our sharpening!

After a close looks, we can see why they are advertised as
"Your Ultimate Erogonomic Gouge".

Prices for the handles start at $80
and prices for the steel start at $52.

For more information, you can see the tools, prices and contact information on this website:

Hannes Tool

New from Keith Tompkins

Keith Tompkins Gaget

Gage'T Bowl Gauge

This new bowl gauge was designed with the bowl turner in mind. It's rigid composition and wide measuring area will accurately measure the wall thickness of your bowl from the rim to the foot.

The measurement is taken at the top of the tool where the plunger is marked in 1/16" increments enabling you to get precise readings. In addition, since the contact points with your bowl are brass balls, they will not mar or damage the sides of your bowl like we're all accustomed to with normal calipers and figure-8 devices.

The introductory price for this advanced measuring device is $59.95.

Contact Keith for more information or to order at his website:


Previous "New and Hot" items:

Great Bargains
(ends December 24, 2019)

Denim Woodturner's Apron

On Sale for only $17.99

Save $12.00

List price: $29.99

This is a one-size fits all, heavy duty denim apron with a soft-cloth collar and criss-cross shoulder straps. It even includes a pencil pocket.

Click here for more information or to purchase


Starter Pen Turning Kit

On Sale for only $59.99

Save $10.00

List Price: $69.99

This kit contains all the essential tooling you need to start turning custom pens. It includes three pen blank species (bloodwood, bubinga and olivewood), three gold-plated Slimline Twist Pen Hardware Kits, a 7mm mandrel with knurled nut and #2 Morse Taper, 7mm bushings, a 7mm Brad Point Drill Bit, a 1 oz. bottle of CA Glue, a Pen Mill Kit for truing up all mating surfaces and a storage case with 28 adjustable compartments. The Pen Mill includes four pilot shaft sizes for a wide range of pen types.

Click here for more information or to purchase


Sorby 6-Piece Woodturning Set with Book and DVD (Woodturning: A Foundation Course)

For only $229.99

Save $100.00

List Price: $329.99

Robert Sorby's flagship set of turning tools is designed to fill the needs of woodturners from beginner to professional. These high-quality tools will shorten the learning curve for those just starting out, and are sure to impress the seasoned woodturner. The set comprises six of Robert Sorby's core range of tools: a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, bowl gouge, skew, parting tool and scraper. Each tool is crafted from the highest quality high speed steel, and married to a comfortable handle turned from solid ash. The set arrives in a high quality box that provides an attractive presentation as a gift, and practical storage thereafter.

Click here for more information or to purchase

Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System

For only $39.99

Save $20.00

List Price: $59.99

This highly adjustable steel boom arm holds a semi-cylindrical dust scoop that closely cups your small turning projects, capturing nearly all dust!

Click here for more information or to purchase

Excelsior Mini Lathe

For only $229.99

Save $70.00

List Price: $299.99

The Excelsior 5-Speed Mini Lathe can turn bowls of almost 10" in diameter and spindles up to 17-3/4" in length, making it perfect for chair legs, small table legs and an endless array of decorative turnings. A convenient door provides easy access to the belt, along with 5 different speeds: 760, 1100, 1600, 2200 and 3200 RPM. Cast-iron body provides mass for minimal vibration, stable turning and maximum durability.

Click here for more information or to purchase