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The "New and Hot" section was created to enable Turning Vendors to notify turners of new products that they have recently released. This allows turners to stay in touch with all the newest products.

This list is updated frequently, whenever a vendor releases a new product. If you see something new, please let us know!


New From Bob Leonard

Frugual Vacuum Chuck Kits

We recently found out that Bob Leonard was building vacuum chuck kits for woodturners. And doing it at a very reasonable price thereby allowing more turners to take advantage of the wonderful benefits of a vacuum chuck.

With a vacuum chuck, you don't have to fiddle with Cole Jaws or Longworth Chucks or even Jam Chucks. Just center the work, turn on the vacuum, check the pressue on the gauge and gently finish your turning. It's quick and easy to do!

Bob's kits can be built by anyone with some assembly and woodworking experience.

And prices start at $150 plus $20 shipping in the U.S.

Click here to check out these Frugal Vacuum Chuck Kits



New from Rubber Chucky

Personalized Tool Roll

This durable wood grain material made exclusively for Rubber Chucky Products LLC. is washable and looks beautiful with your permanently printed (will not wash off) logo and/or name.

You can have any picture, family crest etc. in place of the logo – as long as you own the artwork.

These are not a cheap import! They are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Strong tote strap and hook and loop fastening ensures the safe transport of your valuable tools.

No Minimums! No Art Charge! You supply the artwork and we do the rest.

Strong tote strap and hook and loop fastening ensures the safe transport of your valuable tools.

For more info or to order, click here!



New From FullPro


If you use regular non-prescription safety eyeglasses and find them uncomfortable when you add earmuff sound protection then this new product might be for you. The supplier's description says " SoundVision by FullPro is an eye protection solution that eliminates problems users experience when using traditional safety glasses with earmuffs or headsets. Regular safety glasses break earmuff seals, causing pressure points against the skull and reducing protection. SoundVision eliminates the pinching and improves earmuff protection by up to seven decibels by attaching to earmuffs with flexible velcro-like straps."

To use SoundVision, you attach a stick-on Velcro to the back of each side of the earmuff. The Velcro-like straps attached to each side of the safety glasses are attached after you have put on the earmuffs.

Get more info here: SoundVision

And you can purchase online here at: Amazon


From Teknatool

Teknatool Infinity Chuck System

Nova Infinity Chuck System

After 3 years research and development, NOVA has produced the Infinity Quick Change system, with unparalleled benefits to the wood chuck user.

With the new chuck system, you can make fast and positive jaw changes. Under 30 seconds and even faster! Much faster and less hassle than the screw fastening method with the older NOVA chuck models and other chuck brands.

The NOVA Infinity Jaw Key and Infinity Jaws Slides are a precision cast metal amalgam 3 times the tensile strength of machine grade steel. Jaw Key positively taper locks into Jaw slide with an embedded dovetail design. A stronger and more rigid bond than the original NOVA Screw on Jaws. The Infinity Jaws are taper locked inline with the forward rotation of the chuck. They are safe to use at higher speeds and with larger turning work.

In addition, there are upgrades and retrofits for some of the older Nova chucks. Bring your old chuck up-to-speed quickly!

To get more information about this exciting chuck line up,
visit the Nova Infinity Chuck web site.



From Rubber Chucky

The Finial Chucky

The Finial Chucky

The Finial Chucky is ideal for turning and finishing finials.

It stabilizes the finial to allow you to turn very small diameter finials of any length.

The Finial Chucky uses a small bearing to capture the tip of your finial. The bearing spins holding your finial steady while you turn.

The Finial Chuck - Tailstock View

The Finial Chucky is screwed directly onto your your live center (if you have one with the standard threads) or you can use one of our MT2 Arbors to attach the Finial Chucky.

Prices start at: $19.95

To get more info, visit our site.



From Chestnut Tools

Putting a strong finish on your final turnings is always a good goal. Some people experience a tacky feeling when using traditional waxes and have moved to a more refined form of wax, microcrystalline wax.

Microcrystalline wax knits down to form a very dense coating which makes it very hard wearing and highly water repellent, ideal for situations needing a tough coating that might get wet. These waxes also have a higher melting point than traditional waxes.

Chestnut Products is a UK-based manufacturer of finishing products. They have a great list of products that are useful by woodturners.

If you're in the U.S., you can buy the microcrystalline wax here.
It's even on sale right now.

The can holds 225 ml (~7.6 oz) so it's a bargain compared to some of the other brands.

Check out the Chestnut microcrystalline wax and the other great Chestnut wax products here.



New from the Big Tree Tools

It's been a long time since I recall anyone developing a whole new concept for one of our woodturning tools. And it doesn't suprise me that ti would be Jon Siegel of BIG TREE TOOLS since Jon, a professional turner has been earning his living at woodturning for over 45 years.

Jon has reinvented the spur drive center with a unique safety guard that prevents entanglement of clothing, hair, or jewelry; or accidental contact with hands or tools. It also prevents accidentally touching the spurs with any part of your body, or contacting the spurs with a chisel, or the tool rest.

This new patent pending drive spur is a revolutionary change and one that everyone should learn more about!

The new Badger Safety Spur can be purchased from Big Tree Tools or from Rikon Power Tools.

Read Jon's 6 key features to the Badger Drive Spur
on the Big Tree Tools web site.


New from the Teknatool

Teknatool has just released a new set of jaws for their lathe chucks. This set of jaws can hold a wide range of wood blanks:

Square (Contracting) Grip : From 0.3937" up to over 1". Length of turnings from jaws up to 9"

Rounds (Contracting ) Grip: From under ½" (actual: 0.4561") up to over ¾". Length of turnings from jaws up to 10"

Rounds (Expanding) Grip: From 1.37" up to over 2.5". Length of turnings from jaws, up to 10"

But for me the biggest advantage of these new jaws would be for pen blanks. And the main reason is that I like to drill my pen blanks on the lathe. Yes, you can do it on the drill press but I find that I get much higher accuracy and less drill drift when I do them on the lathe.

I like the look of these jaws because the long reach and the 90 degree holding surfaces will really grip a pen blank firmly.

Prices from varous sources seem to be around: $39.99

For more info , click here


New from Beall Tool Company

Beall Turning Scraper

The Beall Turning Scraper is designed for spindle turning small beads and coves on pens, boxes and other projects with complex shapes. Actually several tools in one, the Turning Scraper consists of a universal handle and a variety of 2-1/2" long x 1/4" square bits with special shape cutting and general purpose grinds.

Turned from hard maple, the universal handle is fitted with a brass ferrule and thumb screw. Each bit seats securely in a close fitting square hole in the handle's end and all the bits are double-ended to give you the greatest value for the least cash. 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" bead and cove duos are offered, as well as a square end and 30° scraping tool combo. Blank, unground bits are also available, in case you'd like to grind your own profiles.

Prices starting at: $44.00 for a full set

For more info, click here


Previous "New and Hot" items:

Great Bargains
(ends December 24, 2019)

Denim Woodturner's Apron

On Sale for only $17.99

Save $12.00

List price: $29.99

This is a one-size fits all, heavy duty denim apron with a soft-cloth collar and criss-cross shoulder straps. It even includes a pencil pocket.

Click here for more information or to purchase


Starter Pen Turning Kit

On Sale for only $59.99

Save $10.00

List Price: $69.99

This kit contains all the essential tooling you need to start turning custom pens. It includes three pen blank species (bloodwood, bubinga and olivewood), three gold-plated Slimline Twist Pen Hardware Kits, a 7mm mandrel with knurled nut and #2 Morse Taper, 7mm bushings, a 7mm Brad Point Drill Bit, a 1 oz. bottle of CA Glue, a Pen Mill Kit for truing up all mating surfaces and a storage case with 28 adjustable compartments. The Pen Mill includes four pilot shaft sizes for a wide range of pen types.

Click here for more information or to purchase


Sorby 6-Piece Woodturning Set with Book and DVD (Woodturning: A Foundation Course)

For only $229.99

Save $100.00

List Price: $329.99

Robert Sorby's flagship set of turning tools is designed to fill the needs of woodturners from beginner to professional. These high-quality tools will shorten the learning curve for those just starting out, and are sure to impress the seasoned woodturner. The set comprises six of Robert Sorby's core range of tools: a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, bowl gouge, skew, parting tool and scraper. Each tool is crafted from the highest quality high speed steel, and married to a comfortable handle turned from solid ash. The set arrives in a high quality box that provides an attractive presentation as a gift, and practical storage thereafter.

Click here for more information or to purchase

Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System

For only $39.99

Save $20.00

List Price: $59.99

This highly adjustable steel boom arm holds a semi-cylindrical dust scoop that closely cups your small turning projects, capturing nearly all dust!

Click here for more information or to purchase

Excelsior Mini Lathe

For only $229.99

Save $70.00

List Price: $299.99

The Excelsior 5-Speed Mini Lathe can turn bowls of almost 10" in diameter and spindles up to 17-3/4" in length, making it perfect for chair legs, small table legs and an endless array of decorative turnings. A convenient door provides easy access to the belt, along with 5 different speeds: 760, 1100, 1600, 2200 and 3200 RPM. Cast-iron body provides mass for minimal vibration, stable turning and maximum durability.

Click here for more information or to purchase