New and Hot - July 2019

New from Saburrtooth

New Assorted Cutter Kit

Saburrtooth has recently put together a new carving cutter kit. It includes four cutters with a 1/8" shank. The following tools are included:

  • 1/8" diameter long cylinder
  • 3/8" diameter rotosaw
  • 1/4" concave
  • 3/8" dovetail (with safe end)

The Assorted Kit comes in either fine grit (yellow-colored) or coarse grit (green-colored).

The list price is $61.00

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New from Robert Sorby

Peter Child Pyrography Machine

Robert Sorby has partnered with Peter Child in releasing this new pyrography machine. This pyrography system supports two lightweight pens. The pens heat up from cold in two seconds. Pen tips can be purchased or homemade. Making homemade tips is easy using nickel chromium wire.

Each pyrography machine contains a pen, a meter length of 25 standard wire gauge (SWG) to make your own points, six spare nickel chromium nibs (five standard points in 25 SWG and one spoon point in heavier 24 SWG), and a handy 12-page manual full of ideas.

The list price is $159.94

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New from Kallenshaan Woods

African Animal Inlay Pen Kits

Kallenshaan Woods has recently released two new African Animal inlay pen kits featuring an elephant and a giraffe. Both kits are designed to fit all of the Sierra-Style Pen Kits.

The elephant inlay kit contains 14 parts made from grey dyed maple burl, holly, and curly maple.

The giraffe inlay kit has a total of 14 individual pieces and a "tree" with 12 spots attached for easy assembly. Woods used are curly maple, cherry, walnut, yellow cedar, and pressure-treated poplar.

Both kits are priced at $19.95.

For more information or to purchase the elephant inlay kit, click here.

For more information or to purchase the giraffe inlay kit, click here.


New from Relics and Artifacts

New VerDay Metal Reactive Paint Supplier

Sandy Evertson of Relics and Artifacts recently became the new supplier of the VerDay Metal Reactive Paint system. This system allows you to add the patina of old metal onto your wood turnings.

Here is a picture of a set of oil cans turned in wood and then painted with VerDay paints.

Oil cans turned and painted by Dennis Daudelin

This kit contains:

2 oz. Iron Paint

2 oz. Copper Paint

2 oz. Bronze Paint

2 oz. Brass Paint

4 oz. Patina Solution w/ spray attachment

Convenient Carrying Case

The list price is $32.49.

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New from Berea Hardwoods

The Sierra Diverse Ballpoint Pen Kit

Berea Hardwoods has just released a new addition to its popular Sierra Line. This new pen is called the Sierra Diverse. It features a new knurl design pattern and a sleek modern clip. And unlike the original Sierra line, this pen has a finial twist.

It still uses the traditional Parker style refill.

The list prices start at $9.10.

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New from Penn State Industries

Bushing Buddy Organizer

If you're a pen or project kit maker, you know that keeping your bushings organized is a real nightmare. Penn State Industries has just released an organizing system just for your bushings. It holds 10 - 7 mm plastic posts. On each post, you can store up to four bushings. Each post has a pressured end so that you can easily slide your bushing on and off securely. It even includes ten white labels so that you can label each bushing.

You can keep the Bushing Buddy Organizer on your shop table or you can mount it to a wall for easy access.

The list price is $19.95.

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New from Wixey

Digital Angle Gauge with Bluetooth

Wixey has released a new digital angle gauge with the same functionality as their popular WR300 Type 2 gauge but has now added bluetooth and audio output. Yes, the Wixey will read you the gauge reading.

When used with your smart phone:

  • Automatically pairs when APP is selected
  • Gauge reading is shown on the smartphone
  • When "Talk" is selected, the gauge reading is spoken in any language
  • Pressing the virtual buttons on the APP controls the gauge remotely

The list price is $49.99

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New from Jet

New 15-Inch Planers

Jet has just re-engineered their 15" planer. The new planer features a Precision Air Strut system which provides consistent upward pressure on the cutterhead to reduce the chance for board snipe. This means that you get more board feet out of every planing job and a superior planing finish.

The new planer also has dual infeed controls allowing you to select either 16 fpm (feet per minute) or 20 fpm.

The new planer is available in both Helical Cutterhead or Straight Cutterhead models.

The list price is $2599.99.

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New and Hot - June 2019

New from Rockler

Walrus Oil® ''Naturals'' Vegan Wood Oil

Walrus Oil® ''Naturals'' Vegan Wood Oil is a vegan-friendly cutting board treatment that sinks in to protect and beautify the wood. It is made with a 100% plant-based formula that includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E and a hint of earthy aroma. All ingredients are FDA compliant for food contact surfaces such as cutting boards and butcher blocks. Simply wipe on the oil, let dry for 12 to 24 hours, then wipe away the excess.

Walrus Oil is made in the U.S.A.

The list price is $12.99

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New from 3M

Light Vision Safety Glasses

3M's Light Vision™ 2 safety glasses feature LED lights that are built into the frames, allowing the user to work in dim lighting with both hands free to manipulate tools and materials. The LEDs swivel to direct light wherever needed, while long-lasting batteries provide up to 50 continuous hours of service. A cushioned brow, nose bridge, and temple tips provide comfort for extended wear, and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses absorb 99.9% of UV rays. Includes a storage bag and lanyard.

The safety glasses include clear, anti-fog lenses. The list price is $21.99

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In addition, 3M sells these safety glasses with built-in magnifiers molded into the lenses. You can get from 1.5 to 2.5 diopter.

The magnifying safety glasses include clear, anti-fog lenses. The list price is $29.99

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New from Rockler

Gardening Tool Turning Kits

Rockler has just released a set of gardening tools. All you have to do is turn a set of handles from the wood species of your choice. The edges of the trowels are beveled for easy digging, with sturdy welds and robust ferrules for a long life.

All three gardening tools are made from durable hardened steel with a matte stone-washed black oxide finish. Rockler recommends 6'' long handles, but you are free to make them longer for comfort and additional leverage.


  • Turn the handle from the material of your choice to create a set of custom gardening tools
  • Trowel has a curved 2-3/4'' wide blade—ideal for general digging and planting, and rooting out difficult weeds
  • Transplanter has a tightly-curved 2'' wide blade, with markings up to 4'' (10cm) for transplanting to precise depths
  • Hand cultivator is ideal for loosening soil, raking in compost and fertilizer, and removing weeds
  • Made from durable hardened steel with a matte stone-washed black oxide finish
  • Minimum blank size: 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' x 6'' (a longer blank may be used if desired)
  • Use a 21/64'' drill bit for the shank; epoxy is recommended for securing the shank in the handle

The tools can be purchased separately at $19.99 each:

  • Garden Trowel: For more information or to purchase, the trowel, click here
  • Hand Cultivator: For more information or to purchase, the cultivator, click here
  • Garden Transplanter: For more information or to purchase, the transplanter, click here

The list price is $40.97 for the complete set.

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New from Kallenshaan Woods

Segmented Vase Inlay Kit

Kallenshaan Woods has released a new and very unique inlay kit. It's a segmented vase made from 32 pieces of wood. The woods are curly maple, padauk, pearwood, walnut, black-dyed basswood, brown-dyed maple burl and turquoise-dyed curly maple.

There are a total of 19 pieces in this kit. This kit is made for the Sierra style pens.

The list price is $25.95

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New from Flute Master

New Variable Pitch Spiral Master Tool

Flute Master has introduced a new spiral tool called The Variable Pitch Tool. It allows you to cut variable pitches as you progress down the length of your turning. This new version is the only tool in the world that can cut variable pitch flutes on a wood lathe. Variable Pitch gives an eye-pleasing and artistic appearance as can be seen in the photo below.

The Variable Pitch tool can be used on lathes of 14 to 25 inch diameter lathes.

The list price is $335.00

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New from Rikon

Variable Speed Grinder

Rikon has recently released a new 8-inch variable speed grinder which allows you to adjust the speed from 2,000 to 3,400 RPMs. This 3/4 HP bench grinder comes with a 60 grit wheel on one side and a wire wheel. The tool rest on the stone side includes a groove in its design for the sharpening of drill bits.

The grinder includes a flexible LED light, water tray and wheel dresser.

The list price is $199.99.

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New from WoodTurners Wonders

Green Wave Sanding Discs

WoodTurners Wonders has just announced a line of Premium Sanding Discs at an unbelievably low price. They are currently available in oversized 1, 2, and 3-inch discs. Our oversized discs feature scalloped wave edges that hang over the pad holder, allowing you to get into those hard to reach corners. These pads have a tough Mylar backing and are extremely tear resistant. 

The new sanding discs come in 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600 grits. And the grit value is market on the backs of nearly every disc.

Key Features:

  • Oversized with scalloped wave edges
  • Aluminum Oxide Grain
  • Resin over Resin bonding
  • Long lasting with excellent durability for contour sanding without folding
  • Mylar film construction is much more durable than paper and will not easily tear
  • High durability means longer life and a more even surface with outstanding finish
  • Great choice for dry and wet sanding applications

The prices start at $4.00 for a package of 25 of the 1-inch discs.

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New from Lee Valley

Extra-Long Adhesive Bandages

If you have ever applied a bandage to your finger and then wrapped it with a piece of tape just to keep the bandage from falling off, you can appreciate what makes these new products so useful.

One end of the adhesive strip is longer than the other, forming a tail that can wrap twice around most people’s fingers. The tough, flexible fabric won’t limit finger movement, even at the knuckles, and the strong adhesive backing helps ensure it stays in place so you can get back to work.

Supplied as a package of 20 latex-free bandages in a metal storage tin.

The list price is only $5.95.

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New and Hot - May 2019

New from Saburrtooth

Supreme Cutting Bits

Saburrtooth is preparing to release its newest category of turning bit, the Supreme. These cutting bits feature cutters in either 125 grit or 132 grit with 1/4" shanks. The new Supreme cutters come in the following shapes:

  • Ball Nose
  • Cylinder
  • Dove Tail
  • Flame
  • Rotosaw
  • Sphere
  • Taper

Since these cutters are expected to be popular and manufacturing is just ramping up, you can pre-order the bits at this time.

Prices start as low as $22.16 and vary based on the cutter, its shape, and grit.

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New from Tom and Annette Ackley

Woodturner Abrasive Paste and Polishing Paste

Tom and Annette Ackley have recently released two new products for woodturners. They are an abrasive sanding paste and a polishing paste. The products use ingredients that are pharmaceutical grade and food safe. They are made in the U.S.A.

The abrasive sanding paste is an excellent way to finish your turnings. You sand your turning to at least 240 grit, then apply a thin coat of sanding sealer. When the sanding sealer is dry, sand it lightly and apply the abrasive grit. Rub the abrasive grit into the wood, increase the speed of your lathe and buff it until it no more paste comes off. At this point, you will have a great matte surface. This process reduces your sanding time and sanding dust.

Now just add your final finish to provide your top layer of protection to the wood. The Ack's restoring and polishing paste is perfect for this purpose. Rub the polish on the wood while the lathe is turning until it can no longer be felt on the surface of the wood. The small amount of Carnuba wax helps to create a strong, durable finsh. At this point, your piece is finished and ready for using with any food product. If you'd like a display plece finish, you can achieve that by adding your favorite friction polish.

The products are delivered in an 8 ounce plastic jar.

The price of the abrasive sanding paste is $25 and at this time you also get a free jar of polishing paste. This price is a bargain.

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New from Kallenshaan Woods

Rose Inlay Kit

Kallenshaan Woods has just released their latest pen inlay kit. It is a 13-piece rose inlay kit and comes in four different colors, each with different meanings:

  • Red Rose - Classic expression of love.
  • White Rose - A symbol of purity. Also known as the "Bridal" flower.
  • Yellow Rose - Perfect gift for a close friend or relative.
  • Pink Rose - Admiration, elegance and grace.

The woods used are curly maple; green, red, pink, and yellow-dyed basswood; and holly. The inlay kit is designed to work with a Sierra Pen.

The Rose inlay kit is available for $19.95

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New from Jerry Marcantel

Chuck Plate

Jerry Marcantel recently released a new type of drive tool called the Chuck Plate. The Chuck Plate has 13 adjustable screws which allow you to drive odd shapes of wood on your lathe. There are five screws in the center of the tool which can be adjusted with an Allen wrench before the chuck is mounted on the lathe. There are an additional eight screws which can be adjusted with an Allen wrench even when the chuck is mounted on your lathe. All of the screws have 7/8" of adjustment.

The Chuck Plate is mounted in your chuck using your 50 mm jaws.

The list price of the Chuck Plate is $75.00.

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New from Hampshire Sheen

Embellishing Waxes

Hampshire Sheen has released a wide range of colored embellishing waxes. There are seven colors to choose from in the range: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, White, Electric Blue, and Electric Green.

After turning and sanding, and perhaps coloring, clean the grain with a brass brush then rub your wax of choice into the grain of the wood. Wait for it to dry, then buff off leaving the surface with a good shine and a nice grain pattern based on the color used.

You can then lightly overcoat it with hard wax for an even brighter, tougher finish.

The list price of these waxes is $21.50

In the US, you can purchase them from The Walnut Log.

In other countries you can find a distributor by looking it up on this stocklist.


New from Lee Valley

Mobile Base Kit

To free up valuable workshop space for large projects, this kit lets you add a mobile base to machines and other heavy workshop fixtures so it's easy to move them out of the way until needed.

It comes as a set of four casters, two of which have foot-operated locks, so the base can roll only when you want it to.

All casters are mounted on pre-drilled corner brackets made of powder-coated steel, permitting straightforward installation on a platform you make from plywood up to 1" thick, sized to suit the application.

Supplied with all hardware needed for installation, the set of 3" hard-rubber casters has a combined load rating of 400 lb and adds less than 1" of height.

The list price is $75.00

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New from Mirka

WPF Next Gen Sandpaper

The new WPF Next Gen is a waterproof paper abrasive for both wet and dry hand sanding. WPF Next Gen has been developed to provide users with durable abrasives, specifically for wet sanding applications. However, it can also be used in dry sanding applications like wood.

It has latex backing and is extremely flexible for all curved surfaces. WPF Next Gen is produced with a new coating technology that gives the abrasive an anti-clogging and dust repelling surface.

The new abrasive uses aluminium oxide grains in grits P60-P180, P240-P1000 and P1200-P2500, delivering an even scratch pattern. The abrasive’s innovative design ensures that it has good resistance to clogging, less suction, and an excellent cut. 

It is recommended for general hand sanding applications.

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New from ZipLine Medical

Zip Stitch

Have you ever had a deep cut that bleeds badly? You know that you need to close it up securely for the bleeding to stop and for the wound to heal. Sometimes getting to an urgent care or ER is not possible or is just going to take time. You might even need stitches, but it's not going to happen anytime soon. There is now a new type of wound closure device available for home use. It's called Zip Stitch Laceration Kit.

The intuitive Zip closure allows you to close lacerations in seconds with no pain or puncturing of the skin, while its specially-designed adhesive lasts for up to seven days to help ensure your wound heals properly. You can use ZIPSTITCH anywhere, so you're covered if you're out of hospital range.

This leading edge wound care device would be great in most homes and in your first aid kits.

The Zip Stitch kit contains one closure device and one alcohol pad. It is available for only $29.99

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New and Hot - April 2019

New from Flute Master

New Spiral Master Update

The Spiral Master tool from Flute Master LLC has been updated. It now has three sprockets so that three different pitches can be cut with the same tool. The Spiral Master makes spiral cuts, both clockwise and counter clock-wise, on lathes from 12 to 25 inch capacities.

The assembly installs by its Morse Taper into the lathe and the other side holds a spindle fastened to the user’s chuck. As the Flute Master moves along the lathe bed, the turning is rotated by the Spiral Master, following the profile of the turning. Three sprockets provide 12.9 inch, 9.8 inch and 6.3 inch pitches.

The list price for the Spiral Master is $335.

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New from Cindy Drozda

Magnetic LED Micro Light

Cindy Drozda has announced a new Micro Light that is only 1-1/4" long, 1/2" wide, 1/4" thick. Its low profile keeps it out of the way when your turning inside your bowl, box, or vessel. It has six super bright LEDs in the daylight color spectrum (6500K). The Micro Light also has magnets that attach to any ferrous metal surface so you can attach it to your toolrest, headstock, tailstock, or even your turning and hollowing tools. It comes with an inline rocker on/off switch and power supply (110 - 220 VAC).

The list price is $30.

It is available from Cindy and is now also available from the Woodturning Tool Store.


New from WoodTurners Wonders

Sundstrom Pro Pack SR100 Respirator Kit

WoodTurners Wonders is now carrying the Sundstrom Pro Pack SR100 Respirator Kit. This kit contains the silicone half-mask respirator with head harness, five prefilters and prefilter holder, a particulate filter, a chemical filter, and a cleaning wipe all in an easy-to-carry storage box.

The SR100 has a unique inhalation and double exhalation valve design which provides one-half the breathing resistance of competitive respirators. This means easier breathing and greater respirator compliance.

The filters are the standard P100 size. The respirator kit is available in S/M, M/L and L/XL.

The entire kit price is only $58.00

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New from Kallenshaan Woods

Five new Dog Inlay Kits

Kallenshaan Woods has just released five new dog inlay kits.The dog inlay kit was designed to work with the Penn State Industries new dog click pen kit. It is available in Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, 24kt Gold, Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze. These pen kits range from $14.95 to $19.95. For more information or to purchase them, click here.

The new dog inlay kits:

The dog inlay kit price is $24.95.

To get more information on all of the dog inlay kits, click here.


New from Wood Turners Work Holding Solutions

Tailstock Steady

Jerry Marcantel from Wood Turners Work Holding Solutions has recently released a new woodturning product called the "Tailstock Steady". This new product was designed to hold your woodturning blank with two steady rest-type wheels allowing you room to turn while it's in use. This makes it extremely useful when removing tenons from your woodturnings.

The base plate of the Tailstock Steady has four facets. They are spaced at 90 degrees apart and you choose which of the two opposite ones that you want to use. One set angles the wheels outwards and one angles them inwards. This increases the flexibility of the tool and allows you to choose what works best in your turning situation.

To see it in action, Jerry has several YouTube videos demonstrating it's use.

The list price is $150 plus $10 for shipping in the United States.

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New from Rikon

Update your 14 Inch Bandsaw

You can now update your RIKON 14" bandsaw with a DVR smart motor. RIKON and Striatech have combined their expertise to create this update package. This upgrade uses Striatech’s smart switched reluctance motor (DVR motor).

  • Blade Speed – Variable from 100 RPM (45 SFPM) to 2,375 RPM (4400 SFPM)
  • Continuous Torque – 1.75 HP will never slow down producing a beautiful/smooth cut
  • Safer Operation – Fast electronic braking and load spike detection
  • Patent Pending – Spring Loaded Tool-less Guide System
  • Effortless Cutting – Fifteen suggested speed settings for wood/metal/plastic plus one custom range

The Model 13-926 update is now available.

The list price is $629.99.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Arbortech

Improved Mini-Carver

Arbortech has discontinued its Mini Grinder tool but has replaced it with the new Mini Carver. With additional features and functionality, the Mini Carver is now even better at taking users seamlessly through rough shaping, sculpting, and sanding stages.

The new tool is robust enough to tackle your wood carving jobs and compact enough to offer detailed carving capabilities and maneuverability. The Mini Carver is the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers. If you're a turner who embellishes your turnings, you may want to check out this new tool--it's good for hogging off wood, doing detailed carvings, and even for sanding.

The list price for the Mini Carver is $249.

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New from Berea Hardwoods

Pen Starter Kits

Berea Hardwoods has recently released a series of starter packs for it's most popular pen kits. These starter packs inclued 4 or 5 pen kits in different platings and a free set of bushings and a free drill bit. The starter packs are discounted off list price up to 38%.

There are starter kits for these pen kits:

  • 7 mm - $18.50
  • Sierra - $32.50
  • Geta - $34.20
  • Baron - $46.50
  • Yari - $45.50

There are limited quanities available so purchase while supplies last.

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New and Hot - March 2019

New from Flute Master

Updated Flute Master

Flute Master has recently updated the Flute Master product. The newly updated tool features a wider base for greater control. In addition, the base now has a high temperature black oxide finish which looks great and will keep your tool looking good for a long time. There are no price changes when buying new Flute Masters with these exciting additions.

The Flute Masters features include the following:

  • Quick Setup Cut straight and curved profile flutes in one pass
  • Fits lathes from 10 to 25 inch diameter capacity
  • Control the depth of flutes and reeds by 2/1000 of an inch
  • Use any ¼ inch shank router bit profile
  • Index wheel, Index Wheel pin holder, stop blocks, and tool holder are included with the Flute Master
  • Use with Mastercarver, Foredom or Wecheer drill, or Ridgid or Trend palm routers
  • Drill into turnings at any angle

The list price for a Flute Master is $235.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Best Wood Tools

Faceplate System for Live Centers

If your live center has a 3/4" x 10 TPI thread on it, you will be able to use this new Faceplate System from Best Wood Tools. The system had two components: a faceplate that can screw onto your live center and a #2 Morse Taper arbor.

You can use the arbor in your lathe spindle, attach the faceplate with a piece of wood attached, and then turn any shape or sized specialty tool.

You can use the faceplates in either your headstock (with the arbor), or tailstock (on your live center), or both. What comes to mind for me are sphere holders. When you want to turn the ends off of a sphere, you need two cove-shaped hollows holders. One goes into the headstock to drive the lathe and another in the tail stock to hold the sphere in place as you turn it.

But I'm sure that you'll be able to find lots of other uses for this unique and valuable tool.

The list price for a basic system is $39.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Kallenshaan Woods

Cat and Mouse Inlay Kit

This inlay kit features six cats chasing a mouse. The body is made from Bethlehem Olivewood.

The kit has been sized to fit the new PSI Cat Pen Kit which is available in both Antique Pewter and Antique Brass.

The list price is $24.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Stainless Bottle Stoppers

New Bottlestopper Mandrels

Stainless Bottle Stoppers has just released four new universal mandrels. They have a self-tapping thread and two flats so that you can use a 1-1/16″ wrench for easy installation and uninstallation. The mandrels have a black oxide coating to resist rust.

The new sizes are:

  • 3/4″ x 16 TPI
  • 1 1/2" x 8 TPI
  • M30 x 3.5
  • M33 x 3.5

They come packaged with a screw on/off plastic washer which helps prevent wood getting stuck on the mandrel. The washer should be removed when threading the wood. The use of the washer is optional.

They are precision machined in the USA and run true to within .002″ of an inch.

The list price for any universal mandrel is $18.98 and they come with a free storage case.

For more information or to order, click here


New from WoodTurners Wonders

The Turner Turbo Wonder Inertia Sander

WoodTurners Wonders has just released a new inertia sander, the Turner Turbo Wonder Inertia Sander. It is made in the USA from durable 6061 aluminum and only weighs about a pound. The handle is 10 inches long and the head and articulating joint add another three inches to the length.

The head has two sealed bearings for smooth operation and it uses a strong rare earth magnet to hold the sanding shaft in. The articulating joints are tightened with 5/16" Allen head cap bolts.

The kit comes with the following:

  • the inertial sander
  • a 2" heavy duty backer pad with shaft
  • a 3" heavy duty backer pad with shaft
  • an Allen wrench for the joint cap head bolts

The list price is $79.95

For more information or to order, click here


New from Mirka

Iridium and Novastar Abrasives

Mirka USA introduces two new abrasives this September: Iridium and Novastar™. The new paper-backed Iridium and film-backed Novastar abrasives are premium products for the automotive refinishing, wood, and manufacturing industries, including marine and vehicle.

Iridium offers remarkable flexibility and grain adhesion, providing users with consistent quality and scratch pattern. A new multi-hole pattern delivers outstanding performance without clogging, delivering extended disc life. Iridium is available in 5” and 6“ discs, as well as 3.2” x 5.2” strips and 2.75” x 16” strips with perforations every 8”. Iridium is available in grits 80-600, making it ideal for premium body shops, wood shops, and painters/decorators.

Novastar, a unique film-backed abrasive features an aggressive initial cut in coarse grits for heavy duty applications. The premium film-backing offers outstanding edgewear resistance, flexibility, and grain adhesion, and is also waterproof. A new multi-hole pattern delivers outstanding performance without clogging, delivering extended disc life. Novastar is available in 5” and 6” discs, grits 80-180 and P240-P600, making it ideal for marine, composites, and vehicle manufacturing.

On releasing two abrasives at the same time: they are similar, yet vastly different from one another. “They both have a unique dust-repellent surface that doesn’t clog, so the grains stay sharp longer.” This is key to their top performance.

For more information, visit: and


New and Hot - February 2019

New from Laguna Tools

The Revo 12/16 Lathe

Laguna Tools has released a new midi lathe. It features a Pulse Width Modulation system motor to maintain consistent torque at any speed, one step cam-action belt change with magnetic door housing, and a luxury banjo with a 45º chamfered edge.

The lathe sports a 1 HP DC Permanent Magnet Motor with a Pulse Width Modulation controller. It has a speed dial which allows you to select low speeds from 50 RPM up to 3500 RPM. The distance between centers is 15.5 inches with a 12.5 inch swing over the bed. The spindle has a 1" x 8 TPI thread and a MT2 taper. It soes have a 24 position index and lock on the headstock. The tailstock taper is also MT2 sized. The lathe weighs 118 libs.

A premium stand is offered as an option for $325.

The list price on the lathe is $799.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Flute Master

Variable Pitch Tool

The Variable Pitch Tool was designed to cut variable pitch flutes on a wood lathe. As a variable pitch flute continues along the woodturning piece, the pitch becomes more and more vertical and produces an eye-pleasing and artistic appearance.

The Variable Pitch tool can be used on lathes of 14 to 25 inches in diameter.

The list price is $299.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Rockler

Cigar Humidor Turning Kit

Rockler has just released a cigar humidor that you can turn. It is designed to maintain your favorite cigar at the correct humidity for optimum freshness, flavor and shelf life. It also makes an elegant presentation case for a gift, a guest, or for that special occasion. It uses distilled water or humidifier solution to maintain 70% humidity, similar to that in which the tobacco grew.

Pair it with the turning blank of your choice, bore the hole with a 1-1/16'' Forstner bit, and turn it on your lathe.


  • Tube humidor comes complete with a hygrometer that displays current humidity
  • Uses distilled water or humidifier solution to maintain 70% humidity
  • Sturdy aluminum construction with black finish
  • Can accommodate a 7'' Classic Churchill cigar with 47 ring gauge

You will need to buy (or make) a set of bushings for it. The ones from Rockler are made from a tough, durable polymer. The price for the bushings are $9.99.

The list price for the Rockler Cigar Humidor Turning Kit is $19.99.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Rockler

Ice Cream Paddle

Rocker has just released a paddle-style ice cream scoop. The Paddle style has the leverage and broad cutting edge to cut through the coldest cream. Sometimes called an ice cream spade, ice cream paddles have a shallower contour that allows you to empty the ice cream by scraping it against the edge of your bowl or dish.

It is made from stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and boasts a fine polish. Turn your own handle on the lathe for a customized gift, or keep it for your own kitchen. The turning blank is not included.


  • Includes a 5/16-18 threaded insert—simply drill a hole in your blank, thread in the insert, and thread the scoop onto the turned handle
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning or to swap the handle
  • Made from stainless steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance
  • For the handle, we recommend a strong hardwood such as maple, cherry, walnut, oak, or yellow birch. Of the imported hardwoods, bubinga, purpleheart, gongola alves and cocobolo make wonderful handles

The list price is $14.99.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Amy Grigg

Spike Plate

We all use many different types of drive spurs to turn our blanks. Amy Grigg has just released a new large plate-style drive spur that is perfect for turning bowls, it's called the Spike Plate. It would be great for production bowl turning where you are making many bowls and mindful of efficiency.

The Spike Plate measures 7.5" across and extends 2.5" inches from your spindle. It includes two center posts to register your turning blanks: 3/8" diameter at 7/8" long and 1/2" diameter at 1.5" long.

The plate is made from 6061 aluminum and has a clear anodized finish. There are 22 of the removable 1/4" spikes. These spikes and the center posts are both stainless steel. The Spike Plate is currently available for lathes with 1" x 8 TPI spindles and 1.25" x 8 TPI spindles. A M33 version of the Spike Plate will be available soon. The shipping weight is 3 lbs.

The Spike Plate list price is $150 for US customers (plus $13 flat rate shipping) and $174 for International customers (with shipping included).

For more information or to order, click here


New from Kallenshaan Woods

Dinosaur Inlay Kit

The Dinosaur inlay kit has a total of 12 pieces. There are two Pteradactyls and one Brontosaurus in this inlay. The woods used are green and gray dyed maple burl, blue dyed basswood, sapele, and black and gray dyed basswood.

This kit is designed to fit all of the Sierra Style Pen Kits.

The list price is $24.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Raymond Innovations

Soft Starter for Power Tools

This synchronous soft starter was designed to work with power tools which use 10-15 amp, 115 VAC brush-type universal motors. Some examples are table saws, radial arm and mitre saws.

The Soft Starter works by regulating the amount of electrical inrush current allowed to pass to your device. The result is a more gradual ramp time to full rpm.

This is a rugged and durable device that uses 14 AWG conducting wires with silicone rubber end caps. It has aluminum fins that help with rapid heat transfer and dissipation. It has a rounded aluminum body for safety and short-circuit protection.

Built in the U.S.A.

The list price is $29.99.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Bora Portamate


The Bora Portamate PM-4500 Speedhorse is an excellent tool for people with small workshops. The Speedhorse is a very small sawhorse when closed, yet deploys 30x faster than conventional sawhorses — just pull the release button in the middle of the frame. Historically, sawhorses have been used to quickly and temporarily increase your workspace.

The Speedhourse was built tough to withstand heavy projects ranging from construction and carpentry to furniture builds. And when the job is finished, simply pull the levers and fold the legs up — doesn't matter which order.

This contractor-grade sawhorse will revolutionize your workshop to help you work more quickly and efficiently while continuing to produce professional results. 

The list price is $79.00

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - January 2019

New from Kallenshaan Woods

New Cat and Dog Inlay Kits

In reaction to customer requests, Kallenshaan has released new cat and dog inlay kits.

The cat inlay kit is a non-cartoon style cat. It's perfect for a serious cat lover. There are 17 pieces total using a few different colors of dyed maple burl, cocobolo, pink dyed maple, holly and natural curly maple. It is designed to work with a Sierra pen kit.

The list price is $24.95

For more information or to order, click here.

The Dog Inlay Kit was made for the new PSI Dog Click Pen Kit. They combined the heads of three of their more popular dog breed Inlay kits. Because only the heads are being used, the pieces are larger which makes the kit much easier to assemble.

There is a total of 30 pieces which make up the heads of a German Shepherd, Beagle and Chihuahua.

Materials used are Maple, Alder, Cherry, Holly, Cedar, Pearwood, Sapele, Poplar, Pink Dyed Curly Maple, Black and Gray dyed Basswood and .020" Styrene rod.

The list price is $24.95

For more information or to purchase, click here.


New from Franklin Industries

Titebond Translucent Wood Glue

Titebond Translucent Wood Glue was designed to dry leaving a virtually invisible glue line and it bonds stronger than the wood. It has a strong tack and the fast speed of set helps reduce clamp time. When dry, this wood glue is unaffected by finishes and sands easily. It is easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.

This glue would be good for segmented turners for both open segment projects and for projects where you have light wood to light wood joints (like maple to maple or holly to holly) where the glue joints normally show up after other varieties of Titebond glues.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Craft Supplies

Two-Piece Ring Cores

Craft Supplies has just released a new two-piece ring core. The cores are made of certified stainless steel. They feature a radiused interior profile that makes them comfortable to wear. The unique two-piece press-together design provides for a nearly invisible joint when assembled. They are supplied with a brushed satin finish that can be buffed to a high-gloss finish if desired.


The rings come in wholes sizes from #6 to #12.

The list price for the ring cores is $15.95.

For more information or to order, click here.

In addition, Craft Supplies has released a Pro Ring Mandrel which is available in two sizes: 4 - 9 and 9 - 14.

The list price of the Pro Mandrels is: $45.00

For more information or to order, click here


New from Jet Tools

Redesigned 22-44 and 25-50 Drum Sanders

Jet Tools has recently redesigned its popular line of Drum Sanders. These new models feature an improved dust hood which collects 97% of all dust products. They have also redesigned the conveyor system so that it now pulls the workpiece through the sander instead of pushing it. They have also added an Automatic Speed Controller which monitors and adjusts the speed of the conveyor. And lastly, they have improved the Parallelism Adjustment so that it is tool-less and is simple to adjust. This feature helps to prevent crowning.

These newly redesigned drum sanders join the existing smaller 16-32 and 18-36 drum sanders.

The list price of the 22-44 drum sander is $1799.99. For more information, click here.

The list price of the 25-50 drum sander is $1999.99. For more information, click here.


New from Wagner Meters

The New Orion Line of Pinless Wood Moisture Meters

Wagner Meters has recently introduced a new line of pinless moisture meters. These new Orion moisture meters use the latest technology to achieve quick and accurate measurements without damaging your wood with the traditional pins used in other brands. They even come with a paired On-Demand Calibrator so that you can be sure that they are in calibration at all times.

The Orion meters come in five models so that you can pick the one best suited to your work. The different models are

  • Deep Depth (model 910)
  • Shallow Depth (model 920)
  • Dual Depth (model 930)
  • Data Collection (model 940)
  • Smart Meter (model 950)

Every Orion moisture meter comes with a stylish rubber boot to help protect your meter from accidental drops or bumps just like a phone case protects a phone. In addition, a foam-lined rugged hard case is provided for your Orion and its calibration reference.

The meters come with a 7-year warranty.

Prices start at $319.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Treeline

Brass and Pewter Walking Stick Medallions

Treeline has recently reintroduced their line of military medallions. They have medallions for the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard and more. These medallions are a great way to embellish a walking stick or cane and personalize it for the user. We have also seen them used in the Wounded Warrior project as people will make canes for disabled veterans. They look great!

The prices for the medallions go from $5.95 to $10.95.

For more information or to order, click here


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