New and Hot - November 2019

New from Saburrtooth

Supreme Wheels, Discs, Cuts and Buzzouts

Saburrtooth Tools has just extended its new Supreme line of aggressive carving tools. These tools come in either 125 grit or 132 grit. The wide range of tools includes the following:

  • 1 3/4" carving cup rasp in 132 grit
  • 2" carving cup rasp in 132 grit
  • 2" flat face wheel in 125 grit
  • 2" round face wheel in 125 grit
  • 2" buzzout wheels in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" widths in 125 grit
  • 4" donut wheel with and without holes in either 5/8" or 7/8" bore in 132 grit
  • 4" flat face wheel with and without holes in either 5/8" or 7/8" bore in 132 grit

The prices start at $49.04.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Woodpeckers

Ultra-Shear Parting Tool

Woodpeckers has just released their newest tool in the Ultra-shear line. It is a narrow parting tool that uses a flute-shaped nano-grain insert. The flute shape is intended to cut cleanly even on the trickiest of woods.

The inserts are also available in a square shape if that is your preference. 

This new parting tool is the next generation of parting tools. When the insert gets dull, you just replace it in seconds and get a new razor sharp edge. No more sharpening.

The parting tool comes with a nice solid red handle which should be easy to grip and will remind you of the older thin-kerp parting tools that have been available.

The list price is $79.99 and the tool is made in the U.S.A.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Robust

New Turner's Edge Gouges

Robust has recently released two new gouges to add to its Turner's Edge product line. They are both M2 High Speed Steel which is heat treated to 64 Rockwell C and then Nitrided which increases their cutting edge to 1880 Vickers (75+ Rockwell C). They are polished to look and feel good.

The new gouges are the 3/8" bowl gouge and the 3/8" detail/spindle gouge.

Both gouges have a list price of $65.00

For more information or to order, click here


New from Stainless Bottle Stoppers

Decorative Loops

Stainless Bottle Stoppers has just released a new product called a Decorative Loop. They are made from solid 304 Stainless Steel and feature a 3/8″ x 16 TPI thread. this means that you can use them on the ends of many spindle type products that you made including things like  Key Chains, Christmas Ornaments, and Pendants.

You can also use them with a new live center mandrel to add End Caps to the Stainless Bottle Stopper products like Bottle Openers and Honey Dippers.


For more information or to order, click here


New from Craft Supplies

Key Ring Lighter Kits

Craft Supplies has just released a handy pocket-sized lighter. It is machined from solid brass components and finished with a jewelry grade plating. It is available in chrome, gold, and gun metal plating.

It has a replaceable flint and uses standard lighter fluid with a felt reservoir and an o-ring to prevent leaking.

The finished size is 11/16" diameter by 3" long. It requires a 3/4" x 3/4" x 2 1/2" wood blank.

Prices start at $11.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Berea Hardwoods

The Surfix Ballpoint Pen Kit

The Surfix pen is an elegant "twist" to our popular Slimline ballpoint. We added a new knurled center band and a stylish spring loaded clip. Comes with a Cross style refill.  

They come in both a shiny polished or stylish hairline (Duo) finish. The following colors are available for immediate delivery:

  • Chrome
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Gunmetal / Chrome
  • Chrome / Gunmetal
  • Gold / Gunmetal
  • Chrome - Duo (hairline)
  • Gold - Duo (hairline)
  • Gunmetal - Duo (hairline)
  • Gunmetal / Chrome - Duo (hairline)
  • Chrome / Gunmetal - Duo (hairline)
  • Gold / Gunmetal - Duo (hairline)

Prices start as low as $4.10 each.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Jet

New 20 Inch EVS Drill Press

Jet has just released a new set of 20" EVS Drill Presses. One of the most impressive features is a 3-speed power downfeed. The Electronic Variable spindle speed can be adjusted between 50 and 2000 RPMs using a clutch system. An LED lamp provides all the light that you'll need. It also has a forward and reverse switch for instant tapping mode.

This drill press is available in 2 HP 115 VAC or 1.5 HP 230 VAC.

List prices start at $3399.

For more information or to order, click here


New from WoodTurners Wonders

New Sanding Conversion Backer Pads

WoodTurners Wonders has recently released two new Backer Pads. 

The first is a 2 and 3 inch Conversion Backer Pad that has Velcro on one side and a smooth flexible surface on the other side to adhere to sticky back sanding pads.

The list price for the Conversion Backer pads is $1.75 for the 2 inch and $2.25 for the 3 inch. For more information or to purchase, click here.

The second is a new Radius Edge Backer Pad which fits right on top of other 2 and 3 inch backers to allow the sanding disk to give you just the right curve for getting into the tight corners of bowls and other vessels.

The list price for the Radius Edge Backer pads is $3.75 for the 2 inch and $4.50 for the 3 inch. For more information or to purchase, click here.


New and Hot - October 2019

New from NOVA

Two New Lathes

NOVA has recently released two new lathes: the Orion 18" DVR lathe and the Comet 14" DR Midi lathe.

The Orion lathe can turn 18" inboard and 29" outboard using its swivel head. It has a standard 1 1/4" spindle thread, except in Europe and the UK where it sports an M33 x 3.5" RH thread. It comes in two bed lengths of 45.25" or 22.75" between centers.

The motor runs at 1.75 HP when on 110 VAC or 2HP on 220VAC. The speeds range from 100 to 5,000 RPM with a variable speed dial. And electronic auto braking is included.

The lathe weighs 496 lbs.

The Comet lathe can turn 14" over the bed. It uses a 1" x 8 TPI spindle thread. The bed length is 18.5" between centers and an optional accessory bed is available to extend to 44.1".

The 1 HP 120 VAC motor has a spindle speed range of 250 to 3,450 RPM.

The lathe weighs 103.61 lbs.

Both lathes are still only available in pre-production quantities of 20 and with discounted prices so if you want one, order it now before they are all gone.

The list price for the Comet is $539.99

The list price for the Orion is $2799.99

To get more information on the Comet 14" midi lathe, click here.

To get more information or to order the Orion 18" DVR lathe, click here.


New from Glenn Lucas

Locking Lever Updates for Oneway Coring System

If you've ever used the Oneway Coring system, you'll know how difficult and time consuming it is to loosen and tighten the two 1/2" bolts on the bases using a wrench. To solve that problem, Glenn Lucas has designed a set of stainless steel locking levers to allow quick release and efficient clamping of the base units.

The ½ -inch threaded bars are cross-bored in two ways to allow for the best clamping position on your lathe.

The set includes

  • 1 x locking lever and washer to clamp the base unit to the bed of the lathe
  • 1 x locking lever low profile to clamp the support knife to the base unit.

The list price is £60.00.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Stainless Bottle Stoppers

Stand-up Bottle Opener

Stainless Bottle Stoppers' new stand-up bottle opener is meant for all sizes of beer, soda, and many other bottle caps. The bottom is recessed just like their 700 and 500 series bottle stoppers for “no wobble” standing.

It is made from 304 Stainless Steel and is FDA compliant for food contact. The Stand-up Bottle Opener is 13/16″ in diameter so it can be used with their UM Mandrels with the 13/16″ bushing or BSM mandrels.

The stand-up bottle stopper has a 3/8-16 thread that is 1/2” long. The thread is not removable as the entire product is machined out of one piece of stainless steel. Overall length is 1” long, less the threaded stud.

The list price is $7.99 each and there are aggressive volume discounts available.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Penn State Industries

Bottle Opener Keychain Kit

Penn State Industries has recently released a new bottle opener keychain with an interesting symmetrical bottle-opener head. It's small enough to fit on your keychain yet strong enough to open any bottle cap. It has two knurled bands on each end for a no-slip grip. It is a 7mm kit so it uses a standard mandrel.

It comes in four different finishes: Chrome, 24kt Gold, Gun Metal, and Brass.

A 4-pack starter kit with each type of finish and appropriate-sized bushings is available for $39.95.

Individual kits can be purchased for $9.95 each.

For more information or to purchase the 4-pack starter kit, click here.


New from Flute Master

Spindle Adapter for Spiral Master

If you have a chuck with a 1 1/4" thread size and have been wanting to use the Spiral Master which comes standard with a 1" thread size, this new spindle adapter will make it easy to do. This spindle adapter fits on the 1-inch spindle of the Spiral Master, against the Iron Fire index wheel, holding it in place so that you can fit your chuck and turning blank to cut flutes.

The list price for the spindle adapter is $28.00 (postage included)

For more information or to order, click here


New from Berea Hardwoods

MP208 Magnetic Ballpoint Pen

Berea's new MP208 pen is a new elegant single tube design that not only features a new knurl design pattern but has a magnetic cap that will easily post on the body for a nicely-balanced pen.

The pen uses a Parker™ style refill. Or you can use an optional cap-less rollerball refill.

The MP208 comes in four finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Chrome and Gunmetal
  • Gunmetal and Chrome
  • Gold

The list prices start at $14.30 and go to $17.10.

For more information or to order, click here


New from WoodTurners Wonders

Kodiak Sharpening System

WoodTurners Wonders, in collaboration with TMI products, has designed a new sharpening system made exclusively for CBN wheels. The sharpening system uses a locking base to hold a long sliding arm assembly. This assembly comes notched with three fixed positions to set arm length. The system uses a swivel head assembly which holds your tool and can be set for one of two different angles. With the settings on the arm and the swivel, you can easily sharpen the following:

  • Basic Bowl Gouges
  • Bottom of Bowl Gouges
  • Spindle Gouge Fingernail grinds
  • Bowl Gouges with an Irish Grind

The value in this system is that sharpening your tools becomes 100% repeatable. That means that you remove the least amount of tool steel to get a sharp gouge and your cutting angles will always be the same.

There is also an optional mounting base which was designed to hold down certain Rikon grinders making it easy to assemble the sharpening system.

The Kodiak Sharpening System list prices start at $184.80 for a basic system and go up from there based on the system and options that you choose.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Bora Portamate

PM-900 Workbench Caster Kit

The Bora PM-900 Workbench Caster Kit with the all-swivel wheel set is a great way to make your workbench fully mobile, allowing any workbench to be moved wherever it needs to go in your shop. With a 620 lb. weight capacity, this caster kit easily supports a full-size workbench.

The Caster Kit features the following:

  • All-swivel wheels to easily move the bench around small workshops and into tight spaces
  • Non-marking three-inch rubberized wheels provide a smooth roll over cords and uneven floors
  • Each wheel has 155-lb. weigh capacity — up to 50 lbs. more per wheel than most other caster kits
  • Supports up to 620 lbs. total
  • Heavy-duty foot lever mechanism
  • Bracket designs can be fitted to virtually any bench
  • Easy to install — make one quick measurement to mark and install the kit with included hardware

The list price is $89.


For more information or to order, click here


New from Axiom Tool Group

STRATUS Ambient Air Cleaner

Axiom Tool Group recently announced the release of its revolutionary STRATUS shop air cleaner. It pulls the dust and debris downward from the work surface toward the floor, where it naturally wants to tall. Once filtered, the clean air is propelled upward into the shop environment where we breathe.

The STRATUS is portable and rugged, and removes airborne dust created by woodworking and other industrial applications. The STRATUS Pro uses the same washable pre-filter and canister filter system as the STRATUS, but is housed in an industrial-strength stainless body and adds an activated charcoal insert that can be installed when smoke, odors, or fumes are present.

Both air cleaners are extremely portable, use advanced filtering technology, are easy to clean with their "Twist and Lift" filter access, and use a powerful turbo-style fan. The air cleaners come with a three-speed fan and a 16-foot cord.

The STRATUS air cleaner is $499. The STRATUS PRO air cleaner is $699.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Veritas

Drill Stop Gauge

Veritas has recently released a new drill stop. Using a rule to set a depth stop or countersink on a drill bit typically requires juggling all three items in one hand while tightening the hex key with the other. This gauge has a V-shaped cross section that centers and aligns the bit on the gauge, making it less awkward and frustrating to hold them together.

The 110° angle accommodates bits up to 1" in diameter. With Imperial and metric scales (graduated in 16ths and millimetres), the 3-1/4" aluminum gauge has an anodized finish and laser-etched markings for ease of reading.

The list price is $6.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - January 2019

New from Kallenshaan Woods

New Cat and Dog Inlay Kits

In reaction to customer requests, Kallenshaan has released new cat and dog inlay kits.

The cat inlay kit is a non-cartoon style cat. It's perfect for a serious cat lover. There are 17 pieces total using a few different colors of dyed maple burl, cocobolo, pink dyed maple, holly and natural curly maple. It is designed to work with a Sierra pen kit.

The list price is $24.95

For more information or to order, click here.

The Dog Inlay Kit was made for the new PSI Dog Click Pen Kit. They combined the heads of three of their more popular dog breed Inlay kits. Because only the heads are being used, the pieces are larger which makes the kit much easier to assemble.

There is a total of 30 pieces which make up the heads of a German Shepherd, Beagle and Chihuahua.

Materials used are Maple, Alder, Cherry, Holly, Cedar, Pearwood, Sapele, Poplar, Pink Dyed Curly Maple, Black and Gray dyed Basswood and .020" Styrene rod.

The list price is $24.95

For more information or to purchase, click here.


New from Franklin Industries

Titebond Translucent Wood Glue

Titebond Translucent Wood Glue was designed to dry leaving a virtually invisible glue line and it bonds stronger than the wood. It has a strong tack and the fast speed of set helps reduce clamp time. When dry, this wood glue is unaffected by finishes and sands easily. It is easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.

This glue would be good for segmented turners for both open segment projects and for projects where you have light wood to light wood joints (like maple to maple or holly to holly) where the glue joints normally show up after other varieties of Titebond glues.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Craft Supplies

Two-Piece Ring Cores

Craft Supplies has just released a new two-piece ring core. The cores are made of certified stainless steel. They feature a radiused interior profile that makes them comfortable to wear. The unique two-piece press-together design provides for a nearly invisible joint when assembled. They are supplied with a brushed satin finish that can be buffed to a high-gloss finish if desired.


The rings come in wholes sizes from #6 to #12.

The list price for the ring cores is $15.95.

For more information or to order, click here.

In addition, Craft Supplies has released a Pro Ring Mandrel which is available in two sizes: 4 - 9 and 9 - 14.

The list price of the Pro Mandrels is: $45.00

For more information or to order, click here


New from Jet Tools

Redesigned 22-44 and 25-50 Drum Sanders

Jet Tools has recently redesigned its popular line of Drum Sanders. These new models feature an improved dust hood which collects 97% of all dust products. They have also redesigned the conveyor system so that it now pulls the workpiece through the sander instead of pushing it. They have also added an Automatic Speed Controller which monitors and adjusts the speed of the conveyor. And lastly, they have improved the Parallelism Adjustment so that it is tool-less and is simple to adjust. This feature helps to prevent crowning.

These newly redesigned drum sanders join the existing smaller 16-32 and 18-36 drum sanders.

The list price of the 22-44 drum sander is $1799.99. For more information, click here.

The list price of the 25-50 drum sander is $1999.99. For more information, click here.


New from Wagner Meters

The New Orion Line of Pinless Wood Moisture Meters

Wagner Meters has recently introduced a new line of pinless moisture meters. These new Orion moisture meters use the latest technology to achieve quick and accurate measurements without damaging your wood with the traditional pins used in other brands. They even come with a paired On-Demand Calibrator so that you can be sure that they are in calibration at all times.

The Orion meters come in five models so that you can pick the one best suited to your work. The different models are

  • Deep Depth (model 910)
  • Shallow Depth (model 920)
  • Dual Depth (model 930)
  • Data Collection (model 940)
  • Smart Meter (model 950)

Every Orion moisture meter comes with a stylish rubber boot to help protect your meter from accidental drops or bumps just like a phone case protects a phone. In addition, a foam-lined rugged hard case is provided for your Orion and its calibration reference.

The meters come with a 7-year warranty.

Prices start at $319.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Treeline

Brass and Pewter Walking Stick Medallions

Treeline has recently reintroduced their line of military medallions. They have medallions for the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard and more. These medallions are a great way to embellish a walking stick or cane and personalize it for the user. We have also seen them used in the Wounded Warrior project as people will make canes for disabled veterans. They look great!

The prices for the medallions go from $5.95 to $10.95.

For more information or to order, click here


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Great Bargains
(ends November 27, 2019)

Customized Electric Branding Iron

On Sale for only $99.99

Save $20.00

List price: $119.99

This customized, 110V electric branding iron will let you imprint your woodturnings in way that will never fade away. You will be able to order from fifteen different standard-size design choices, enter your custom text and proof the final design. The delivery of your custom burning head will take 2 - 3 weeks.

Click here for more information or to purchase


Rockler Mini Carbide Pen Turning Tools

On Sale for only $149.99

Save $70.00

List Price: $219.99

This three piece set has comfortable rubber handles which provide excellent control and reduce fatigue—replaceable carbide tips require no sharpening. The 3-piece sets comes with diamond, square and round carbide tipped tools.

Click here for more information or to purchase


Bar Tool Turning Kits

Get the 5 Piece Set for only $68.95

Save $15.00

Everything you need to turn out cocktails that friends will rave about—includes all five of their Bar Tool Turning Kits in one cost-saving package. Includes: bottle opener, double jigger, muddler bar, bar spoon, cocktail strainer and 5 threaded inserts.

Click here for more information or to purchase

Pen Press/Drilling Jig

For only $89.99

Save $10.00

List Price: $99.99

Drill and assemble your pens perfectly with flush fittings and a smoothly-operating mechanism! This dual-purpose jig takes care of both prep work and assembly. It holds your blank firmly in position for drilling, creating a precise, perfectly centered hole the entire length of the pen. Later, it smoothly presses your parts together without any bowing or misalignment. Notched jaws automatically center the blank for drilling, while two countersunk holes center the parts during assembly. Large clamping wheel provides slow, controlled pressure so you'll never crack a casing again.

Click here for more information or to purchase

Trend® Air Circulating Airshield Pro

For only $369.99

Save $30.00

List Price: $399.99

Protect your lungs, face and eyes during virtually any woodworking task with the air-circulating Trend® Airshield Pro. Its built-in fan circulates filtered air to prevent fogging, provide cooling and protect users from dust particulates down to 0.6 microns in size at a 98% efficiency rate. This model also meets ANSI Z87+ standards for eye-protection. It features an improved headband with a ratchet suspension and pivoting nape back strap for enhanced comfort, fit and durability. The nickel metal hydride battery allows for up to eight hours of operation on a full charge, twice the length of previous models. Includes a charger, airflow indicator and pre-installed plastic film overlay to prevent buildup of sap after heavy turning jobs, and to prevent scratching.

Click here for more information or to purchase

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