New and Hot - February 2017

New from Artisan Ideas

Adding Spice to your Woodturning - 20 Salt, Pepper and Spice Shaker Projects for Woodturners

This new woodturning book was written by Chris West, Europe's go-to guy for turning salt and pepper shakers. The book contains fifteen original and fun projects for turning salt and pepper shakers and an additional five projects on spice shakers and condiment accessories. The various shapes are quite unique: you will find shakers that look like apples, pears, mushrooms, oak barrels--even a Chianti bottle--to name just a few.

Each project is labeled by level of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and gives the finished dimension, wood used, and accessories  needed. The step-by-step procedures and diagrams are clear and easy to follow.

This is a hard cover book and since it is spiral bound, it will lay flat when you are using it in the shop--a nice feature.  It contains 68 pages.

The list price is: $19.95 and can be ordered directly from the publisher, Artisan Ideas, at

For more information or to order, click here


New from Fast Cap

Kaizen Foam for Organizing your Turning Tools

Looking for ways to organize your woodturning tools?

Kaizen Foam is a great product from the folks at FastCap. It is designed to help you achieve maximum organization and visual control in your workspace. Kaizen Foam separates between the layers creating a perfect fit for all your tools in drawers and on walls. It is available in 2’ by 4’ sheets, in three thicknesses: 7/8” (20mm), 7/8” (20mm), 2-1/4” (57mm).

They also market a Kaizen Foam Frame for use on walls. The frame comes with a single 49” extruded panel that allows you to customize your frame. It has a high-performance peel-and-stick adhesive on the back, making it fast and easy to mount on any wall. The back lip allows you to screw the panels into the wall for added support.

To see a quick how-to video on how to use it for your woodturning tools, click here.

 (Please note: Kaizen Foam has international shipping restrictions and can only be shipped to the United States and Canada for retail customers.)

The list prices for 7/8” (20mm) is $10.99. Click here for more information or to purchase this size.

The list prices for 1-1/8” (30mm) is $14.99. Click here for more information or to purchase this size.

The list prices for 2-1/4” (57mm) is $24.99. Click here for more information or to purchase this size.


New from Cindy Drozda and Mike Hunter

Cygnet Tool

The Cygnet tool or baby swan was designed by Cindy Drozda from Boulder, CO.  This is an ideal tool for many small diameter and small opening hollow forms.

A beginner or an experienced woodturner will enjoy the Cygnet ease of control due to the design and angle of the cutter on the tool.  The tool uses the versatile Hunter # 1 cutter set at 45 degrees front tilt.

The list price for an unhandled tool is: $125.00
The list price for a handled tool is: $145.00

For more information or to order, click here


New from Alan Lacer

Long Hole Drilling Set

As most experienced turners know, drilling long holes on the lathe is hard. The grain of the wood will often cause a traditional twist drill bit to wander, which means that you won't have a centered hole in your turning blank.

The best way to deal with this problem is with drills designed for long hole boring. This long hole boring set comes with the new Hamlet 3/8" diameter long bit (21.5" long  for the bit and 10" additional for the handle) plus the Oneway 3/8" hollow center in a #2 Morse taper. 

This long hole boring set is a bit different from previous shell auger or lamp bits: the bit is made from high speed steel so bluing will not harm the cutting edge; the cutting edge is a shearing angle, so it enters the cut progressively; and there are twists on the shank to aid with chip removal. 

Clearing the chips is a major problem with any type of long hole drilling on the lathe. You increase your chance of success by drilling and then withdrawing the bit when you feel any resistance. This will clear any chips and saw dust, helping to keep a true drilling line.

This long hole boring set is great for turned lamps or any other turning where you need a straight hole through your turning blank.

List price: $127.00

For more information or to order, click here


New from Brittany Nicole Cox

Sacred Geometry – a 16th Century Coloring Book

Brittany Nicole Cox, an ornamental turner (and more) from Seattle Washington collaborated with Al Collins of Lawndale, California on a new idea. The result of their work was this unique coloring book. It is a compilation of machine-drawn patterns generated by a rose engine. Rose engines are hand-operated machines that were developed in the 16th century and used during the Victorian era for the decorative turning of wood, ivory, metal, and ceramics. See Photo 1.

Photo 1.

The geometry of the patterns is determined by mathematical sequences often associated with sacred geometry and the golden mean. The MADE Ornamental Rose Engine Lathe, a modern machine designed in the tradition of the past, was used to create these patterns. See Photo 2.

Photo 2.

The front and back covers are letterpress, the front with copper foil. The binding is copper wire, allowing the book to lay flat as you color. The 72 unique patterns are printed on 180lb uncoated white paper – so your coloring utensils won’t bleed through and colors stay true. This book is limited to 300 copies and was handmade in Seattle Washington.

The book is available in limited quantities. The list price is $30 plus shipping. 

For the technically interested, we’ve put together a book of receipts. This lists the steps for how to generate each pattern on the rose engine. See Photo 3.

Photo 3.

The receipts book is also available in limited quantities. The list price is $40 plus shipping.


For more information or to order, click here


New from Martin Sabin-Smith

The Woodturner’s Journal

The Woodturner's Journal is a notebook with over 100 pages dedicated to the recording of your woodturning projects. It was created by Martin Sabin-Smith, a UK woodturner and avid YouTube woodturning presenter.

The journal is intended to be used to keep detailed notes and sketches of your work, and to jot down your turning goals and inspirations, too.

There’s a section on events and craft markets to complete and keep notes on your successes, as well as a guide to charging a fair price for your work.

With plenty of space included to brainstorm new project ideas, The Woodturner’s Journal is everything you need to record your ideas and finished pieces in one place.

If you're in the UK, you can purchase the Journal directly from Martin and get free shipping. It's available for £7.00 plus VAT. For more information or to order, click here.

If you're in the US, you can order directly from Martin and pay First Class postage from the UK or you can order directly from Amazon. For more information or to order from Amazon, click here.


New and Hot - January 2017

New from Jimmy Clewes

Mate Undercut Hollowing Tool

Earlier in the year, we told you about Jimmy Clewes' newest tools: the Mate #1 and the Mate #2. Both of these tools used Mike Hunter carbide cup cutters to hollow your wood turnings.

The thing that excited us about these tools was that the design and angle of the cutter is positioned so that the cut is limited to the depth that the cutter is protruding from the main tool shank. This greatly reduces the chance of those huge catches that can be experienced with “self-feeding” scrapers. It also shortens the learning curve so that you can be hollowing comfortably in a short period of time.

Jimmy has now introduced the new tool in this line, the Mate #1 and Mate #2 Undercut Hollowers. These hollowing tools work much like the original tools but have a large sweeping curve which allows you to reach under the rim of your hollow vessels.

The Mate #1 undercut tool comes with a small 6mm cup cutter and the Mate #2 undercut tool comes with 8mm cup cutter. The Mate #2 will basically do everything the Mate #1 does with the exception that with the larger diameter on the cutter, and with a light touch, it will give an amazing finish on the surface.

The tool has an aluminum oxide coating on bar to prevent rust and is made in the United States. The tool is supplied unhandled. You can make your own handle or you could purchase one to fit. Jimmy recommends a handle at least 18 inches in length.

Some of the things that we like about Hunter cutters are:

No grinding of the tool
No lapping of the tool
Each new cutter is sharpened and ready for use
Cutter life far greater than HSS (25 to 30 times)
New cutters, torque screws and wrenches readily available and reasonably priced
The list price on the Mate #1 and Mate #2 undercut tools are: $145.

To get more information or to purchase from Mike Hunter, click this link.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Trent Bosch

DVD: Revelations in Hollowing: 25 years of Refining the Process

Over the past 25 years, professional woodturner and instructor Trent Bosch has not only been making thousands of hollow forms, but going over every aspect of the process and refining it. Through the development of new techniques and equipment, he has made hollow forms more precise and accessible than ever before.

In his newest DVD, Revelations in Hollowing: 25 years of Refining the Process, he takes you step by step through the process, showing you multiple approaches, allowing you to decide which works best for you. In the video he shares his knowledge of this process with you in a straightforward, easy to understand manner.

The DVD runs for 2.5 hours.

List price: $35.00

For more information or to order, click here


New from Saburrtooth

Dove Tail Carving Burrs

Saburrtooth has just released a new carving cutter in a dovetail shape. This 1/8 inch shaft tool comes in both fine grit and coarse grit and is available in regular and safe-end versions.

The cutters are 3/8 inch wide at the cutting end and stand 1/2 inch tall.

The list price is $16.50.

For more information or to order, click here


New from Berea Hardwoods

Two New Pen Kits

Berea Hardwoods has recently announced two new pen kits.

The first is called the Long Boy™. It is a click pen with a two-tube design. It is 5 3/4 inches long and uses the Parker-style refill. It comes in a variety of finishes:

The Berea Long Boy Pen

The second pen kit is called the Yari™. It is a twist pen with a single tube design. It is 5 1/2 inches long and uses the Parker-style refill. It comes in a variety of finishes:

The Berea Yari Pen


For more information or to order, click here


New from Woodcraft

Pen Display Case

This new black faux-leather pen case has ivory accent stitching. The interior boasts a black felt upper and lower interior liner with enough room to store up to eight pens or pencils. Elastic cords securely hold pens and pencils in place. Lift the ribbon to reveal a surprise: a folded leg that turns the bottom panel into an easel to display your creations.

  • Dimensions: 7-5/8" long x 6-5/8" wide x 2-1/4" tall.
  • Store up to eight pens and pencils
  • Add value and show off your beautiful turnings
  • Great for displaying pens and pencils at craft fairs and trade shows
  • Bottom tray can be turned into an easel for displaying your creation

The list price is: $10.99

For more information or to order, click here


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New and Hot from Previous Years

Great Bargains

Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and Anti-fog Hard Coat

On Sale for only $34.79

Save $19.83

List price: $54.62

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NOVA G3 Wood Turning Chuck

On Sale for only $99.00

Save $60.99

List price: $159.99

Designed to work exclusively on lathes with 1" x 8 TPI spindles

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TREND AIR/PRO Airshield and Faceshield Dust Protector

On Sale for only $349.42

Save $129.38

List Price: $478.80

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