New and Hot - December 2016

New from Nova

Nova 1624 II Lathe

Nova has just announced the second generation of their popular entry level 1624 lathe. The lathe still features their 16" inboard capacity which can be increased to 29" of outboard capacity by using the optional Outboard Tool Rest Assembly. It is powered by a 1-1/2 HP custom designed motor, so large diameter turnings are not a problem. The capacity between centers is 24" and the distance can be extended in 20" increments with additional optional bed segments.

Other features of the lathe include 8 speeds (214 - 3600 RPM), forward and reverse motor function, cam operated belt drive, #2 MT headstock and tailstock, 1-1/4" 8 TPI spindle, 24 position spindle index with spindle lock, true 360º swivel head, and vibration dampening stand with adjustable feet.

This is a great lathe at the low price of $999.99

For more information or to order, click here


New from Saburrtooth

Long Taper Cutters

Saburrtooth has released two new long taper cutters. These cutters have a 1/8" shank and are available in coarse and fine grits. They would be great for getting into small spaces or for cutting thin lines. If you are power carving your wood turnings, these tools may be perfect for you.

The list price is $16.50.

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New from Elbo Tool

Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter

Tim Yoder of Elbo Tool has announced that a Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter is now available for use on the Elbo Tool Hollowing system.

The Hunter carbide cutter removes wood at an incredible rate and is easy to control.  It was designed to work with the Elbo Tool standard clamping attachment. To install, simply remove the square Elbo cutter bar and insert the Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter in its place.

This replaceable # 2 Hunter Tool Carbide Cutter is inexpensive and will give you long tool life with outstanding finish cuts prior to any sanding operations. The Carbide Cutter never needs sharpening, just rotate the tool slightly before each use. When the cutter eventually grows duller, simply replace it with another cutter.

The List Price is: $69.00

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New from Penn State Industries

Assembly/Disassembly Pen Press

The new Penn State Industries Assembly/Disassembly Pen Press allows you to assemble and disassemble your pen parts all on one easy-to-use tool. It acts as a traditional pen press to reliably and accurately press your pen parts together, while the disassembly function gives you an invaluable way to take virtually any pen apart.

The press can provide up to 250 foot pounds of pressure which ensures that both the assembly and disassembly functions will go smoothly. Adjustments are simple using the smooth sled mechanism and a locking lever.

Changing from assembly to disassembly is really quick and is just a matter of removing the plastic stop component. The disassembly function uses one of the six included metal rods sized to fit common pen blank sizes.

This pen press looks to have all the functions that you need for pen turning in one package.

The list price is $69.95

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New from Kallenshaan Woods

Inlay Kit Sanding Mandrel

Having difficulty getting your brass tube into your inlay pen kit after gluing in all the inlay pieces? Now you can quickly and easily sand the inside of your glued-up inlay kit blank allowing the brass tube from your pen kit to fit perfectly!

Just mount the sanding mandrel in your cordless drill or drill press, clean up the inside of your pen kit, and you’re good to go! The mandrel also works well to clean up any excess glue build-up inside the brass tube.

Fits inside diameters of 3/8” and up. The mandrel is equipped with 60 grit sandpaper which is glued firmly to the steel rod. The sandpaper can be cleaned up well with an eraser or a sanding belt stick.

The list price is $7.00

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New from Ron Brown

Unique Full Sized Off-Center Chuck

Ron Brown has just released a very unique off-center chuck. It fits onto your lathe and allows you to hold full sized plates, platters, and wall art, as well as pendants, goblets, turned lidded boxes, winged bowls, candle sticks, chair legs and much more.

This full sized off-center chuck can also accept full sized four-jaw scroll chucks, face plates, and screw chucks; in fact, anything you can currently mount onto your regular lathe spindle.

This off-center chuck is available in 12" and 16" sizes and works with two spindle thread sizes: 1" x 8 TPI and 1-1/4" x 8 TPI. It can be used as a standalone chuck or can be combined with the Ron Brown Doughnut Chuck.

This is a very limited pre-production run available for a very limited time until Dec 15th, 2016. The Ron Brown staff will be traveling on the Woodworking Show circuit through April of 2017.

Prices start at: $129.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - November 2016

New from Rubber Chucky Products

Face Plate Seals

Convert your EXISTING Face Plate into a Vacuum Face Plate

The seals are available in 3, 4, 4 ½ ,6, and 10 inch diameters and designed to fit many OEM and aftermarket face plates.

Easy to use – simply slip it over your existing face plate, align your workpiece and turn on the vacuum. The vacuum holds the Chucky Vacuum Face Plate Seal and your turning in place.

Prices start at $9.95 through $21.95

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - October 2016

New from SaburrTooth

2 inch Flat Grooving Wheels

SaburrTooth has just released a set of 2" flat grooving wheels in fine (yellow), coarse (green), and ex-coarse (orange). These carving wheels have a bore size of 3/8" to fit most popular mandrels and can cut a groove, .150" wide and 3/8" deep.

These are excellent power carving bits for embellishing your turnings!

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - September 2016

New from Teknatool / Nova

Nova Modular Tool Rests

Teknatool, the owners of the Nova line of woodturning products, has released a line of new modular tool rests. They come with tool rest posts and tool rest bars and you can mix and match the components.

The tool rest posts are threaded at the top and this allows you to mount tool rest bars of different sizes. You can also attach other turning accessories that fit the tool post.

The tool posts come in three sizes:

5/8" X 3-1/4" #9024
(List Price: $7.99)
For more information or to order, click here.

1" x 5" #9025
(List Price: $9.99)
For more information or to order, click here.

1" x 8" #9031
(List Price: $11.99)
For more information or to order, click here.


And the tool rest bars come in three sizes:

4" #9026
(List Price: $19.99)
For more information or to order, click here.

6"  #9027
(List Price: $23.99)
For more information or to order, click here.

12" #9028
(List Price: $31.99)
For more information or to order, click here.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - August 2016

New from Rubber Chucky

Chucky Vacuum Face Plate

The Vacuum Face Plate is the newest product from Rubber Chucky. The Vacuum Face Plate allows you to mount your turnings to the lathe with a broad flat surface instead of a drum-shaped adapter. You can even use it with offset turnings.

Available in 8", 12" and 16” diameter. 1-8”, 1 1/4-8” and M33-3.5 spindle sizes. You must have your own vacuum system.

Can also be used as a sanding disc or for Offset Turning (adapter required) on your tailstock.

List Price ranges from $59.95 to $149.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - July 2016

New from Jet and Powermatic

New Tailstock Swing Aways

Both JET and Powermatic have announced new tail stock swing aways that easily move the tailstock out of the way and securely lock it to the lathe bed with a few turns of a handle.

This is perfect for when you want to turn off the end of the lathe. Both can be used with the optional bed extension mounted in the lower position.

The JET Tailstock Swing Away (#719001) fits Jet 14" and larger lathes (JET 1440VS, 1640EVS, 1442VS, and 1642EVS.) The list price for the Jet is $289.00.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - June 2016

New from Jet

New 1640 EVS Lathe

JET has just announced a new lathe: the JET 16" x 40" Electronic Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe. Exciting features include a sliding headstock that also pivots 360 degrees, electronic infinitely variable speed from 40-3200 RPM, and a newly-designed head stock locking handle.

Here are some features from their website:

  • Provides for a 16.5" swing over the cast iron bed
  • Headstock slides and rotates for maximum versatility
  • Extended spindle nose houses dual headstock spindle bearings and it has a MT2 tapered spindle with 1 1/4" x 8 TPT threads
  • Banjo uses non-marring, positive locking wedge system to securely hold tool post
  • Spindle lock latch frees up both hands
  • Electronic infinitely variable speed from 40 – 3200 RPM with two speeds: 40 - 1200 (low) and 100 - 3200 (high) controlled by v-belt
  • 36 integrated indexing positions
  • Runs on 115VAC, single phase to drive the 1.5 HP motor. It only needs a 15 amp circuit
  • Conveniently located digital readout

It is available now and will retail for $2,499.99.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - May 2016

New from Glenn Lucas

Traditional Irish Platter DVD

Follow Glenn’s tried and tested platter making tips for this Traditional Irish Platter.

"Making beautiful functional ware for everyday use, is what I love to do. The style for this plate is based on an old Irish design from an heirloom in my collection. In easy to follow steps, I will show you how to make this piece. It is practical for daily home use, finely detailed and shows off the grain when not in use. Once you master this project, add your own flourish and design, and build up a dinner service! "

The video can be downloaded or purchased as a DVD.
It runs for 1.5 hours.

Most retail outlets are selling the DVD for $29.95. You can purchase directly from Glenn for less. Or take a chance at winning this and other items in the Grab Bag Raffle above.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - April 2016

New from Jimmy Clewes

Mate #1 and Mate #2 Hollowing Tools

Jimmy Clewes has just released a set of woodturning tools that he has designed. They are manufactured by Mike Hunter, using his renowned high-quality cup cutters.

The new tools are called the New Mate #1 and Mate #2. They are extremely versatile, user friendly, lots of value for the money and work both as a hollowing tool and a cutting tool.

Since these tools use the Hunter cutters, they do not scrape they CUT!  And, they provide for lots of tool control due to the design and angle of the cutter on each tool. The cutter is set just below the surface of the tool, which helps protect the cutter from inadvertent and very irritating chips.

The Mate #1 has a small 6mm cup cutter (micro crystalline carbide cutters sharpened with diamonds.) It is set into a machined pocket at approximately 22 degrees.

The Mate #2 has an 8mm cup cutter (micro crystalline carbide sharpened with diamonds) set into a machined pocket at approximately 32 degrees.  The Mate #2 will basically do everything the Mate #1 does and the only exception is the larger diameter on the cutter.

I asked Jimmy which one he would recommend if you could only buy one and he recommended the Mate #1. He said that the Mate #2 might be a touch better when doing larger pieces.

The tools are supplied unhandled which means that you will need to make your own handle. It is recommended that you make the handle longer rather than shorter and at least 18 inches in length.

Both the Mate #1 and Mate #2 will cut wet wood, dry wood, long grain or end grain with ease. The cutter is positioned so that the cut is limited to the depth that the cutter is protruding from the main tool shank. This greatly reduces the chance of those huge catches that can be experienced with “self-feeding” scrapers.

The tools are manufactured in the United States.

The list price for each tool is $145. You can get both for the discounted price of $270.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - March 2016

New from Rubber Chucky

Chucky Vacuum Cone

Rubber Chucky Products has recently announced its newest product. The Chucky Vaccum Cone threads directly to your lathe spindle and offers unique turning opportunities.It is available in 1" x 8 TPI, 1 1/4" x 8 TPI and M33 3.5 TPI spindles.

Of course, you must provide your own vacuum pump, but when combined with this new vacuum cone, it can hold small boxes, bowls and other turnings. It can be used with the taper end towards the tail stock or turned around to hold an item on the tenon side.

The Chucky Vacuum Cone is available now and has a list price of $29.95.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - February 2016

New from Teknatool / Nova

Galaxi DVR 1624-44 Lathe

Teknatool, the manufacturers of the NOVA brand of products has announced a new lathe to add to their growing product line. The Galaxi lathe is a 16" lathe with a 44" length. It has a 1.75 HP 220V DVR motor with a new set of controls. The controls allow you to preset 5 different favorite speeds and the ability to dial in your desired speed for faster, more precise speed setting.

The lathe features a 1 1/4" x 8 TPI spindle with MT 2 support on both headstock and tailstock. The new speed controls allow you a low end speed of 100 RPM and a new higher top end speed of 5000 RPM. And the lathe comes with a strong, CAD designed cast iron stand.

The lathe is for sale at this time in the United States in limited pre-launch availability. So, order yours today to take advantage of the pre-launch discount.

For more information or to order, click here


New and Hot - January 2016

New from Wood Turners for Wood Turners

Black Hole Dust Collection System

This is a brand new dust collection system that was designed by Wood Turners for Wood Turners. Finally, effective dust collection at the wood lathe. Now you can capture dust as close to the source as possible when sanding.  It is designed for a 4" dust collection hose and a 4" port. The port shown is a "mini gulp" style port which can be found at many woodworking sources.

In order to get maximum benefit from this product a very flexible 4" hose is required so that you do not have to fight the stiffness of the hose and you can easily position the port where desired.
It will fit practically any lathe and comes with adapters to avoid drilling into the body of your lathe if you prefer to avoid that. It was originally designed for the Powermatic 3520B and various sliding headstock Jet lathes, but has been installed on Stubby lathes, Robust lathes, Woodfast's, Delta and others.

You can purchase this system from Craft Supplies and Packard. It is also available sometimes on ebay for a lower prices since it does not include the port or the hose.

The list price is $199.95.

To see this product at Packard, click here.

To see this product at Craft Supplies, click here.


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