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Tailstock Steady

Jerry Marcantel from Wood Turners Work Holding Solutions has recently released a new woodturning product called the "Tailstock Steady". This new product was designed to hold your woodturning blank with two steady rest-type wheels allowing you room to turn while it's in use. This makes it extremely useful when removing tenons from your woodturnings.

The base plate of the Tailstock Steady has four facets. They are spaced at 90 degrees apart and you choose which of the two opposite ones that you want to use. One set angles the wheels outwards and one angles them inwards. This increases the flexibility of the tool and allows you to choose what works best in your turning situation.

To see it in action, Jerry has several YouTube videos demonstrating it's use.

The list price is $150 plus $10 for shipping in the United States.

For more information or to order, click here


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