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Woodturner Abrasive Paste and Polishing Paste

Tom and Annette Ackley have recently released two new products for woodturners. They are an abrasive sanding paste and a polishing paste. The products use ingredients that are pharmaceutical grade and food safe. They are made in the U.S.A.

The abrasive sanding paste is an excellent way to finish your turnings. You sand your turning to at least 240 grit, then apply a thin coat of sanding sealer. When the sanding sealer is dry, sand it lightly and apply the abrasive grit. Rub the abrasive grit into the wood, increase the speed of your lathe and buff it until it no more paste comes off. At this point, you will have a great matte surface. This process reduces your sanding time and sanding dust.

Now just add your final finish to provide your top layer of protection to the wood. The Ack's restoring and polishing paste is perfect for this purpose. Rub the polish on the wood while the lathe is turning until it can no longer be felt on the surface of the wood. The small amount of Carnuba wax helps to create a strong, durable finsh. At this point, your piece is finished and ready for using with any food product. If you'd like a display plece finish, you can achieve that by adding your favorite friction polish.

The products are delivered in an 8 ounce plastic jar.

The price of the abrasive sanding paste is $25 and at this time you also get a free jar of polishing paste. This price is a bargain.

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