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Long Hole Drilling Set

As most experienced turners know, drilling long holes on the lathe is hard. The grain of the wood will often cause a traditional twist drill bit to wander, which means that you won't have a centered hole in your turning blank.

The best way to deal with this problem is with drills designed for long hole boring. This long hole boring set comes with the new Hamlet 3/8" diameter long bit (21.5" long  for the bit and 10" additional for the handle) plus the Oneway 3/8" hollow center in a #2 Morse taper. 

This long hole boring set is a bit different from previous shell auger or lamp bits: the bit is made from high speed steel so bluing will not harm the cutting edge; the cutting edge is a shearing angle, so it enters the cut progressively; and there are twists on the shank to aid with chip removal. 

Clearing the chips is a major problem with any type of long hole drilling on the lathe. You increase your chance of success by drilling and then withdrawing the bit when you feel any resistance. This will clear any chips and saw dust, helping to keep a true drilling line.

This long hole boring set is great for turned lamps or any other turning where you need a straight hole through your turning blank.

List price: $127.00

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