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Knives you can lose

Many of us carry pocket knives with us each and every day. It's always a sad time when we misplace or lose one of them. Now there is an inexpensive alternative that will not make you feel bad if you lose one because the loss of one of these is about the same cost as dropping your paper cup of coffee in the morning.

The inexpensive, stainless steel knives come in boxes of five and are meant for people who frequently lose their pocketknife. This knife has all of the features of its more expensive cousins including the knife, a nail file and a set of scissors.

These knives are not intended to be razor sharp out of the box, so you'll need to hone them. But they are inexpensive, and after you sharpen them, the stainless steel holds an edge well.

The knife is 2-1/4" long by 3/4" wide and weighs 28g (1 oz). Only available in packages of five.

These knives are available from our Canadian friends, Lee Vallley.

The list price for all five knives is only: $12.95

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