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Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burner

Embellishing wood with fractal burning has been very popular recently. Unfortunately, there have been a few incidents where using very unsafe practices with homemade units have led to the users’ death. The lack of an understanding of high voltage, its relationship to current, and the use of materials designed for such applications has probably contributed to these incidents.

After having seen these unsafe home-made burners, Charles Waggoner of Conestoga Works decided to produce and market a fractal burner. As with any other potentially dangerous activity, the following of established instructions while using properly designed equipment greatly reduces the hazards associated with that activity. He uses these premises in the design and construction of his burner while taking advantage of being a 28-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he was trained in the use of high voltage electricity. Using this military experience with high voltage, he designed and built the following unit.

Conestoga Works has announced their newest product, the Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burner. This is a state-of-the-art high voltage, low amperage wood burner and is used to create those beautiful dendritic figures on wood. See photo below.

The Conestoga system features state-of-the-art electronics, custom built probes, and a foot activated switch. The cables and probes are constructed of extremely high dielectric insulating materials to ensure the user is protected from the electric current. The foot switch conveniently controls the power to the burner and allows the user to maintain total control of the probes.

The burner includes:

  • 12,000 volt, 35 mA solid state power supply
  • Momentary foot activator switch, press "on" – release "off"
  • Indicator lamp illuminates when unit is on
  • Insulated plastic case with built-in insulated probe storage pockets
  • 36” insulated leads
  • Custom designed phenolic probes with safety ring to protect the user from the probe tips
  • Large brass tips
  • Instuctions on how to use the system

The list price of the burner is: $299.00


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