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Woodturner PRO has announced a new product called Segment PRO. It is a completely new piece of software for designing segmented vessels. The software uses 3D technology to allow users to design simple or complex segmented vessels in a matter of minutes.

Segment PRO was created so that beginner segmented turners can start designing vessels right away using the 150+ sample vessel shapes. All you have to do is to modify the vessel height and the software automatically creates the design for you. You can then see this design in three different formats: Painted Segment, Feature Ring or Tornado-style vessels. So one design gives you three different techniques. You can then print out the Summary Sheet and go into the shop to start making the vessel or you can customize it to your liking.

Advanced users will be able to take advantage of all the new features which will make designing vessels faster and easier. And being able to take one design and use it in three different formats should be a big boost to productivity.

Segment PRO is available stand-alone or as a software suite containing all the Woodturner PRO products. When you download the software, it starts a free 30-day trial period. This way you can test out the software before purchasing it.

The price of Segment PRO is $79 (or $139 if purchased as a suite of all four programs from Woodturner PRO).

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