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Wonder Weave Pro Net Sanding Discs

Wonder Weave Pro Net Sanding Discs are made from White Fused Alumina (WA) which is also White Fused Aluminum Oxide. This is not the same as your mother’s aluminum oxide. It belongs to the electro-fused artificial corundum group and is an important mineral used widely for refractory bricks, precast refractory shapes, ceramic shapes, various surface preparations, sandblasting, and sandpapers–of course. It is much harder than normal aluminum oxide and is obtained from reduced fusion of high purity calcined alumina in electric arc furnaces. It has high purity and great self-sharpening characteristics which makes it perfect for all kinds of abrasive applications.

These hook and loop discs not only have coated aluminum oxide, but they also have ceramic particles mixed in which makes them extra durable and long lasting! Notice how uniform the abrasive is applied to the tear resistant latex backed paper.

It is available in 2" and 3" round sanding discs, are hook and loop compatible, and are available in 13 different grits from 60 to 3000 grit.

This new product compares to the Abranet sanding discs but is about 1/4 the cost.

They are available for purchase online.

For a 2" sanding disc sample, $12.50, click here.

For a 3" sanding disc sample, $22.50, click here.

For a 2" and 3" sanding disc sample, $27.95, click here.


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