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CBN Lathe Mandrels

Even wondered what it would be like to have a 1, 2, 3 HP grinder? A grinder that (depending on your lathe) you can slow down to 50 RPMs to eliminate mistakes because the wheel is turning too fast, or speed up to get the exact grind you'd like? How about a grinder that you can put in reverse at any speed like a Tormek? Maybe you'd like to sharpen in reverse so you can freehand grind gauges at will to get that perfect angle or special burr? Maybe you travel, or maybe you're a demonstrator and would like the ability to sharpen your tools the way you like while on the road. Perhaps you want an absolute non-hollow grind for your scrapers or skews, and the ability to raise a scary sharp burr off the side of the wheel. Well now you can.

WoodTurners Wonders has just announced a new Morse Taper #2-based lathe mandrel that is robust enough to use with your CBN wheels. The mandrel protrudes from the head stock about 3" using a machined stop.

To use the lathe mandrel, mount your CBN wheel, tightened the nut, position your live center's point into the dimple on the lathe mandrel shaft, snug up the tailstock and you're set to grind.

The lathe mandrel is available with a 1/2" arbor for 6" wheels or with a 5/8" arbor for 8" wheels. It comes standard with a threaded shaft and nut.

And of course, you don't have to use this lathe mandrel for only your CBN wheels, you could use it for buffing wheels or even sanding disks.

The price on the lathe mandrel is $59.95.

For more information or to order, click here


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