Garden Tools

The name, "Garden Tools" covers a wide range of handy implements that someone might use in their gardening. We have seen dibbles, garden shovels and garden forks. We're hoping that others might also share projects that fit into this category.


Turn a Pot-Maker for the Gardener in your FamilyTurn a Pot-Maker for the Gardener in your Family
By: Andy Kuby
With the beginning of gardening season at hand, getting a head start on your seedlings should be a priority. Here’s a time-tested appliance that makes seedling pots from ordinary newspaper.  You could buy one on Amazon, but why not be ecologically responsible and make one yourself from the recycled wood in the back of your shop?


Turn a Paper Seed Pot MakerTurn a Paper Seed Pot Maker
By: Alan Sturgess
In this short project, Alan gives us the dimensions and short description on how to make a paper seed pot for use in germinating and growing seeds for the garden. This is a very useful tutorial as these paper seed pots can go directly into the garden and are basically free. This would make a wonderful gift for any of your gardening friends!


Ant Barrier - Green Turning with Recycled PlasticsAnt Barrier - Green Turning with Recycled Plastics
By: James Duxbury
In this photo tutorial, Jim shows us how he uses a recycled plastic billet to turn an ant barrier to his hummingbird feeder.

Jim tells us all the issues with turning this type of plastic while showing us how to make this project. Even though this plastic is not a lot of fun to turn, it's really useful to projects outdoors!


Turn a PotTurn a Pot
By: Jim Duxbury
Many gardeners use seeds to start their gardens each year. Many will grow these seeds indoors in the early spring in order to have full sized plants ready for the garden season.

In this photo tutorial, Jim shows us how to turn a garden tool which is comprised of two pieces; a pot form and a pot press. This tool allows any gardener to make their own seed starting pots from newspaper. The process to make the pots is fully described and is quick and easy to do. In fact, anyone can do it! And the turning is fast and easy too!

Not only is this a great idea, but the pot is biodegradable so it's good for the environment!


Turning a Set of Garden ToolsTurning a Set of Garden Tools
By: Dennis Daudelin
In this project tutorial, Dennis Daudelin shows us how to make a nice set of Garden Tools. He uses the Mike Hunter set of Garden Shovel and Garden Fork which comes with a brass ferrule.

Dennis uses an olivewood spindle and turns a handle for each of these stainless steel tools. There is an easy-to-understand photo for each step in the process so it's easy for even beginners to follow.

These Garden Tools are available from Mike Hunter. You can find them here:

Mike Hunter Garden Tools


Turning a DibbleTurning a Dibble
By: Tom Hintz
A Dibble (also called a Dibbler) is a simple tool used by gardeners to create holes in soil for planting seeds and small plants. The base design includes a ball-shaped handle, a flare and a taper with a series of 6 markings at 1" intervals that serve as a depth gauge. Modifying the Dibble with your own ideas or to fit your favorite gardeners needs is simple.


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