The lathe is a wonderful machine for making parts for children toys or the entire toy. This section is dedicated to making projects available that are toys that can be made for children.


Mexican BolerosMexican Boleros
By: Chuck Kemp
Mexican boleros are a type of yo-yo. There are two types -- one consisting of a cup on a stick with a ball attached to a handle by a string. The object is to toss the ball and catch it in the cup. The second type consists of a barrel-shaped body that is attached by a string too a handle with a peg on one end. The object is to toss the barrel and catch it on the pegged handle. Chuck shows us power to make a barrel bolero in the photo tutorial.


Put Some Spring in your ToysPut Some Spring in your Toys
By: Richard Dlugo
In this AAW reprint, Richard shows how he make this pull toy for a grandchild. He turns characters, woobly wheels and uses springs to bring life to the toy. This toy would be welcome by any young child.


The MagFigure Toy The MagFigure Toy
By: Ian Salisbury
Most of the wood turned items we make just sit on a shelf to be looked at. So I was quite pleased when, last year for Christmas, my son asked if I could make an old-fashioned turned wooden toy for his five-year-old daughter. But he stated that it must have play content and be fun, not just a thing you look at, and no electronics.


The Toy Soldier's WifeThe Toy Soldier's Wife
By: Dennis Daudelin
I recently turned a toy soldier. It was my entry into my local woodworking club’s annual 2x4x8 contest. Based on the rules, I was only allowed to use a single 2x4x8 for the piece. It took me a while and several layouts to create my design. I had to make several glue-ups and then I turned, sanded, and painted the soldier. He is one foot tall.


By: Mr Hans-Gunter Konig
This wonderfully detailed tractor was made by Mr Hans-Gunter Konig from Germany.

He includes full drawings of all the parts in 1:1.5 scale which would enable you to scale the drawings to any size that you would like. He also shows how he hold some of the more unusual parts which is a big help!


Small Parts Regulations - Toys and Products Intended for Use by Children Under 3 Years OldSmall Parts Regulations - Toys and Products Intended for Use by Children Under 3 Years Old
By: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision
This regulation was created to define a set of rules regarding products intended for children under three. The regulation prevents deaths and injuries from choking on, inhaling, or swallowing small objects they may "mouth".

This document should be mandatory reading for anyone making any objects that may be used or intended for children!!
Here is a more detailed, accompanying document.


Ball and Cup ToyBall and Cup Toy
By: Bob Hamilton
Bob Hamilton does a great job with this photo tutorial on how to make both the goblet-like cup and the ball in this old-fashioned play toy. Bob even provides assembly tips, thankfully because I would have never thought of how to do this easily!!

This is one of those timeless toys that children of all ages will enjoy.


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