Wood scoops have been used for centuries to "shovel" goods out of sacks and barrels. They are very easy to make and extremely useful in the modern kitchen. Think of how nice they would be to use for coffee beans (or grounds) or flour or dog food or anything else that you keep in large quantities in your kitchen.

Maybe it's time to make a couple for around the house?


Boutique Measuring ScoopBoutique Measuring Scoop
By: Kurt Hertzog
In this tutorial, Kurt shows us how to make a unique, two-piece scoop. Instead of relying on a mortise and tenon joint in the thin scoop side wall, he uses a wire twisted around the body of the scoop and anchored into the handle. This is a very clever solution to the handle problem and you should check out the article to see how he did it.


Making a Scoop JigMaking a Scoop Jig
By: Dave Gould
In this tutorial, Dave shows us how he makes a set of custom scroll chuck jaws to hold is turned scoop blanks. His jaws hold the scoop blanks without vibration which we all know is the enemy to a good turned surface. Dave makes it look easy and wants us to jump right in and make our own!


Turning a ScoopTurning a Scoop
By: Richard Raffian
Richard Raffian is one of our favorite turners. He's been helping turners learn about the lathe and turned objects through is books and lessons for years! He's an easy to understand, no nonsense turner and we love his projects!

In this project, Richard shows us how to turn a spindle into a goblet-like shape and then to make it into a scoop. This is an easy project and most turners will be able to make these wonderfully helpful items in no time!


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