Kitchen Accessories

There are lots of turnings that you can use in your kitchen. You can find them throughout the project pages. And you can find some of them here...


Oven SticksOven Sticks New Woodturning Projects by
By: John K. Jordan
In this hand drawn tutorial, John shares how he turns an oven stick on the lathe. An oven stick is used to move racks in the oven without needing a pot holder and without getting burnt. This is an easy tutorial to follow and you get to turn a useful kitchen accessory.


How to Make a Pig Tail FlipperHow to Make a Pig Tail Flipper New Woodturning Projects by
By: Stephen Johnson
In this photo tutorial, Stephen Johnson shows us how he makes a handle to hold the new pig tail flipper tool for his BBQ. He uses a pen mandrel to hold the wood on the lathe which is a great idea as it also creates the hole needed for the threaded brass insert. This is a fast and easy project and what a great thing to have at the BBQ.


How to Turn a Treen: Make a Fork Turning Project on Your Lathe How to Turn a Treen: Make a Fork Turning Project on Your Lathe
By: Ernie Conover
In this photo tutorial, Ernie shows us how to cut out a fork blank and mount it on the lathe. He warns us of the possible pitfalls in making this mostly air turning. And he wraps up by explaining how to fine tune the finished turning to be most attractive.

This could be a great gift for a family member or friend that likes spending time in the kitchen.


Kitchen Utensil Holder (Segmented)Kitchen Utensil Holder (Segmented)
By: Richard Wile
In this short project tutorial, Richard fulfills a request from his son for a kitchen utensil holder. He makes it from segmented rings so it's easy to build up the turning blank and offers you lots of room for creativity in type and color of the woods, shape and size.

I have have turned kitchen utensil holders like this and have gotten great feedback. It's a turned item that is used every day. And I've resized them smaller and made them pencil cups.


Artisan Rolling PinArtisan Rolling Pin New Woodturning Projects by
By: Rick Campbell
In this tutorial, Rick shows us how to make a rolling pin with an offset laminated turning blank. He also shows us how to make handles that spin and wraps it up with a mounting rack.


Turn a 15-Minute Sand TimerTurn a 15-Minute Sand Timer New Woodturning Projects by
By: Paul Ross
Paul turns some spindles and a couple of faceplate turnings to create a stand for a glass sand timer.


Turn a Carving Knife SetTurn a Carving Knife Set New Woodturning Projects by
By: Dennis Daudelin
In this project, Dennis shows us how he makes a kitchen carving set using a knife and fork set. Dennis uses mahogany and then later cherry to make these kitchen tools. This could be a real nice addition to your kitchen or could make wonderful gift for family or special occasions like weddings.


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