The modern world lives off clocks. That means that we all use clocks regularly!

The question for a turner is, "What type of clock do you use?". Usually, the answer is whatever is available. But it's within our power to make custom clocks that are wood turned, show some flair and are personal to us!

Clock parts are readily and inexpensively available so it's a matter of "deciding" to make a clock for yourself. Here are some helpful articles to helping you figure out what you clock will look like!


Turning a Miniature ClockTurning a Miniature Clock
By: Wolf Moehrle
In this fun project, Wolf shows us how to make a laminated turning blank to add color and interest to our clock. He then shows how to turn the clock body. He even shares how to make your own arbor to hold small projects like this on the lathe.


Turning a Wooden ClockTurning a Wooden Clock
By: John Lucas
Probably one of the very first projects I turned was a clock. I glued a couple of boards together to get the proper thickness and then turned it. I’ve made quite a few since then and learned a few tricks. I hope to pass these on to you in a few articles. This one will be pretty straight forward turning--nothing fancy--but I will describe different methods of creating dowels to be used as markers.


Turning a clock with router inlaysTurning a clock with router inlays
By: John Lucas
In the last article I wrote for More Woodturning Magazine, August 2016, I explored making clocks using drilled inserts to mark the clock face. In this article I will show you my method for using the router to add inlays to the clock. I use the router to add inlay to many projects but it is especially nice for clock faces. I will also add a little bandsaw carving on this clock.  I have always been impressed with the way ferns look in the early morning, all curled up. I also like the shapes of snail shells. I wanted to add that kind of shape to this clock to add a little interest and take it away from the normal round clock.


Turn your own Desk ClockTurn your own Desk Clock
By: John Taylor
In this photo tutorial, John shows us how to turn a desktop clock using a 70 mm clock insert. This would be wonderful on any tabletop and would make a great addition to a desk set (think: pen, pencil, paper clip holder and clock).


Desktop ClockDesktop Clock
By: Luke Crowsen
In this photo tutorial, Luke shows us how to mount a blank of wood on the lathe so that we can turn a recess into it which will hold a battery-powered clock. Then he shows us how to cut a flat spot on the blank for setting on the desktop. It's a fast, easy project and one that is an excellent gift item.


A Wall ClockA Wall Clock
By: Darrell Feltmate
Building a wall clock from a single piece of wood can be a fun and easy project. In this photo tutorial, Darrell shows how he built this clock for his daughter.

The process is very clear and shows how to turn the clock. In addition, he shows how he uses a brass tube and fills it with a hand turned walnut dowel to create the time increment inserts. It's a very interesting technique and can be useful for many other projects.

I'm sure that you'll be impressed with the end result of this clock!!


Make a Segmented ClockMake a Segmented Clock
By: Bob Hamilton
In this multi-page detailed photo tutorial, Bob Hamilton shows us how he builds a segmented clock frame. Every step of the process is well documented and well photographed.

This is a project that is well worth the time it takes to make!!


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