Turning wood eggs on the lathe sounds like an easy thing to do. That is until you try it for yourself. Getting the curves right on turned eggs are a real challenge. Just try it and you'll know!!

These projects shows how the author approaches the problem and their solutions. If you want a good, fast, challenging turning project, Go for the Eggs!


Turning an EggTurning an Egg
By: Curtis Turner
In this tutorial, Curtis shows us all the steps necessary to turn our own wood eggs.


Eggs over EasyEggs over Easy
By: Richard Pikul
This article describes an easy, step-by-step method to turn eggs.


Multi-Axis Egg BoxMulti-Axis Egg Box
By: Arnold Ward
In this tutorial, Arnold shows us the step-by-step procedure on how he turns a box and then uses multiple axes to turn the stem that holds the box. Arnold provides some great drawings for each step so that you can follow along. The results are very stunning.


Make an EggMake an Egg
By: Teknatool
In this project Teknatool lists all the steps for turning an egg. They also show pictures of several turned eggs and some stands that can be used to hold your turned egg.


How to Turn a Wooden EggHow to Turn a Wooden Egg
By: Alex Elias
In this great photo tutorial, Alex shows us the step by step processes to turn a life-sized wooden egg. He also shows us how to make templates that are needed to get a consistent size and shape and how to make a Wooden Egg Chuck to hold the egg concentrically while turning the ends.

Turning eggs is much harder than it would appear at first blush. So, Alex's tutorial really is helpful in insuring a good egg shape and a consistent size.


Turning a textured eggTurning a textured egg
By: Larry Hancock
In this photo tutorial, Larry shows us how to make an egg, then he uses the Sorby texturing tool to add interesting patterns to the eggs and finally he uses color to brighten up the turning! Larry's eggs are turned to egg shape only on the top. He turns the bottom into a stand to hold up the egg. It makes the egg stand on end, very clever!


Wooden Eggs with the use of a Wooden Eggs with the use of a
By: Mike Brazeau
In this project, Mike shows you how to make a wood chuck to hold the eggs while you complete the cuts on each end of the egg. Mike then shows how he does the setup and turning of the eggs themselves.


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