Making tiny turnings is a good way to develop tool control while still getting a popular turned item. If you make the miniature turning in 1:12 scale, it will be considered proper for collectors of miniatures including doll houses.

Most anything can be turned miniature. Think of: goblets, plates, vases, lamps and more!


Turning a Mini Hollow FormTurning a Mini Hollow Form New Woodturning Projects by
By: Keith Zimmerman
In this photo tutorial, Keith shows us his process for turning a miniature hollow form which stands only about 2.5" tall. Spoiler Alert: He follows all the same steps that you would for a full-sized hollow form but uses a small piece of wood and smaller tools. Check it out since you could do this yourself.


Turning MiniaturesTurning Miniatures
By: Charlie Belden
Turning miniatures is not harder than turning full sized pieces, it just takes tool control, patience, smaller tools and a good magnifier.

With that in mind, I encourage your to consider adding miniatures to your turning repertoire. You'll be amazed at how many people appreciate these miniature turnings!

This month's Featured Project is from Charlie Belden who turns a wide range of items and is an extremely creative engineer of all things related to turning.

In this project, Charlie shows a wide range of the miniatures that he turns. then he shows us how to turn a miniature bowl from a dowel. Of course, as turners we all know how to make round spindles which are dowels and allow you to use any type of wood that you prefer or have handy.

Then Charlie shows us the tools that he uses and explains how to make your own tools so that you don't need to purchase anything special.

And lastly, Charlie shows us how to turn a miniature "cookie jar" which can be viewed as a box with a top!

With this core knowledge you can start your miniature turning fun.


Acorn OrnamentsAcorn Ornaments
By: Bob Rosand
In this reprint from the AAW American Woodturner magazine, Bob Rosand shows us how to make an acorn ornament. He goes through each step in detail which should enable you to duplicate his process leading to a successful result.

Bob also challenges you to attempt a smaller version and shows the acorn ornaments in earring size. As a lover of miniature turnings, this is an exciting project!


Turning a Miniature ClockTurning a Miniature Clock New Woodturning Projects by
By: Wolf Moehrle
In this fun project, Wolf shows us how to make a laminated turning blank to add color and interest to our clock. He then shows how to turn the clock body. He even shares how to make your own arbor to hold small projects like this on the lathe.


Turning a Bat house OrnamentTurning a Bat house Ornament
By: Craft Supplies
In this project, Craft Supplies shows how to turn this popular miniature Bat-House Halloween ornament. It's a fun and easy project and will really spice up you holiday.


Turn a Miniature Ringed GobletTurn a Miniature Ringed Goblet
By: Bill Blanken
In this project, Bill shows us how he turns a goblet and leaves excess wood to create a ring on the stem. He then undercuts the ring until it is freed. He then sands and cleans up the project to finalize his miniature ringed goblet.


Turning a miniature stoolTurning a miniature stool
By: Alan Liland
In this wonderful tutorial, Alan shows us how to make a small ~6" turned wood stool. This is a great project for people who love miniatures and also for people that want to "practice" before making a full sized model.

Alan makes what for many people is a complex 3D project into a simple set of steps resulting in a great project. I hope that you give it a try!


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