Wood turned ornaments are quite popular. They are great for everyday use in your home or for special occasions. Christmas ornaments are welcome every year and can be either plain or very fancy!

There are lots of designs for ornaments. My family likes them so much that I make a different one each year for keepsakes.


Turn a Square OrnamentTurn a Square Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: John Lucas
A square ornament is unusual for turners but as you look more closely, you'll see that each of the 6 sides has a bowl shape turned into it. These connect leading to a very attractive turned ornament.


Building an Ornament HangerBuilding an Ornament Hanger New Woodturning Projects by
By: John Lucas
In this tutorial, John shows us how to create an ornament stand. First he turns the base and then he makes the wire hanger. He shows his technique of bending the wire hanger so that you have the perfect shape. This is an excellent tutorial for turners who make ornaments.


Making a Sea Urchin OrnamentMaking a Sea Urchin Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: Ken Brinker
As a woodturner with a background in life sciences, I found the sea urchin ornaments quite fascinating since they incorporate the attractiveness of finely turned wood with the delicate beauty of a sea urchin shell.


Star OrnamentStar Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: Denny Wetter
As we approach the holidays, I wanted to make a set of ornaments for my family and friends. And since there were going to be a lot of them, I was looking for ways to make it fast and easy yet something special. I decided to use an inside-outside turning technique to create a unique feature in my ornaments.


Chickadee Christmas Bird OrnamentChickadee Christmas Bird Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: Chuck Ruby
Over the last few years I've been making miniature bird house Christmas ornaments from Woodturning Christmas Ornaments with Dale L. Nish. This past summer while I was watching the birds coming to our bird feeder, there was a family of chickadees using the feeder. Since both my wife and my mother are fond of chickadees, that inspired me to come up with a chickadee Christmas ornament.


Turning a Christmas Angel OrnamentTurning a Christmas Angel Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: John Tarpley
I think many turners enjoy making Christmas ornaments. I try to make a different one each year that I give to friends and family. I also donate ornaments to charities. In 2015 I wanted to make an angel ornament. My inspiration was the line by Zuzu in It’s A Wonderful Life. She said, “Teacher says, ‘Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.’”


Turning a Christmas Bell OrnamentTurning a Christmas Bell Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: Robin Costelle
This is an easy Christmas ornament idea I cabbaged from a friend and skilled turner, Curt Fuller, from Utah. I kind of adapted it to my style but I still got the idea from him.


Turn a Terrific Tree OrnamentTurn a Terrific Tree Ornament New Woodturning Projects by
By: Don Russell
In this tutorial, Don explains how to make a segmented sphere for an ornament body. He shows us how to cut the woods at the right angles and then how to glue it all up. He also explains how to turn the icicle and cap to create a finished ornament. They are all very stunning.


Christmas Trees - North Coast VariationsChristmas Trees - North Coast Variations
By: David Reed Smith
In this photo tutorial, David Reed Smith shows us how to turn Christmas Tree ornaments that are variations from an original Robert Rosand article. David describes how to turn an integral Star Finial and Angel Finial, as well as adding “Ornaments” to the tree by branding.


Inside-Out Profile-Turned TreesInside-Out Profile-Turned Trees
By: Roger Zimmermann
In this photo tutorial, Roger shows us how to make an inside-out turning using a ring turning process. This is an excellent tutorial and can really get your creative juices flowing to consider different techniques and different profiles. This is on not to miss.


Making Fancy Ornaments (using Inside-Outside Technique)Making Fancy Ornaments (using Inside-Outside Technique)
By: Ken Grunke
This is one of the best Inside-Outside projects that I've seen. It's clear and precise which is what you need for these semi-complex concepts.

In addition to the turning process, Ken also shows a couple of good alternatives to hangers.


Segmented Christmas OrnamentSegmented Christmas Ornament
By: Robin Costelle
In the wonderful project tutorial, Robin Costelle shows us how to make a very simple segmented ornament. There is no math or fancy calculations to make this ornament so it's one for beginners to segmented turning too!

By making the ornament in two halves, it is very simple to hollow out the insides making the final turning light enough to use on your tree.

Robin uses only two woods and some veneers so it's quick and easy to make!


Candlestick Holder with Carol Singer inside Christmas TreeCandlestick Holder with Carol Singer inside Christmas Tree
By: Ian Salisbury
In this photo tutorial, Ian Salisbury uses an inside-out turning to create a lovely Christmas Tree. He then forms a foot to hold the tree up and then turns a candlestick holder on the top. To really fancy up this great project, he turns a Christmas Carol Singer including a song book and inserts that figurine into the center of the Christmas tree.

And although this project has multiple considerations, Ian's excellent pictures and descriptions make this something that you too can make!

We hope that you'll give this project a try and send us photos of your results!


Turning a Halloween BathouseTurning a Halloween Bathouse
By: Dave Best
In this project, Dave Best conducted a demonstration at the Timp Woodworkers Association in Utah. He turned his popular miniature Bat-House Halloween ornaments. You can read the text of the project in the left column and see pictures of each step by clicking the images in the right column which then open to a larger size.


Turning a Christmas Penguin OrnamentTurning a Christmas Penguin Ornament
By: Larry Marley
Larry Marley has done it again. His new 2013 Ornament video is now ready for viewing. This is the 8th year that Larry has created a Christmas ornament video!

This year, Larry has turned a lovely Christmas Penguin. It is 3" tall and 1.5" wide.

Even if you don't make this ornament, his video has some great technqiues and many things for all of us to learn!


Creating Shell OrnamentsCreating Shell Ornaments
By: Kurt Hertzog
In this photo tutorial, Kurt shows us how he makes an urchin shell ornament. He not only provides wonderful pictures of the process, he goes into great detail about the things that count like making the finials and how to attach them to the urchin shell. He even shows us how he packages them for sale.

An urchin shell makes a wonderful ornament!


Turning Finials and OrnamentsTurning Finials and Ornaments
By: Bob Moffett
In the photo tutorial, Bob shows us how he makes the ornament body, the finial and the icicle to his hollow ornaments. He also provides an excellent drawing to explain his process of hollowing out the ornament body. This is very helpful for those new to this process!

Bob explains everything in good detail and provides a photo to help it all make sense. This tutorial is a good one for beginners.


Make Your Own OrnamentsMake Your Own Ornaments
By: David Lake
In this short project description, David Lake explains how he makes his fancy multi-wood ornaments. He uses a mixture of laminated woods and a central segmented ring to fashion his ornament and then attaches a finial made from an eccentric chuck.

This is not your average turned ornament and well worth the time to look and figure out how he did it...


Inside-Out OrnamentInside-Out Ornament
By: James D. Thompson
In this photo tutorial, James shows us how he builds a turning blank for making an Inside Out ornament. Then he shows us the steps that he follows to do the first turning, the blank reversal and the second cutting. This tutorial will give you a great overview of the process and allow you to try turning some of these unique ornaments yourself!


Turning a Scoop OrnamentTurning a Scoop Ornament
By: David Reed Smith
In this photo tutorial, David shows us how to make an ornament which is a scoop that uses a lattice technique to become a strainer.

David's first step is to show us how to make a perfect sphere. These techniques would be useful in other applications. Then after putting the lattice lines on the outside of the sphere and splitting into into it's component piece, David shows us how to make a compression jig to hold the inverted half sphere so that we can hollow it and then apply lattice lines on the inside.

This is a very clever project and looks really wonderful. It's not for the faint of heart or beginners but like always David teaches us so many new techniques that you'll find yourself using them for other projects!!


Making a Recess OrnamentMaking a Recess Ornament
By: David Reed Smith
In this photo tutorial, David shows us a really unique concept in using a piece of an original turning as a component in a second turned piece, thereby resulting in a final ornament.

This is not a beginners project but David's detailed instructions and photo's will allow any experienced woodworker to duplicate the process. David (like normal) goes into great detail in how to hold the pieces on the lathe. These are wonderful techniques to learn and you may find ways to use them for other projects.


Turning Eccentric Christmas Tree OrnamentsTurning Eccentric Christmas Tree Ornaments
By: David Reed Smith
In this photo tutorial, David shows how to turn a normal Christmas tree and then gives it a twist. By putting the base offset on the lathe, you can turn an eccentric tree, thereby making it quirky and much more attractive!

David goes through each step with detailed explanations so it's easy for your to follow. And he shows multiple ways of dressing them up with paint and glitter paint. This is a project that you might just have to run out to the shop to try!


Acorn OrnamentsAcorn Ornaments
By: Bob Rosand
In this reprint from the AAW American Woodturner magazine, Bob Rosand shows us how to make an acorn ornament. He goes through each step in detail which should enable you to duplicate his process leading to a successful result.

Bob also challenges you to attempt a smaller version and shows the acorn ornaments in earring size. As a lover of miniature turnings, this is an exciting project!


Making Eyelets for OrnamentsMaking Eyelets for Ornaments
By: Jim Underwood
In this photo article, Jim shows us how he takes a spool of wire and makes a custom eyelet that is perfect for your wood turned ornaments.

It's fast and easy enough for anyone to do! And more importantly, looks so much better than those eye hooks from the hardware store!


Christmas OrnamentChristmas Ornament
By: Bob Hamilton
In this photo tutorial, Bob shows how he makes a Christmas Ornament that appears to be an inside-out turning. But, it's NOT!!

Bob cleverly walks us through his process on making this faux inside-out turning! It's well photographed so that anyone can follow along and make it for themselves!

So, if you want to avoid the hassle of an inside-out turning and all the glue-up steps, check this one out!!


Peek Through Holiday OrnamentPeek Through Holiday Ornament
By: Wood Magazine
Turn a scrap of wood, a piece of dowel, and a dab of paint into an elegant decoration.


Turning Birdhouse OrnamentsTurning Birdhouse Ornaments
By: Eugen Schlaak
In this great photo tutorial, Eugen shows us the step-by-step process to making 2-piece spindle orientated birdhouse ornaments. He uses close-up photography so that you can see every detail of the process.

Eugen makes this project easy for even the beginner! And I personally know that people love these little ornaments.


Inside/Outside Angel OrnamentInside/Outside Angel Ornament
By: David Reed Smith
In this detailed photo tutorial, David starts by building a custom chuck for Inside-Outside turnings. Then he proceeds to assemble his blank and cut the inside of his angel. He then rotates the stock (the usual inside-outside method) and turns the final shape of the angel. Lastly, David shows us how he uses a faceplate turning to build a set of wings for the angel.

This project is a little more challenging than most but the stunning results would be worth the effort! If you have an interest in inside-outside turning and are looking for a well documented project, you may have found it!!


Turning Tree OrnamentsTurning Tree Ornaments
By: Eugen Schlaak
In this photo tutorial, Eugen shows us how he mounts a short log on the lathe and turns it into a Tree Ornament. He uses excellent close-up photography to show each step of the process, making the project look very simple for any turner to do!

He even shows how to texture the branches and then apply color. If you looking for a different holiday project this year, check this one out!


Angel Christmas Tree OrnamentAngel Christmas Tree Ornament
By: Eugen Schlaak
In this photo tutorial, Eugen shows us how he makes "Angel Ornaments". These are 2-piece spindle turnings cut from one piece of wood. The close-up photo's in this project are some of the best that you will see!

Eugen takes us step-by-step through the process and even shows the best way to use a skew in this project. Even people with "fear of the skew" might be willing to give it a go after looking at the clear pictures in the project!!

The final angels are extremely cute and would be welcome in any house! This project is a "keeper"!!


Turning an Ornament for the first timeTurning an Ornament for the first time
By: Jim Shaver
In this photo tutorial, Jim Shaver shows a series of steps to make a 3-piece hollow ornament. Jim documented these steps during a turning class at Lee Valley. The pictures are really helpful in this tutorial and the use of glue-ups for all 3 pieces is worth considering.


Hollow OrnamentsHollow Ornaments
By: Brad Vietje
In this project, Brad explains how to make a hollow ornament. Then he shows us how he glues the bottom icicle into place while the hollow globe is still on the lathe. This is a very different technique than most people and achieves Brad's goal of having an ornament with an icicle that looks and feels one-piece. This turns out to be an interesting alternative to the traditional 3-piece ornament.

For anyone that makes hollow ornaments, this is worth a good read as it may really get the "little gray cells" working!!


Hollow Ornaments - Inside Out Turning
By: Herman Burghard
In this project, Herman gives us exact dimensions and drawings to be able to duplicate his delicate inside-outside ornaments. He discusses each step along the way and uses line drawings to show us what to expect. He is so clear that he makes this somewhat complex project easy to understand.


Laminated Christmas OrnamentLaminated Christmas Ornament
By: Larry Marley
Each year, Larry Marley has been making a wood turned Christmas ornament and making a video of it's creation. These have been wonderful projects and this year is no different.

This year, Larry cuts a series of rings out of a laminated wood blank and glues them into a sphere shape. He then uses a home made sphere turning jig to create a "perfect sphere" ornament.

This is a fun project and with Larry's video tutorial, you, too, can make one... or more!


Nutcracker OrnamentNutcracker Ornament
By: Larry Marley
In his just released 2010 ornament video, Larry Marley shows us how he turns all the parts, assembles and then paints his nutcracker.

The Nutcracker Ornament is 5 3/8" tall by 1 3/4" wide and is made from maple.

The video runs around 24 minutes so get comfortable for an exciting show, you don't want to miss it!


Wishing Well OrnamentWishing Well Ornament
By: Larry Marley
In this online video project, Larry turns this 1.7 ounce, 206 piece segmented wishing well that is only 2" wide by 4" tall.

With all the pieces and it's small size, one might think that this was a really hard to make project. Well, it might be if you didn't see how Larry does it.

With this video breaking down all of the tasks, it's easy to see that this is a realistic project by taking it one section at a time. We hope that you'll give it a try!


Celtic Knot Ornament VideoCeltic Knot Ornament Video
By: Larry Marley
Larry has created a 21 minute video which runs on his website to show how to make this ornament. With the extended length video, he is able to walk you through all the steps in creating this beautiful ornament.

As you should expect, there is a bit of woodworking involved in this project but the results are quite stunning!

So, if you've ever wondered, "How did he do that", Larry is giving you an opportunity to learn all the secrets!

Check it out!!


Making a Bell Shaped Chistmas OrnamentMaking a Bell Shaped Chistmas Ornament
By: Larry Marley
In this video project, Larry Marley makes a Christmas Bell Ornament. The design is made from 3 pieces of wood and he uses contrasting woods to make the project more attractive. He then hand cuts pedals into the top of the bell and carves them to make them look like a flower. The close-ups of the carving are really helpful for those of us without carving experience! This is a new and exciting project and one worth trying!


Turned Inside-Out Christmas OrnamentTurned Inside-Out Christmas Ornament
By: Larry Marley
In this free video, Larry starts by showing us how he mills his wood for this inside-outside project. Then he shows the glue-up method that he used for assembling his turning blank. While the glue is drying, Larry turns a small tree which will ultimately become the insert inside of his turning.

Larry then mounts the inside-outside blank and shows us how he turns it, checking it with a small template. After disassembling the blank and rotating it, Larry proceeds to glue it back up into the final turning blank. Back on the lathe, Larry turns the final shape of the ornament.

We're always big fans of video's as they are more like a real demo than any other form of online content. With this video, you'll really be able to understand each step in the process. If you have any interest in inside-outside turning or in ornaments, this is one video not to miss!


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