Trembleur is a french word that relates to trembler or wobbler. This turned object is a test of your turning skill. It was originally used as a test for apprentice turners in order to pass to higher jobs.

The trembleur is made from one piece of wood in a spindle orientation. It is then turned with a turned element at the top, followed by a 2 or 3 mm thin spindle (1/16 to 3/32"), then another element and then another spindle and so forth until you get to the end.

In talking with Francois Escoulen, he mentioned that he's turned trembleurs as tall as he is! Can you imagine a trembleur at over 5 feet tall.


Turning a TrembleurTurning a Trembleur
By: Robert Bosco
In this guide to making trembleurs, Robert shows us some of the common elements that are used in trembleurs. These elements are plates from the famous book, Manuel Du Tourneur by Bergeron.

Robert then shows us how he makes a steady rest that is used to help control vibration near the turning cuts and then two types of string steady rests used to hold the turned wood.

Robert then shows a series of photos of his steps in turning a trembleur. The text is all in French so English readers will not be able to follow along except by the excellent pictures which will be enough for most experienced turners.

At the bottom of the article, Robert shows us some incredible, very tall trembleurs that he has turned (including some captive rings).

If you need a turning challenge, there are probably any more challenging than a trembleur!


Turning a Trembleur with Jean-François Escoulen Turning a Trembleur with Jean-François Escoulen
By: Dave Means
Turning a trembleur challenges one’s skill and one’s nerves. One wrong move and you can spoil hours of work. But that’s nothing new for a woodturner. A trembleur is certainly within range of any woodturner. And it is easier than most new projects, as there is only one special tool that you probably don’t already have in your shop – the string steady rest.

In this photo tutorial, Dave introduces us to the trembleur. Then he shows how to make a string steady rest and explains how to use it as the trembleur is turned. It's always amazing to me to see 6 string steady rests in use at the same time. But that's what's needed to make a trembleur.

Hopefully this tutorial will motivate you to test your turning skills by turning a trembleur.


Making String SteadiesMaking String Steadies
By: Rich Hutchinson
If you're going to make long, thin spindles like a trembleur or a long stemmed goblet, then using a string steady, often in addition to a mechanical steady, is a real blessing.

In this document, Rich shows us how he makes his steadies and then provides a .pdf file of the template for the steady. This way, you can print it out and if you lathe is the same size, you've instantly got a steady template. If your lathe is a different size, you can easily extend the bottom length making it fit your lathe.


Long Stemmed GobletsLong Stemmed Goblets
By: Rich Hutchinson
In this project, Rich explains how he makes long stemmed goblets. And when I say long, I'm talking about goblets up to 16" tall. If you're interested in tool control and fine cutting, then Rich has something to show you!


Turning of a TrembleurTurning of a Trembleur
By: Pascal Oudet
In this project, Pascal shows how he turns a Trembleur. He also goes into significant detail on how to make and use string steady rests which are the "secret" to making these wonderful turnings!


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