Wood stools were common pieces of furniture throughout the years. Today, you're more likely to see them as short stools (often used as step stools) or in tall form as bar stools or even as shop stools. They can be made with 3 or 4 legs and are very strong.

The tops of stools are normally turned and carved faceplate turnings. And the legs are great spindle projects. If you don't have one around the house, it might be time to get that lathe spinning!


Three Legged StoolThree Legged Stool
By: Alan Holtham
In this tutorial, featured on the Record Power web site, Alan shows us how he makes a 3-legged stool. Alan explains how to make a very nice angle jig for drilling the leg holes and then uses a creative workholding technique to hold the stool top on the lathe. This tutorial has many great tips for successfully turning a stool.


Three Legged StoolThree Legged Stool
By: Randy Cordle
In this very detailed tutorial, Randy shows us how to make a great three-legged stool. It includes a beautiful laminated top and through-hole tenons with locking wood wedges. Randy's stool includes rungs and decorative faux tenons. This is a dramatic looking stool and would look lovely in anyone's home.


Stool SchoolStool School
By: Nick Cook
In this AAW Journal reprint, Nick Cook shows us how to turn a basic stool. He even gives several leg templates which will make for a fancier model. Then he goes on to explain how to make bigger and more complicated stool that includes rungs. This is an excellent tutorial if you're interested in making a stool.


Turning a miniature stoolTurning a miniature stool
By: Alan Liland
In this wonderful tutorial, Alan shows us how to make a small ~6" turned wood stool. This is a great project for people who love miniatures and also for people that want to "practice" before making a full sized model.

Alan makes what for many people is a complex 3D project into a simple set of steps resulting in a great project. I hope that you give it a try!


Turning a Stool - a handy shop seatTurning a Stool - a handy shop seat
By: Tom Hintz
In this project, Tom shows how to make a four-legged stool. He shows how to properly drill for the leg holes in the seat top. And then goes on to explain how to turn the four legs. Tom does a great job explaining 2 of the more difficult tasks in this job; how to determine the length of the bottom rungs and how to get the legs level. With these two explanations, Tom has taken a challenging project and make it doable!


Turning a Triangle StoolTurning a Triangle Stool
By: Tom Rennie
In this project, Tom explains the historical nature of stools and then shows how me makes one using a manual lathe. It's fun to learn more about the history of the stool and to see how Tom makes one!


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