Wood turned spheres are wonderful objects. Their perfectly round shape attract people to pick them up, hold them and caress them. Since they can be made from all kinds of woods, you could easily have a bowl of spheres which would be wonderfully attractive!


Cubes in a Sphere - Turning Chinese BallsCubes in a Sphere - Turning Chinese Balls
By: Fred Holder
In this tutorial, Fred Holder, shows us how he uses a wood turned sphere and turns the inside into multiple layers with 4 exterior holes. The result of this project is usually called a Chinese Ball. In addition, Fred shows us how to make a "ball chuck" from readily available PVC components. If you're looking for something a bit more challenging, this might be the project for you!


Turning a SphereTurning a Sphere
By: Bill Nosie
In this photo tutorial, Bill shows us how he hand turns an oak sphere. Bill details each step so that you could follow along and make your own.


The Pen Turner's Corner: Spheres Anyone? (Part 2)The Pen Turner's Corner: Spheres Anyone? (Part 2)
By: Don Ward
Using the Carter Perfect Sphere Jig for the first time on the 12-inch spheres may have been a mistake. I should have made a few smaller ones first to get acquainted with the tool but time was short. I was making these large spheres for a chapel being built and they were part of the millwork. So, I had to jump in and get them done. The first one took about six hours with the time for each one getting shorter with the last one taking only about four.


The Pen Turner's Corner: Spheres Anyone? (Part 1)The Pen Turner's Corner: Spheres Anyone? (Part 1)
By: Don Ward
A friend who owns a cabinet and millwork business called and asked if I could make spheres. “Sure”, I said. He had seen some of the smaller ones I had made: up to seven inches in diameter. “Can you turn 12 inch spheres? ”, he asked.  He needed six spheres and one half-sphere and they had to be “identical”.


How to turn a wood sphereHow to turn a wood sphere
By: Thomas Haeckel
In this photo tutorial, Thomas shows us how he turns a sphere without any fancy jigs. He uses the shadow method and then uses a ring to detect any inaccuracies. He does a great shop showing us each step along the way. If you're interested in spheres, this is a good article to learn how.


Making a hollow sphereMaking a hollow sphere
By: Keith Larrett
In this photo tutorial, Keith shows us how he turns a hollow sphere. Now it's one thing to turn a sphere but turning a hollow sphere is a completely different task! He does a wonderful job of showing what it takes to accomplish this task and provides excellent pictures to explain the process.

Using Keith's instructions, you should be able to tackle this job and end up with a beautiful result!


Turning  a sphereTurning a sphere
By: Keith Larrett
In this photo journal, Keith shows us his technique for making spheres. He uses a bit of basic math which is easy to follow and explains it well. With this technique, you could be making spheres in no time at all...


Turning SpheresTurning Spheres
By: Barbara Crockett
In this nice photo tutorial, Barbara shows us all the steps in making spheres on the lathe. She goes step-by-step and explains each step in detail. She also shows multiple options for the cone center to hold the sphere for the final steps.


Turn a Perfect SphereTurn a Perfect Sphere
By: Robert J. Hoppe
In this tutorial, Robert uses 3D drawings to show each step in the process of making spheres. He also mixes in photo's of an actual turning to clearly show you those steps. He uses a template to determine when his spheres are perfectly round.

In this project, Robert also shows how to make a "brace" to hold the balls for final cutting and sanding. I think of the "brace" as a cone center and no matter the name, you'll need one to make spheres.


The Geometry of Turning a SphereThe Geometry of Turning a Sphere
By: Al Hockenbery
In this project, Al shows some of the math associated with turning spheres and explains how you can use this to turn spheres. He also explains how to use a small circle of plastic or wood to determine if your sphere is properly round.


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