Rolling Pin

Rolling Pins are important kitchen tools. They are used to flatten dough for making pies. Most every kitchen has one. By turning your own, you can choose the woods and make a plain single wood or a fancy multiple wood rolling pin.

These rolling pins make wonderful gifts and also are great for new families.


Cherry Rolling PinCherry Rolling Pin
By: Bill Nosie
In this photo tutorial, Bill shows us how he turns a cherry rolling pin. He chose a plain style (perfectly uniform cylinder) that will work good for most types of baking.


Artisan Rolling PinArtisan Rolling Pin
By: Rick Campbell
In this tutorial, Rick shows us how to make a rolling pin with an offset laminated turning blank. He also shows us how to make handles that spin and wraps it up with a mounting rack.


Rockin' Rolling PinRockin' Rolling Pin
By: Nick Cook
In this tutorial, Nick explains how to make a rolling pin that has handles that rotate. He uses a steel rod through the center of the turning blank with handles epoxied to the steel rod. He explains everything that you need and then goes through a step-by-step explanation on how to turn them.


Making Laminated Rolling PinsMaking Laminated Rolling Pins
By: Joe Johnson
In this tutorial, Joe explains why to make your own rolling pin and then how. He shows examples of various types of rolling pins that you can make. If you're preparing to turn a rolling pin, this is the tutorial that you want read first.


Cherry Rolling PinCherry Rolling Pin
By: Bill Nosie
Bill turns a French-styled tapered rolling pin for his wife and shows us the steps along the way.

In addition, he uses a new Benjamin's Roughing Gouge and gives us a review on it too!


Tim's Rolling PinsTim's Rolling Pins
By: Tim Heil
In this photo tutorial, Tim shows us how he turns rolling pins on the lathe. The rolling pin uses the spinning handles which makes it a really useful kitchen accessory and a great gift for any bakers that you might know!

And just imagine what it would look like if you laminated some different colored woods together...


Turning a Wood Rolling PinTurning a Wood Rolling Pin
By: Larry Hancock
In this wonderful photo tutorial, Larry shows us how he makes a rolling pin with different wood for the handles. He turns the handles separate and glues them into the rolling pin body to enable the handles to spin. This creates a fantastic rolling pin where you can roll back and forth while holding the handles tightly. This is a great project and made simple by Larry's detailed descriptions and close-up photos.


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