Making a top to a box, vessel or other turning becomes easy fast. But turning a nice finial is a bit of work. It requires both design and execution skills that are not natural to everyone. Hopefully some of these tutorials will help!!


How I Make Spiral or Twisted FinialsHow I Make Spiral or Twisted Finials
By: Richard Madden
In this photo tutorial, Richard shows us how he makes spiral finials in the style of the famous Stuart Mortimer. The results are stunning and well worth the time and effort to make one of these!


Finials: An IntroductionFinials: An Introduction
By: Richard Pikul
In this short article, Richard shares this process and a lot of tips on how to turn a good finial.


Turn a Showy FinialTurn a Showy Finial
By: Jim Harold
In this project, Jim explains how to turn a flame finial which was often used in making furniture. This shape is very popular so you can decide where you might use one.


Icicles and Finials Using 1/4Icicles and Finials Using 1/4
By: Bill Meador
In this really good tutorial, Bill not only shows us how he makes finials but he shows us the home-made tools that he uses. From the pictures of these tools, it would be easy to grind these shapes in your own shop using standard drill rod. Since the turning is so fine you wouldn't need to heat treat them so anyone can make these tools at home!

Bill gives the basic steps on making the finials and his pictures make it easy to follow along.


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