Baseball Bats

America's favorite sport!!

Wouldn't any of us prefer to play with a bat that we've turned ourselves? Imagine a son or grandson playing with a bat that they can say was turned by their father or grandfather?

Bats are long spindle turning. They actually have very little turning details; a long body and a small handle. This turning can be made very fast with so little details. Using a good solid piece of ash will make it a traditional bat!


Turning a Wood Baseball and StandTurning a Wood Baseball and Stand
By: Marvin Stoltzfus
This project tutorial will go over the steps to create a wooden baseball. I will be turning the sphere with the tool that I invented and is now being distributed by Carter Products under the name of Perfect Sphere tool. I’ll wood burn the sphere to resemble a baseball cover and lacing. I will also turn and embellish the remaining part of the wood blank to be our baseball stand.


Turning a real baseball batTurning a real baseball bat
By: Ken Weaver
In this photo tutorial, Ken Weaver shows us how to turn a real baseball bat. He does a great job showing how to measure your turning as you go which helps to ensure that you're making the bat to the correct specifications. Ken's tutorial makes turning a bat simplier!


Turning Baseball BatsTurning Baseball Bats
By: PSI Woodworking
PSI Woodworking explains how to turn a real baseball bat. They even include a description of "cupping". One of the best parts is that they share some bat specifications and show a layout of a "Rawlings" bat with dimensions along the length of the bat.


Ash, Air Dried, Baseball Bat BlanksAsh, Air Dried, Baseball Bat Blanks
By: Woodcraft
Over the years, we've had lots of people ask us, "Where can I find wood to make baseball bats?". Well, Woodcraft is now stocking air dired ash baseball blanks. The are 2 3/4" spindle stock and 37" long. Since most bats are 27" to 34" long, this is a good sized blank.

What more can we say other than, GOOD TURNING !!


Baseball Bat NotesBaseball Bat Notes
By: Dennis Daudelin
This project is a set of facts and figures to help you turn a bat. They were compiled mostly from information from the Loiusville Slugger company which we all recognize as the leader in the bat making field.

This is one of those projects that you just have to GO FOR!!


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